When I tell people that I like to run, most people usually ask, “what’s your distance?” While this seems like a simple question, it took me a while to find what I call my “happy distance.” For me, this means a distance where I feel like I am pushing and challenging myself, but where I still enjoy the act of running the race. It is a distance where completing it is not an easy task, but where I do not feel like I am dying a slow death when I finish. And isn’t it important to love the distance that you are running? Despite being an SF Marathon Ambassador, I can tell you that the marathon is not my happy distance. I feel my best when I am running a half marathon; that is my happy distance.

It took me a while to find my happy distance. I first signed up to run the San Francisco Marathon when I was in my first year of law school, when a classmate encouraged me to join with her. I signed up for a training group, and spent my days and weekends training and running. During an 18 mile run, I remember thinking that my entire body was in pain, but I assumed that I would feel differently when I ran the actual marathon. Shortly after that training run, I injured my IT band, and then came down with a head cold that would not quit. I continued training, and the morning of the race showed up ready to run no matter what happened. And, no surprises, I felt terrible throughout the race. When I hit the half marathon turn off I started crying (and did not stop […]