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Elephants in Golden Gate Park

I generally do my stretching on the lawn in front of the Conservatory of Flowers. Golden Gate Park, on John F. Kennedy Blvd, begins here. Painted white, like a white-painted sand castle, the Conservatory stands in stark contrast to the patches of Crayola Crayon Colored flowers scattered around the lawn. The whole scene is woven with the sounds of picnic conversation, wind, the beat of runner’s feet, the humming of bike tires, and the clicking of cameras.

Running from the conservatory, the tall brown trees with dark green tops sway with the breeze like elephants marching to the sea. On the left is the brown battleship building of the De Young museum, and across the field, the glass-front Science Museum. In between the two museums is the music concourse with knobby trees that look like the knuckles of rising fist. This is a no-man’s land of tourists, dog walkers, wanderers, and Tai Chi practitioners. From above, in the DeYoung’s observation deck, they are black dots, bumping into one another and walking in circles.

On Sundays, if you look to the right, you’ll see a roller skate dance party straight from the summer of 1985, complete with fluorescent-colored shorts and sweat pants. A lot of naked torsos and bouncing pig tails disco-roller- skate-dancing in funky circle 8’s. Each person dances alone like giddy 16 year olds rehearsing for the prom alone in their rooms. If you look to the left, you’ll see an organized, chaotic cloud of people doing the Charleston to swing music swinging from large speakers.

The rose garden on your right […]

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Long Beach meets San Francisco!

This weekend, the marketing guru from the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon came up to visit for some fun! Since we both have pretty similar jobs at our respective races, and we're both races in The California Dreamin Racing Series, we figured we'd have a ton to talk about.
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Silverlake and Slayer

After conquering the ability to run a mile, running for me became what most new additions to my life become: an excuse and justification to consume products relating (no matter how slightly) to that new addition. A few years back, when I decided to take up swimming, I bolted to the sporting goods store and reveled in the joy of discussing goggles, nose plugs and swimming caps. It didn’t matter that I had swum once for 20 minutes in the pool at my gym, it especially didn’t matter that I had next to ZERO knowledge about proper swimming form and no grace. The fact was that I was swimming and that was excuse enough to compile a bunch of S-T-U-F-F. The swimming hobby didn’t take, and for years I had a drawer filled with practically brand new swimming paraphernalia.

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A few of my favorite things

Although I'm not a dedicated Oprah watcher, I did always tune into her annual (or sometimes bi-annual) "Favorite Things" show. The show would feature the best of the best- apparel, electronics, foods, you name it. Well, here are a few of the things and places that I love:

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