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Running Safe

Running is something I love to do. I love running with friends but I also love those solo runs where I can escape into my thoughts, get lost in music, or catch up on a podcast or two. However, sometimes all these distractions while running can be a bad thing and not just because it draws your attention from running. No, sometimes it’s bad because it draws focus from our surroundings.

In the last two weeks, my town has become a hotbed of crime. And not just petty crime, but a murder, a shooting/robbery, and a rape. And two of these happened in areas I commonly run. This is not good times! My husband always reminds me to not get caught up with all the news coverage/hype and instead to be smart out there. He’s right, so what does being a smart and safe runner mean? After some serious thinking and some helpful ideas from other SFM ambassadors, here are some suggestions for becoming a safer runner:

The Buddy System: when running in the dark (early morning or night), run with a buddy or two. We all have those runs we like to run solo, but save those for daytime runs when you are in areas with lots of people around. When you get those early/late runs in, find a friend.

Bring ID: If you’re by yourself (or even with friends) have some form of ID with you. I wear a RoadID bracelet which includes my info, medicines I’m allergic to, and emergency contact. It doesn’t matter what your form of ID is just have something with you.

Bring Your Cell Phone: I know, I know our phones don’t fit in any of our running gear (I hate […]

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Chatting the Miles Away

It’s been a month since I moved and am settling into my new home quite nicely. Being the social runner that I am, I was worried I would not have anyone to run with. I am happy to report however, that my social running calendar is completely booked!

I love getting to know people while running and it has been a blast exploring the trails with those who actually know where they are going. Chatting the miles away certainly helps get me through the toughest of runs. Sometimes not even talking at all but knowing friends are out there running alongside is still very comforting.

Yes, I prefer running in a pack. And, pun intended, I am not alone. Fellow Ambassadors Elise and Meg like running with friends. With busy schedules, it allows them to not only get their runs in but catch up with fellow runners. Ambassador Albert likes having people to run with for accountability purposes, especially on a cold and rainy morning where it is harder to get out of that warm cozy bed of his. Ambassador Keith enjoys running with thousands of his closest friends at races.

I also enjoy running with my fiancé even if I am inhaling his dust. He is much faster than I. On occasion, he will even slow down to my pace and together we will explore the trails, snapping pictures and laughing the miles away. It doesn’t happen often as we both have our own personal goals we would like to achieve, but when we do run together, I certainly cherish those moments. As does Ambassador Josephine and Ambassador Emily with their other running halves. Ambassador Holly also enjoys running with her husband who are both very […]

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Overcoming a Bad Run

“Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped” ~African Proverb

Raise your hand if you have had a bad run or bad race.

If you are a runner, bad runs happen and they take us by surprise, don’t they?  You can feel great at the start & ready to go and something is just off the minute you start your run.

I have always said I have bad training runs but better races, go figure.  I have had so many bad training runs, I have lost count.   Yet, when the time comes on race day – I can crank it out.

I remember my first bad race.  It was not even a year ago.  It was a local 5k, shortly after the LA Marathon.  5k’s is one of my specialty distances, I always do well. I might not PR, but I am always in my zone that day.

I wasn’t that morning.  Within the first mile, I couldn’t get into my pace nor groove.  By 1.5 I opted to even walk part of the course.  My head and body was not in the game that morning.

When I crossed the Finish Line – I felt defeated.  Although I had just run a Full Marathon, I felt so out of sync that morning.  A very unusual feeling for me on race AM.  It depressed me for a week.  How did I get out of my funky depression?  I processed my emotions, I cried, I had a short pity-party and then decided that I was not doing myself any good by feeling that way.  One race would not define me.  I got out the door and started running again.  As an athlete, we know most of our accomplishments are mental.  It […]

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CrossFit as a Runner

There are mixed views on CrossFit from runners (and endurance athletes as a whole), with some saying it’s the worst thing you could do for you and others swearing its improved their endurance and speed.  And then there are others who just have no idea what it is.  As a CrossFitting runner and triathlete, I’m somewhere in the middle.  I love a good CrossFit workout, but also know it can trash your muscles if you go too hard one day, ruining the chances of a good run.

What is CrossFit?

According to the CrossFit main page:

“CrossFit itself is defined as that which optimizes fitness (constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity).  CrossFit is also the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together.  In fact, the communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective.”

In a nutshell, CrossFit is a type of workout that incorporates a wide variety of movements – from Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting to Gymnastics, Mobility and Endurance  (including running!) – into a single workout.  The hour-long workouts emphasize different skills, movements and muscle groups depending on the strength component and WoD or “metcon” (Workout of the Day or metabolic conditioning).  Each class is different, and it can be months before you see a WoD/metcon repeated.

So this all sounds good, but won’t it hurt me and leave me injured with all those heavy weights?

While it would be easy to jump after it and say “yes” because Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting can be very dangerous if done incorrectly, and it appears from the surface CrossFit is geared 100% towards heavy, heavy lifting, in my experience, and from what I’ve […]

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Being Goal Oriented and Balanced

27 days away until the first part of the LA/SF Challenge when runners toe the line at the ASICS LA Marathon on Sunday March 17. If you have been training for the first part of the challenge the high mileage weeks and long runs are starting to come together. For the San Francisco Marathon 2013 Ambassadors that are running in the LA Marathon the weekend long run and the weekly total mileage has really started to increase. Many of us are hitting our 18-22 mile weekend long runs and really upping the mileage during the week.

