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Tapering- Friend or Foe?

Every runner is different, from shoes to pace, nutrition, and training plans.  But almost all marathoners know the importance of tapering before race day.  Whether we hate it or love it, it’s a part of our sport that we just accept and adhere to.

Since I’ve become a runner, my relationship with tapering has become more and more ugly.  My first marathon I welcomed the rest and though I was really nervous, I was thankful for a break before the big day.  I used the time to catch up with friends, do some light cross-training, and focus on school.  On the weekend of my first full marathon, my best friend Katie went to Sports Basement to put together a “Good Luck Goodie Basket” for me.  She asked their staff for all things running, loaded it up with GU, Joint Juice, Magazines, the works.  As a sidenote- she still makes these for me for every marathon, I’m sure she’s got to be getting sick of it, but it mentally prepares me for Race Day. Anyhow, the guy at checkout insisted that she direct me to asking if I’d gotten stir crazy.

I checked it out,  and I have to say, you all should too.  It’s amazing to me how difficult it can be to NOT run, to just relax and chill out.

About a year later, I ran my 2nd marathon.  My sister was in town, so we spent a ton of time sight-seeing, eating, pedicure-ing, etc.  I have to say that was a perfect way to stop my crazy “what if’s” out of my mind, but they were definitely stronger than the first.  In preparation for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th marathons, the insanity worsened, I obsessed, […]

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Nutrition and Fuel Tips from Ryan Hall

When I first went to Stanford in the fall of 2001 I knew very little about nutrition. My nutritional plan in high school included eating whatever food my mom put in front of me. Lucky for me, my mom was a healthy cook and her food fueled me to a then state record in the 1600 meters (4:02) and a personal best of 3:42.7 in the 1500 meters (equivalent to a 4:00.5 mile). Once I was in college and eating in the dorms I continued to eat "whatever was put in front of me" but that didn't work out very well for my athletic career (as I am sure you can imagine). Not only did I put on 10 quick pounds but I also was not fueling my body properly to achieve my goals in running.
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