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"Bad economy does a body good! Five years ago Alisyn was laid off from corporate America. With that time off, she focused on her health, lost 45 pounds and discovered a true love in running. She has been running strong ever since and smiling every stride of the way! A recent Bay Area transplant, Alisyn currently resides in Placerville, California where she works at a local running store and also serves on multiple race committees. Alisyn recently completed her first 50k trail adventure, but her favorite distance to race is still the 5k. In addition to running, Alisyn enjoys pilates, yoga, stand up paddle boarding and competing in agility trials with her dog Penny the Pup, who is also quite the little runner! You can find Alisyn on Twitter or visit her blog at"

The Art of Falling

Hitting the trails for a run can be a beautiful way to spend the morning. The dirt underneath your feet, the trees waving overhead as you pass by, the fresh smells of nature in the air. Trail running however isn’t always euphoric.

There comes a time in everyone’s trail & road running life where you are bound to hit the ground from tripping. You might fall hard. It will be frightening, and yes, there might even be blood. How do I know? Perhaps I have fallen just as many times as I have lost toenails if not more, and maybe, just maybe, I have more scars than I have scarves. And, that’s saying a lot!

You would think with all of the falling I have done, I would be an expert on the subject. But sadly, I still have yet to master the art of tumbling. I did manage to gain some insight on how to fall gracefully though.
• Rather than tensing up with the horror of “I’M FALLING” try relaxing the body, (easier said than done).
• Keep your elbows bent and use your hands as shock absorbers. The closer your arms are to the body, the better. Arms that are extended can cause serious injuries like broken wrists.
• If on smoother terrain, try to roll. – I have actually seen runners who fall, roll and are back in a standing position all within a blink of the eye. I only wish I could be this coordinated!
• Not able to roll, try to at least fall on your bum. While not ideal, the bum can endure far more than the head can.
Falling can be not only painful and emotional, but at times embarrassing. It is comforting […]

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Real Food on the Run

While training for my first (and only) 50k last year, I started seeing visions on my long runs. White clouds suddenly turned into hamburgers dancing through the sky. Pine trees were now hot dogs doing a comedy act, nestled in the dirt were all different styles of cooked eggs yelling at me to eat them. It was then that I had the epiphany that I should probably eat more protein.

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