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Charity Chaser Challenge: Running for the Volunteers

As I stood at the starting line behind the plethora of people chasing their dreams, pushing through boundaries and capturing a little bit of magic at the Baltimore Marathon in 2008, I noticed that no matter how much I edged backward, one gentleman would always take a step back.  I finally approached him and told him he had to go first.  He initially refused as he wanted to be the last person across the starting line (for what reason I do not know.)  When I explained to him that I, in fact, had to be that last person to start, in order to fulfill my duties for the day, he seemed unmoved.  Finally a race official had to verbally nudge him forward. Five seconds later, I passed him.  I do not think I will have that same problem in San Francisco.

Why exactly do I need to be dead last?  Because every single one of those wonderful people in front of me is a running or walking dollar sign.  Not for me, mind you, but for the all of those whom make races possible: volunteers.  I recently wrote an article about how Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our wonderful sport. This is why I have chosen to raise money for Committed 2 Community which raises money for the organizations that do so much for the SF Marathon year after year – the volunteer groups. In the Charity Chaser Challenge, money will be raised for every runner I pass for Committed 2 Community.  Funds will go toward grants to various local charities affiliated with The San Francisco Marathon.

Whether it has been running 52 consecutive weekly marathons in 2006, running the Boston Marathon twice in the […]

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Hill Repeats in Dallas

This week’s recap: In terms of running, I was kind of lacking. I shortened my weekly distance by 8.5 miles. However, in terms of doing things in the running community, my cup runneth over. I directed the 5th annual Heels and Hills Half Marathon 10K, 5K, and 1 Mile. Almost 2000 women ran in cold, wet, and windy conditions to celebrate getting active. We stress providing a fun and unintimidating atmosphere you couldn’t find at a lot of half marathons. To that end, one thing we provide is 23 half marathon pacers, with finish times ranging all the way from 1:45 to 3:00. All the pacers up through 2:30 are MEN IN SKIRTS. The women participants find it entertaining, these guys keep them motivated through the course, and it takes these seasoned very fast male runners and makes them human and far less intimidating to the ladies they pace!

So it was a week that culminated in the success of providing a great running environment to so many people. All the rough moments disappear when you see the smiles at the finish line. And for some, the tears of pride and amazement at just having tackled the 13.1 miles. I think there’s a good chance I’ll look like that finishing my first marathon at San Francisco July 31st. I can’t wait!

So frankly, there just never was room in the week to get more than the 2 workouts in. But, the improvement is that in the past, the chaos and stress of race week would typically result in no runs AT ALL that week, so I did a better job of making the runs a priority and getting some in. Now that I’m past it I […]

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