To say that I’m ready is an understatement…

Let me start from the beginning (of 2012). During the first half of this year, I really struggled with running. The first three races of the year were half marathons I promised myself to train hard for, and all turned out to be complete flops. I wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t excited about my daily runs. And I certainly was lacking the kick in the a$$ I needed to train for my first full 26.2 in two years – the New York City Marathon – later in the year. I knew that running was a privilege and I was lucky to be “one of those people” who could head out for a casual 10 mile run, but I had started to take it all for granted.

Additionally, I had felt myself getting slower and less confident despite the successful weekly mileage I was able to piece together from time to time. I had a glimmer of hope for SFM since I knew the course and I knew my fellow Ambassadors would make it a fun weekend, but did not put in the right amount of training for the race (the first half marathon) and I had to settle for “not racing” expectations and treated it as my first long training run for NYCM.

In looking back at my NYCM training, July 29th turned out to be the definitive moment when my running mojo took a turn for the best. For the second year, I found myself in San Francisco for SFM and, as an Ambassador for the race, I found myself surrounded by […]