Hi, I’m Jared Fogle, A.K.A. “The Subway Guy.” Many of you know my story from all Subway Jaredthose Subway commercials. Since losing over 245 lbs. over 12 years ago, I’ve been lucky enough to share my story with thousands in the hope that they don’t make the same choices I did as a kid. My goal has been to educate children on the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits, which is why I established the Jared Foundation in 2004.
The mission of the Jared Foundation is to eliminate Childhood Obesity. As a leader in the movement to help children learn life-long healthy diet and exercise habits, the Jared Foundation strives to raise awareness and develop programs that educate and inspire kids to live healthier, happier lives.

The Jared Foundation has a new fundraising program called Jared’s Joggers. Since completing the NYC Marathon in 2010, I’ve been on a mission to inspire children and adults to run for a greater purpose. That purpose is to raise money for in-school physical education programs. The Jared Foundation believes that, along with proper nutrition, teaching kids physical fitness at an early age will lead to healthier, happier lives.

Jared’s Joggers can be activated as an In-School fundraiser or as a 5K fundraiser with the proceeds benefiting local schools’ physical education programs.

To run with me and my team of Jared’s Joggers in the 5K portion of the San Francisco Marathon, click here. To make a donation to the Jared Foundation and Jared’s Joggers, please click here.

I hope to see you in San Francisco!


To learn more about the Jared Foundation, visit www.jaredfoundation.org. Our website is currently being rebuilt and will be re-launched soon. You can also follow me onTwitter or Facebook.