As the high mileage weeks and long runs start to happen runners begin to realize that training for a marathon becomes a part time job, or at least equivalent to in regards to the amount of time spent training for the 26.2 mile event. During the heavy training time, runners will begin to make many sacrifices, but while making these sacrifices it is important to keep balanced. In this case, the balance I am talking about is the enjoyment of running. There are days where we will say enough of this. Even moments where we begin to doubt our goals. With all of this we cannot forget why is it that we are deciding to train for and run a 26.2-mile race. For me, like many other runners it isn’t about winning the race, it is because we have fun doing it.

While we get into marathon training mode and start to put together our specific goals or start getting our “game face” on, we need to have moments of easy and relaxed. I think running on hard all the time creates for burnout and takes away from the […]

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Running Your Own Race

Happy 50% off Valentine’s Day Candy Day!  Yesterday marked the midway point of February which means time is ticking by and June 16 is fast approaching us for the San Francisco Marathon.

I was fortunate enough to participate in a 10k last weekend.  My second one ever, to be exact.  I’m always giddy on race morning and enjoy the excitement that comes with meeting new people, the camaraderie, and most of all-racing!  Races are something a lot of runners live for.  They give runners something to train for and presents the perfect opportunity for any runner (or walker) to show off what they have worked so hard for.  So many people from so many different walks of life are represented at every race.  But one thing I have to always tell myself is to run my own race.

Running your own race can be extremely hard at times.  It is almost impossible not to compare yourself to those you see in Runners World, in Instagram photos, blogposts, or those you read about in other places of triumphant victories over seemingly daunting obstacles.  It is easy to feel inadequate.  It is easy to think that your first sub-30 5k that you busted butt for can seem so meaningless in the shadow of someone who has accomplished greater feats.  It is easy to get caught up in sizing up fellow runners/walkers at the start line.  Those feelings are real and they are justified.  We live in a media driven society and running has become the mainstream. But still, we must remember to run our own race.

I can’t count the times I have stood at a start line and felt like all my training was a waste after looking at […]

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Making Your Run Count with Running Social Networks

Sometimes forgetting to wear my Garmin Forerunner during a run is a blessing in disguise. Once in a while, I find it refreshing to just run free and detached, in the moment, and not know my exact pace or mileage.

However, last month I was in a competition among friends to see who could log the most activities on the Plus 3 Network, a free site that donates money to non-profits for logging runs and activities. Forgetting my watch meant possibly losing out on valuable kudos that directly translates into more money going to charities and non-profits. Logging your activities on this site is simple as it allows for direct uploads from a Garmin as well as the capability to log activities manually.

The friendly competition kept me motivated for the whole month to log activities, and I found I was enjoying my runs more since I was logging activities with a purpose. After logging a few runs on my Garmin, I would eagerly upload them to the site to see how many kudos I have accumulated. The quantitative side of me was amazed with the increase of my number of active days, and time spent running and doing other active activities. At the end of the month, I reached a new personal best in logging the most activities I had ever logged on the site.

There are several virtual networks that can be used for motivation in running and training. For the running communities out there, there are several good websites that my fellow SFM Ambassadors and I have come across.

DailyMile is a running social network that allows you to track your workouts, map your routes, compete with friends, as well as connect with others to […]

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The Joys and Challenges of Cross-Training

Over the last few years, my primary form of exercise has been running. When I picked up the sport, living in Africa from 2008-2010, I only really ran twice a week – one morning run along my Mozambican beach, and one long run through the surrounding areas on the weekend. The other days were exercise DVDs in my bamboo hut – if we had power – and other types of full body exercises.

I got into pretty great shape. And over the last two years, I’ve spent most of my time running. And admittedly without being 100% committed to the types of runs that can help build fitness fast – speedwork intervals, hill repeats. (I got the “long slow distance” run thing down, though!) Running has helped me become much healthier physically and mentally. But, in terms of daily workouts, I’ve grown a little complacent due to my confidence in my running abilities. (Pushing the pace, running with more experienced friends, trail running: awesome challenges. But my morning runs have seen me lacking a bit of motivation.)

Enter cross-training. My big goal this year has me transitioning from a marathoner to a Half Ironman-er (just go with it) in the next five months. Which means I probably need to learn how to swim and bike in a half decent kind of way. And so, while running will remain important and my favorite sport (with marathons on the calendar to boot), it’s time to focus on bringing some new activities in as well.

#1: Overall Strength and Conditioning

An overall stronger body = better running. Especially with core strength and leg strength. I’m going to be hitting the weights more often. I took BodyPump at the gym last Thursday […]

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Motivation… we all struggle to find it, loose it from time to time and are constantly looking for ways, places and things to fill our motivation tank.

Quotes, photos, stories, blogs, registering for races, buying new gear, talking to other runners, having a great run, PRing at a race, and plethora of other things all help.  Together and alone they make up a lot of what keeps most of us ticking but what do you do and where do you turn when your finding motivation tricks no longer work, when you lose the drive and cant seem to get out of a rut?

I try to keep things fresh, especially when I notice I am slipping into a rut.  I’ll try something new, remind myself of the good, the happy, the awesome runs, the fabulous races, the race bling, the laughs, the post run celebrations and I tell myself  that “life goes on” and “you can’t have the rainbow without the rain”. Everyone has bad days, bad runs and rough times and its coming out of them that makes us stronger.

Many things have helped me find motivation and get back on track, these are my top 3:

1. Switching up my runs-  I find a new route, run at a different time of day, run with a local running club or group (local stores usually have info on these) hit the trails and it drag a friend out with me. A change of scenery can go a long way.

2. Registering for a race – preferably a goal race, one I really want to want to finish strong, one I’m seeking a PR in,  one with a medal I’ve been  lusting after, one I want and know I can dominate. I […]

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Send Your Favorite Runner an e-Valentine!

Send your favorite runner an SFM e-valentine!
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