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"I finished reading 'Born to Run' by Christopher McDougall two years ago and immediately signed up for a half marathon. Since then, I've run several more and just completed my first full marathon (Nike Women's Marathon) in October 2012! The book was like a revelation, and inspired in me a love for the runner's high and the deeply rewarding feeling of pushing myself past challenges and finding peace a midst chaos. I found my happy place running through the streets and trails of beautiful San Francisco, but I'm currently in the process of moving to Los Angeles for a new job and closer proximity to family. Though I'm sad to be leaving SF, I'm excited to explore LA in my running shoes and connect with the local running community. Outside of running (there's more to life than running?!), I can be found working in social media customer engagement, blogging about my pursuit of mindfulness and minimalism, learning how to cook, volunteering, and cheering on my favorite sports teams, the Lakers, Dodgers, and Cal Golden Bears. If you want someone to to talk about running, meditation, social media, or sports with, follow me on Twitter (@jameschong) or find me on Facebook (facebook.com/jamesgchong). "

Have Camera, Will Run

Running outdoors is the perfect way to experience your surroundings and take in all the beautiful views, especially if it’s San Francisco! So why not take some photos to chronicle what you come across? I love to run and I love to take photos so it’s natural for me to run with my phone and take quick snapshots whenever I get inspired.  The following are some of my favorite photos taken while running, many of which you’ll be able to experience yourself when you run the SF Marathon!  😉 

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5 Reasons to Run the SF Marathon 2nd Half

1. Whether it’s the 1st half, 2nd half, or the full, the top reason to run the race is so you can experience (in my humble opinion) the most beautiful city in the world, which just so happened to be named by Runner’s World as the #1 running city in the USA! In my seven charmed years of living in the city, I fell in love with all the natural beauty framed by man made icons like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Painted Ladies homes, the Transamerica Building, and Coit Tower. I became a foodie because of the vast array of mouth watering restaurants with cuisine from around the world, with prices to fit any budget. I felt a real sense of community with the vibrant, friendly denizens and enjoyed all the many festivals for people to come together like Bay 2 Breakers, Fleet Week, and the North Beach Festival. Pound for pound, I’d put San Francisco up against any city in the world!

2. Running in Golden Gate Park through the mist and fog is an incomparable experience. Larger than New York’s Central Park, Golden Gate Park is truly a green oasis in the city, with thousands of trees and plant life, big rolling fields, lakes, paddle boats, rose gardens, and even bison! You get to take in all these amazing sites on the 2nd half course, and it’s even more enchanting when the inevitable fog rolls in, creating a mysterious and hauntingly beautiful aura. 


3. You get to run through the famous Haight and Mission neighborhoods, which to me are the most culturally interesting neighborhoods in a city brimming with it. The Haight is well known for being the epicenter of hippie subculture and […]

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