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Getting Worthy Down Under

New Blog Post: Getting Worthy Down Under...
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Marathon Pacing

Guest Blogger Albert Pham: Marathon Pacing
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Excuse Me, Sir, but I’m Running Up Behind You and About to Scare You Out of Your Headphones

Guest Blogger Eric Jorgensen: Excuse me, sir, but I'm running up behind you and about to scare you
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5 (Maybe) Unexpected Ways to Find New Running Music

Guest Blogger Christina Torres: 5 Unexpected Ways to Find New Running Music
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New Year’s Run-Olutions

Guest Blogger Courtney Alev: NEW YEAR’S RUN-OLUTIONS
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Meet the Runner: The Runner is Gross

Ryan Novack: Meet the Runner
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Traveling and Training

Guest Blogger Jennifer Hardy: Traveling and Training
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Coast to Coast Marathon

Guest Blogger Jeff Johnson: Coast to Coast Marathon
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Overcoming Injury Blues

Guest Blogger Jerry Allison: Overcoming Injury Blues
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Cyberspace to Realspace

Guest Blogger Alisyn Gularte

When I was in seventh grade I had my very first boyfriend. Back then the term for dating was, “going around.” I hadn’t the slightest idea of what, “going around,” meant. However, I was very excited about my status all just the same. I liked the idea that a boy would call me after the hour each night that I was supposed to receive calls. Thank goodness call-waiting technology had just been made available to the public, as I was in fear that I would get grounded from talking on the phone after hours. I would simply call the popcorn lady, remember her? Dial  P O P – C O R N or S O S – 1 2 3 4 and an electronic voice would immediately greet you by saying, “At the tone pacific daylight time will be 11:20 P.M. and 30 seconds BEEEP.” Yes, she and I became the best of friends as I listened to her robot tone dictate the time to me until the boyfriend would call. Once he did, I would then simply click over, and talk the boyfriend’s ear off for hours without anyone in my household to know the telephone had even rung. I was a sneaky little kid back then!

Oh how far technology has come since those days of my youth. Sadly, the popcorn lady no longer exists, but with all the advances in technology who needs her? Okay, I admit I do miss all those cherished moments we had together, but a new era has emerged and I welcome it with open arms. It’s the era of social media, and what an exciting time it is!

As a runner, social media outlets have become my […]

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