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Top 3 Tips for New Runners

I love the smell of Cytomax in the morning……….it smells like victory. However on this morning all I can smell is fear, uncertainty, and nervousness. No, I’m not on the field of battle or amongst my fellow runners in a corral waiting for the starting gun. I’m standing in front of the SFM training class of 2010.

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Training Tips from GU Energy

As you ramp up your training volume here are a few things to keep in mind that the scientific community has learned about endurance nutrition. The team at GU Energy is proud to be the official on-course energy product of the San Francisco Marathon and we have spent nearly 20 years working with professional athletes and leading scientists to formulate and optimize performance energy products for endurance athletes.

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Running a Mile: An Odyssey

I didn’t intend to start running. It all started with a dog: Auggie. After the divorce, I decided that I should have a dog; something to sit at my feet while I worked. I had grand images of a pampered pooch splayed out on the rug, chin resting on my feet, always at the ready with some Norman Rockwell version of my life involving slippers and newspapers in his mouth.

Once I got him, I remembered that slippers made my feet sweat, and I read my newspaper online. All I was left with after I brought Auggie home from the SPCA was a floppy puppy that looked like a brown sack of bones. With ears and giant paws. And it was staring at me as if it wanted me to do something for him. So I fed him. He ate the food in a second. I watched him as he snorted and pushed my cereal bowl around the kitchen as if he was digging to the bottom of it for some unfound stock of food.

I began by taking Auggie on long walks at Fort Funston where he quickly learned to be off leash. I walked with my headphones on, and he sniffed and peed on the ice plant. On the beach, he’d chase the ball, and sniff the shells, touch the water with his feet and jump back as if it had bit him.

The walks lasted, at first, for about a half hour. After about the first week, the walks lasted an hour, and then about an hour and a half. Auggie and I explored different routes, weaving between trees whose branches had grown in an arch creating a tree-cave.  We wandered around Funston’s different […]

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To Goo or not to Goo

To Goo or not to Goo
Cynthia Bates, Whole Body Health
Today I went out to talk to runners training for the marathon. One of the questions that came up was “to Goo or not to Goo” – what do you do to sustain energy on a long run?

Let’s start first with the physiology of the digestive system. Digestion is one of the bodies long-term projects. When our body is under any kind of stress (physical, emotional or psychological) our “Fight or Flight” mechanism switches on and long-term projects like digestion shut down. What this means, is that if you body thinks you need to be running away from a saber-toothed tiger then it’s going to put whatever food comes into the body on hold. What this feels like is gas, bloating, nausea as the food putrifies in the stomach and small intestine. Not good.

So, my first recommendation is to make sure you eat enough extra calories the day before a long run so you don’t need to eat WHILE running. The body can store up to 2,000 calories depending on your size and metabolism which should last you a couple of hours. (More on this in a future posting!)

My second recommendation is to eat some healthy fat 30 minutes to an hour before you run so you have some longer-acting fuel in the system. Something like an apple and 2 Tb of almond butter or ½ cup granola with berries and ½ cup full-fat coconut milk. A client of mine has taken to just downing a spoon of Flax seed oil before he heads out and says it really keeps him going.

However, if you are running over two hours, your body is going to need […]

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Run,Eat,Repeat’s “Salty Carbs”

Hello! This is Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat ( . I write a little blog about my two favorite things – running and eating. Sometimes these two topics collide in a great way when I have to figure out what to eat before I run. My go to meal is Salt Carbs.

The night before a long run or race I swear by salt carbs. I believe in carb loading, but I also make sure that I eat enough salt as I sweat abnormal amounts ;)

My go-to meal is a big stir-fry with tofu, veggies and copious amounts of brown rice with soy sauce. It doesn’t hurt that this is one of my favorite meals too!

