Ever since I was a kid I thought it would be fun to run a marathon, but for some reason (mostly FEAR) I never put the effort into achieving my goal. My desire never became an intention – until NOW, exactly 8 years after I originally set a goal to finish one by age 30.  Missed that one, but hey, better late than never, right?   So here I am a first time Marathoner, a first time Ambassador, and a first time Blogger – SO EXCITING and, not going to lie, also a little scary…OK a lot scary.

So the key question now becomes “How am I going to finish this beastly 26.2 mile race in one piece?”  Well, here is my answer:

1. Train / Run: I will never achieve my goal if I do not get out there and simply RUN.  Right now I am running 5/6 days a week.  On Mondays I do a 6 mile run, on Tuesdays I do an interval training running class that includes weight training.  I rest on Wednesday.  Thursdays I either run 4 miles up Runyon Canyon or another 6 mile loop around West Hollywood.  And on Saturday or Sunday I am starting to get the miles I need – last weekend I did 9 miles and this past weekend I did 12.  My plan is to add 1-2 miles onto every long run every weekend and to keep my running on weekdays consistent.  I am absolutely terrified of running my first 20 miler but I am not going to let FEAR hold me back anymore.  This brings me to my next step in the plan to finish my first marathon:

2. Join a TEAM or Training Group:  […]