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Chris is a runner and college soccer coach from Sacramento, CA. Chris has will be running his 5th consecutive San Francisco Marathon in 2014. He has completed over 15 marathons and 25 half marathons. While he isn't running or coaching soccer, he keeps busy Tweeting (@chrismalenab), blogging ( and sharing photos on Instagram (@chrismalenab). Chris' ultimate running goal is to run the Boston Marathon.

It’s Just Running

It’s just running … Yes, I said it! It’s just running. This coming from someone who is nearing 500 days of a running streak, someone who runs 34 miles on a Monday morning just because, a person who wakes up to get out and run the track, someone who drives for hours just to run with friends that are often times longer than the time actually running. At the end of the day it’s just running, a motor skill that shouldn’t be taken fore granted, an enjoyable sport, and a fantastic way to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s just running.

Running is not who I am, it doesn’t define me (or hope it doesn’t). Running is what I do. It does teach us lessons about who we are and those around us, but still it’s just running. I see too many people feel the “pressure” on race day, the nerves building up, the overly serious looks and attitudes for that matter. Chill out people it’s just running!

Remember it’s something we do! Not who we are! Things we do should be beautiful enjoyable, non-stressful. This isn’t a job for 99% of the people who do it. I mean if you are a pro and it is what puts food on the table and keeps a roof over your families head, I get it I understand results can determine your income (prize money) and your sponsorship deals, etc. However, for the rest of the runners, we pay to run, we commit our time to training, and have supportive family members (spouse and children) that allow us to do this. With that being sad, why make it stressful for them too.

People ask me how […]

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The Benefits of High Volume Running

Back in 2012, I felt I was ready to tackle the California International Marathon… and then the storm came in, with wind gusts hitting upwards of 50 mph and rain ankle deep on certain parts of the course. Not the ideal conditions for running my best marathon, however I could have written it off to bad weather and accepted that.  During my recovery week I started to look at my training, and asked around with people who have achieved something I have never felt I have done yet: running strong through a marathon.

During that week of emailing sub 2:50:00 marathon runners, and searching online and through books on marathon training programs, I was introduced to high-volume mileage training.  At the time I was a 40-50 mile per week runner who wasn’t able to crack the 3:30:00 mark, and specifically in regards to The San Francisco Marathon I had 3 years with times of 4:26:xx, 3:56:xx, and 3:53:xx. I wanted to be able to accomplish so much more.
One of the runners who I credit in helping me, Chris Kovalchick (SFM Ambassador ’12 & ’13), told me his story about converting to high mileage running and running a minimum of 70 miles a week. Previously he too was a 40-50 mile a week guy and running decently, but then he turned to high mileage and is now running in the 2:40s at any given marathon.
Before diving two feet in, I did have my reservations for high-volume training. I was doubtful, but for me running for the coveted Boston Qualifying time was worth it.  I personally didn’t just want to be a marathoner, I wanted to be a Boston Qualifier, and eventually be a Boston Marathon Finisher! […]

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