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Tapering Runner Ahead

I can’t sleep, I worry about every little twinge in my body and I’m too distracted to even pack. In a word, I’m tapering. Ah, the taper – you either love it or hate it. It drives me a little nuts since I feel like I have all this extra time, but I fill most of that with fretting about whether my goal pace is appropriate or backpedaling on which shoes to wear. Instead of falling asleep, my mind races around about travel logistics, whether I should pack that many darn shoes and how on earth I’m supposed to squeeze in seeing all of my old friends in Boston on Monday after the race. And don’t get me started on weather – I’ve seen everything from rain to wind to snow to sun forecasted for race day. That doesn’t really help the packing situation. Sadly, all of this is pretty normal for me in the last week or two before a marathon. But something about it being the Boston Marathon just exacerbates the taper madness a tad more.

Boston. That word has so many meanings to so many runners: hope, challenge, weather, hills, elusive, heartbreaking, fun, crazy, history…. I could go on. For me, the Boston Marathon is what got me into this whole marathoning mess to begin with. When I took a half-hour break from work eight years ago to check out the marathon, I had no idea how much it would change my life. Though I’d never run more than 5 miles that day, as I watched the race unfold before my eyes, I knew right then and there that I had to run that race. No matter how much blood, sweat and tears […]

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Running Yoga

Running Yoga
Ryan DeMatteo, Yoga Instructor

I would not call myself a runner, though like many I have participated in the act before.  Running is of a universal language for many species living on our planet.  The banana slug may not speak it, but it may be that running (like everything) is relative.  Maybe that slug is running? Maybe not.  From my observations any individual that runs needs feet, legs, hips, heads and most importantly a reason.  Be it the child for play, me for the phone, the morning for exercise or the training for marathon; there is motivation behind those body parts. There is motivation behind all movement, for every living thing.
Yoga is a household word that has also come to represent many things.  It is widely defined as stretching, contortion, gymnastics, physical therapeutics and meditation.  To some these definitions are true, though yoga is as relative to the individual as running.  The word yoga is a Sanskrit term that goes back five thousand years in ancient India.  The root of the word is ‘yuj’ meaning to ‘bind’, ‘join’, ‘yoke’ or simply ‘union’.  Yoga was originally (and in some cases still is) an investigation of the mind and spirit.  It’s practices can include but are not limited to the chanting of ancient verses, bodily austerities, intricate breath control, and investigation of the subtlest parts of the mind.  These techniques have been designed and refined to reveal the the highest states of existence. And to seek the motivation behind it.

Now we may ask, how did such an esoteric word become a household term? Because Yoga can be applied to and seen in anything.  The entire universe can be split into subjects and objects, qualities and quantities, […]

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Running for Weight Loss

Running for Weight Loss
Warning: Patience Required.
Daniel Howell, Dietitian
Thinking about becoming a pavement pusher to become fit and lose weight?

Yes, when it comes to weight loss, running encompasses all that is right in this world. The word is out…because the sport of running has exploded. According to Running USA, in their annual state of the sport series, from 1988 to 2008 the amount of runners registered for road races had skyrocketed by nearly 5.6 million. Not only has the overall number of runners increased, but the gap of male to female runners has virtually closed. As of today, women account for nearly half of all road race entries. Running USA’s Marathon Report showed an astronomical rise in numbers, stating “Overall, there were 42,000 more U.S. marathon finishers for 2009 than the previous year or a 9.9% increase (425,000 vs. 467,000) or in other words, 2009 had a larger percentage increase than the previous four years combined.”

So why do you run? Is it the serenity that floods the body while that magnificent ball of fire peeks over the horizon at precisely 6:02 am, or is it the adrenaline that courses through your veins as you gasp for air while you struggle to push one more inch of pavement. If you have not experienced either of these moments, you will! Running can bring you peace, empowerment, strength, freedom, and yes, weight loss. Running holds the ability to shed pounds like no other sport. Unfortunately, making “rookie” mistakes can bring weight loss to a screeching halt or even lead to weight gain (not uncommon for a novice […]

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