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LA/SF Challenge

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LA/SF CHALLENGE : Medal Earned

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LA/SF Challenge Training Update!

13 days until the Asics LA Marathon. For many this March 17 marathon is the first step of the LA/SF Challenge. The final weeks going into a marathon can be filled with both excitement and anxiety. For me as I approach my 12th marathon, the feeling of excitement is the same or in fact for this time around I am more excited to toe the line than ever. Going into the final week of training before a taper week our minds can start to play interesting games with us. We begin to wonder things like: Is my goal achievable? Did I do everything I had to? I hope that I am able to run as well as I have been training.

One thing that I have learned through the course of training and running especially since my last marathon experience in December, 2012 at the California International Marathon is that we can only worry or put our energy into things that we can control. Back in December, I worried so much about the weather conditions in Sacramento that I lost complete focus of the weeks of training I had put into preparing for the 26.2-mile event. The torrential downpour and strong winds that tested the runners the morning of the race, was in fact something I couldn’t control, yet gave me a lot to worry about taking away from the energy I could have put into something else that I could have benefited me in the race.

Over the last 12 weeks I have logged the miles, I have started looking at the course map. I have prepared myself as much as I could from a training standpoint. Now with 13 days remaining, there are a […]

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Being Goal Oriented and Balanced

27 days away until the first part of the LA/SF Challenge when runners toe the line at the ASICS LA Marathon on Sunday March 17. If you have been training for the first part of the challenge the high mileage weeks and long runs are starting to come together. For the San Francisco Marathon 2013 Ambassadors that are running in the LA Marathon the weekend long run and the weekly total mileage has really started to increase. Many of us are hitting our 18-22 mile weekend long runs and really upping the mileage during the week.

As the high mileage weeks and long runs start to happen runners begin to realize that training for a marathon becomes a part time job, or at least equivalent to in regards to the amount of time spent training for the 26.2 mile event. During the heavy training time, runners will begin to make many sacrifices, but while making these sacrifices it is important to keep balanced. In this case, the balance I am talking about is the enjoyment of running. There are days where we will say enough of this. Even moments where we begin to doubt our goals. With all of this we cannot forget why is it that we are deciding to train for and run a 26.2-mile race. For me, like many other runners it isn’t about winning the race, it is because we have fun doing it.

While we get into marathon training mode and start to put together our specific goals or start getting our “game face” on, we need to have moments of easy and relaxed. I think running on hard all the time creates for burnout and takes away from the […]

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LA/SF Challenge Update!

41 days away from the first part of the LA/SF Challenge, which starts with the Honda LA Marathon. As the count down continues to the upcoming events with the Honda LA Marathon on March 17 and the Wipro San Francisco Marathon on June 16, most runners have started off their 2013 race season by pinning a race bib or two onto their running attire and gear. For those of that have committed to running a marathon or two in the first 6 month of 2013, I think taking part in a couple of races prior to the big race has it’s benefits. For me running events prior to any race I consider a focus race, such as the Honda LA Marathon, provides me with opportunities to train on different running routes I would not otherwise run, train around people that run at different paces, and most importantly provide me with and opportunity to practice my marathon day routine. I treat many of these races as “dress rehearsals” for the big day.

After taking the month of January off from any races to focus on my newest training program for the Honda LA Marathon, the first weekend of February opened up with 2 opportunities to practice for the big day as well as continue to get my training miles in. On Saturday February 2, I took part in the Jed Smith Ultra Classic in Sacramento, running in the 30k distance. The 18.6 miles was perfect to test out my race day gear, race day breakfast, and in race fueling. For me the race day breakfast is very similar to my pre training run breakfast. However, one of the key focuses I had outside of the actual […]

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The Challenge Update

Over the course of training for a marathon you get to meet and know individuals not just locally, but globally through the wonderful world of social media. The encouragement from the virtual world has helped runners of all levels stay focused and motivated through their journey towards their next 26.2-mile adventure. For me preparing for the LA/SF Challenge is more than just throwing in the miles, while mixing in tempo runs, intervals and long runs with recovery miles sprinkled in between. To me training is greater than the race itself, it is the meat of what we do, and the race is just the icing on the top of the cake, not the cake itself. If we as runners only look forward to the finish that means are spending moments of our day to day life, enduring some pretty exhausting task and going toe-to-toe with what mother nature has to offer just for a tenth of a second as we cross the finish line for a photo. If a photo at the end of a race is all we went then, why not run a 5k instead of the marathon?

I know I can only speak for myself, but I have to say that most runners opt for the marathon for several reasons, it keeps us fit, it provides us goals to work for, we get to experience the world in which we live through our day to day running, we meet some pretty awesome people, and of course we run marathons for the bling! Outside of the bling, we get to meet some interesting people along this journey, like each moment in a marathon or training, each person has a unique story to offer […]

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The Challenge

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The Challenge

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Sight Set for LA/SF Marathon Challenge

New blog post from Ambassador Chris - Sight Set for LA/SF Challenge
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Enjoying the Process

Guest Blogger Chris Kovalchick: Enjoying the Process
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