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Living, Breathing the Marathon Training

Last week’s recap: I ran 31 miles. This was my 2nd stepback week before I jump up my long run again. I took 2 weeks stepback after my first 20-mile run so that I could start a pretty intense strength training workout program. I needed some time to adjust.

Giving the Marathon the Time It Deserves

The past couple weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about the time that goes into marathon training. It was even recently the focus of an upcoming article I wrote for a regional running magazine in which I regularly have a column. A lot of training program dropouts and injuries really come from a lack of understanding, and then sometimes a lack of acceptance, of the time that’s required to properly train for a marathon.

Time Investment for the Workouts

Many marathon training programs start in the early weeks with about 30 miles a week and end before a few weeks taper with a couple weeks at 50+ miles a week. This is way more feasible at a faster pace. An 8-minute miler needs to devote a total of 6 hours, 40 minutes to running 50 miles in one week. However, a 13-minute miler (my long run pace) has to invest 10 hours, 50 minutes to achieve the same number of miles. Most people who count themselves as 8-minute milers really race at 8 minutes per mile. This means those people should still be doing their basebuilding runs and long runs at a slower pace, maybe 9-11 minutes per mile. So sometimes I think this is a place people who feel pressed for time compromise on, because finishing each run 20-30 minutes faster certainly sounds attractive in the short term.

And then you […]

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Helpful Hints for Pace Groups

Helpful Hints for Pace Groups
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A Marathon Takes More Than Just Lots of Running

On my first 20-miler a week ago, I discovered that the secret to enjoying this first marathon rested in more than just running lots and lots of miles. My upper abdominals, my oblique abs, my glutes – all these muscles were on fire in the late miles of this training run. My will, my drive, and my endurance had returned since having a baby and major surgery (C-section) a little over 5 months ago, but physically, my body just couldn’t quite keep up with what I was asking it to do.

The Monday after that long run, I called up the gym that I have given money to for years and yet never go (my own fault) and told them I needed someone to kick my butt for the next 10 weeks until race day. I met with one of their heads of the Personal Training department and got set up with one of their upper levels of trainers. Yes, I could have taken just any trainer, but a more experienced personal trainer was more likely to adapt their exercise prescription to my specific, more unusual circumstances of a distance runner with a deadline for performance who is coming back from still recent surgery and the effects of 9 months of stretching my abdomen with a baby inside and the effect of the hormones on all my muscles.

So I started with the new trainer Saturday morning after a hilly 10.3-mile long run with the North Texas Runners club. Boy, was I going to be sore the next day! The trainer, Jeff, did a full assessment, testing me out with different strength, balance, and range of motion exercises. I got a lot of “that’s interesting” reactions […]

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Bridget’s Weekly Running Recipe- Week 13

Weekly Running Recipe-Turkey Bolognese...
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10 Week Training Program Kicks off Saturday!

10 Week Training Program Kicks off Saturday, May 21!
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Sierra Nevada Announced as Beer Garden Sponsor

Sierra Nevada Announced as Beer Sponsor...
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The First 20 Mile Long Run

With 11 weeks to race day, it's unusual in a novice training plan to do a 20-mile run this far out from race day. Some plans only ever have you do a maximum of 18 miles. I'm planning on doing multiple longer runs in this added time before race day so I can tweak and practice for race day for things like pace, run strategy, nutrition, apparel, and hydration.
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Bridget’s Weekly Running Recipe- Week 12

Frozen Yogurt with Strawberries & Lime. In a small bowl whisk together the yogurt, sour cream, honey and vanilla. Set up four muffin papers in a muffin pan. Fill each muffin paper ¾ of the way up and place in the freezer for about 1 ½ hours or until firm to the touch. In a small bowl combine the sliced strawberries, honey and lime zest, set aside at room temperature. This will allow the juices from the strawberries to be released giving you a syrupy sauce. When ready to serve gently unmold the yogurt and invert into a bowl. Spoon the strawberries over the yogurt and serve.
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Long Run Lessons the Hard Way

This week’s recap: 13 miles of midweek runs that included speedwork and hillwork, and then a 16.6 mile long run.  Total Mileage: 29.6

Hills Are My Friends

I studied the San Francisco Marathon elevation chart in detail this week. After 2 weeks of 3 workouts of mid-week hill repeats on a 60 foot hill climb in a tenth of a mile, I have to say… Not as scared of those hills now.

And Friends Make Long Runs Better

This weekend, I put out to my network that I was doing a long run, broken into 3-5 miles at a time, hoping someone would join me. I was thankful when Shannon said she needed a long run and would come along. Another friend Catherine decided to go out for my mile 5-10 segment. From now on, long runs will have defined segments and I’ll be willing to take company for a handful of miles as people are available. Friends help runs go by faster, so this is a a great way to hopefully pass the time with someone to run with for some parts of each long run.

Such a Painful Long Run

Even with the one thing I did right, so much was not good for that run. Many mistakes were made on this longest run so far of my training.

1.      I went out too fast. I knew what pace I was intending to do, and I thought I was running “easy” and just ignored the number on the GPS watch. First 4 miles were entirely too fast. The first mile was 1 min, 25 seconds too fast. Oops
2.      I intended to take a short walk break every mile to replicate the occasional giant uphills I plan to walk during […]

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A Note from the Race Director

A Note from the Race Director...
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