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Overcoming a Bad Run

“Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped” ~African Proverb

Raise your hand if you have had a bad run or bad race.

If you are a runner, bad runs happen and they take us by surprise, don’t they?  You can feel great at the start & ready to go and something is just off the minute you start your run.

I have always said I have bad training runs but better races, go figure.  I have had so many bad training runs, I have lost count.   Yet, when the time comes on race day – I can crank it out.

I remember my first bad race.  It was not even a year ago.  It was a local 5k, shortly after the LA Marathon.  5k’s is one of my specialty distances, I always do well. I might not PR, but I am always in my zone that day.

I wasn’t that morning.  Within the first mile, I couldn’t get into my pace nor groove.  By 1.5 I opted to even walk part of the course.  My head and body was not in the game that morning.

When I crossed the Finish Line – I felt defeated.  Although I had just run a Full Marathon, I felt so out of sync that morning.  A very unusual feeling for me on race AM.  It depressed me for a week.  How did I get out of my funky depression?  I processed my emotions, I cried, I had a short pity-party and then decided that I was not doing myself any good by feeling that way.  One race would not define me.  I got out the door and started running again.  As an athlete, we know most of our accomplishments are mental.  It […]

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Beginning Anew, Again

As we draw closer to the end of January, many of those who stepped away from their New Year’s Resolutions.

Time to hop back onto the horse!

If you missed a couple days or couple weeks, it is never too late to start a fitness and wellness program.  The choice is yours, do you feel you are worth it?  Do you feel your family is work having you healthy and strong?

On March 22,2010 that is the decision I made for myself.  At 48 years old and once being very ill, I had enough. I wanted to be healthy again.  I wasn’t over weight, but I wasn’t healthy.  How did I begin?  I dusted up one of my old Zumba DVD’s and started moving.  Sure, I lost a little weight – but soon, I was also eating cleaner and leaner.

Notice the date I started – March. It wasn’t in January.  I didn’t even set a New Year’s Resolution, I woke up one day and decided I was tired of being sick & tired.  I worked out at home, never once going outside for a walk or a run. I didn’t start running until 2 months later.  That same year, I ran my first Half Marathon and at the age of 51 – fitness is my lifestyle.   It didn’t start that way…it evolved.

While it is important to set goals and have dreams, we have to be too careful to forget the road we are on right now by focusing too much on the horizon ahead of us.  When I started working out, if someone would of told me I would be running in a Half Marathon 9 months later, I would of gotten scared and quit.  Set small […]

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Tips for Keeping Fit & Fab During the Holidays

New blog post from Ambassador Charlene - Tips for Keeping Fit & Fab During the Holidays
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