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About Bonnie Wilson

"Pacific NW native, Bonnie knew something had to change, being 240 pounds left her unhappy, depressed and hopeless. She never expected to find running to be her passion and her freedom. Actually, when she ran her first 5K in 2008 she swore she would never run another event or run another step. After someone convinced her to give running a try, she ran another 5K and never looked back. Once she decided to run a marathon, so many people questioned her dedication, her willingness to go that far, some have said she would give up and regain all her weight. She finished her first marathon in 2012 in Oklahoma City, and has since ran Seattle, and made another trip to Oklahoma. Bonnie is currently one of the bloggers at Run Oregon, The Oregonian’s running site, where she is always talking about the local race scene with her fellow bloggers. She also working on building her own blog ( which was she hopes to have up and where she wants sooner or later. (And it is still in progress). When she is not talking about running she is a freelance researcher, writer, Zumba Instructor and soon to be personal trainer. She also enjoys anything that has to do with Pacific NW Coffee, Beer, and Professional Wresting "

George is My Reason

Ever have someone so small change your life in so many ways? George came to us abused. He was found in a barn chained by his back legs.  He was rescued and brought back to health before he came to his furever home with us. When he was brought to us, he came scared, shaking and not wanting to get to know his own family.

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Lessons From the Mid-Pack

I freely and openly admit it. And I am pretty proud of it. I am a mid-pack girl.   For as hard as I have trained I have never been the one that will be up front in any race. I will be the be the gal that is slow and steady, but gets to the finish line with her head held high. I have have had countless people ask me the question; “Why do I run, if I know I will never compete?” My answer is always almost the same, its not about the competition (though I like getting faster than my last time), but it has been about the things I have learned along the way have been well worth the training, the pain, the blood (yes, I say blood), sweat and tears.

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