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Visiting the City of Roses- Part 1

Last weekend Pam and I flew up to Portland for a handful of festivities surrounding the Portland Marathon.  Pam attended the annual Race Director’s College, I worked at the Expo, and we both ran on Sunday morning!  It was a busy- but amazing- trip.  I grew up in Seattle, my sister went to college just outside of Portland, my parents now live in Oregon, and I was at the race last year, so I’m no stranger to Portland.

We got in really late Wednesday night, and the RD’s College began early Thursday morning.  Pam’s not one to text message all that often, but she was sending them at rapid speed, “Come to the Volunteer Session at 10:30″, “Race Director from Marine Corp Marathon is on the panel- he is Hilarrriouss”, ” Have the best idea for the Kid’s Run”.  A couple hours later I met her at the Multnomah Athletic Club for the Volunteers Panel.  Looking around, I saw a bunch of familiar faces- The Big Sur Marathon staff, Lake Tahoe Marathon Race Director (sidenote- I met this Race Director during my undergrad when some classmates drove up to volunteer for his race- many years later we laugh about that),  Race Central (timing company), shirt vendors, etc.  I also had a couple moments where I saw a person’s name on the name card in front of them and had to rack my mind about what we were emailing about a couple weeks ago…  Each member of the panel talked about their experiences with volunteerism, how to celebrate them at our events, etc.  It was so cool to hear each Race Director’s experience- each person had such drastically different methods.

After the session, I went for a quick run […]

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Bouncing back from injury

Running is hard. Training is hard work, logging countless miles, testing speed, stamina, endurance. But for me the only thing that's harder is NOT running. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been on the injury list. It’s one I’ve been on before, and I hate to say this time probably won’t be my last. My “injury of choice”? IT Band Syndrome. It flares up every so often and the only thing I’ve found will help me heal is to stop training and just patiently wait for the pain to stop.
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The long road to recovery

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. I guess we have a lot of catching up to do… Back in July we had a couple visitors in town. About 24,000 to be exact. Some brought their families, too, others brought friends, some came alone. Anyway, we had a blast hanging out with everyone, really, but that many visitors can keep a person busy.
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Long Beach Marathon Course Tour!

In preparation for the Long Beach Marathon, I figured I would pay a visit to our friends down at Run Racing. Ironically I arrived exactly 26 days before the big day- and we had 26 miles to cover over the next 2 days! Danica and I had so much fun on her visit to San Francisco, she’s like my “job twin”, we both love Social Media, Marketing, Community Outreach, etc. We’ve had a lot of fun bouncing ideas back and forth since the last trip, so it seemed like a good time to reunite down in her neck of the woods.
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Tapering- Friend or Foe?

Every runner is different, from shoes to pace, nutrition, and training plans.  But almost all marathoners know the importance of tapering before race day.  Whether we hate it or love it, it’s a part of our sport that we just accept and adhere to.

Since I’ve become a runner, my relationship with tapering has become more and more ugly.  My first marathon I welcomed the rest and though I was really nervous, I was thankful for a break before the big day.  I used the time to catch up with friends, do some light cross-training, and focus on school.  On the weekend of my first full marathon, my best friend Katie went to Sports Basement to put together a “Good Luck Goodie Basket” for me.  She asked their staff for all things running, loaded it up with GU, Joint Juice, Magazines, the works.  As a sidenote- she still makes these for me for every marathon, I’m sure she’s got to be getting sick of it, but it mentally prepares me for Race Day. Anyhow, the guy at checkout insisted that she direct me to asking if I’d gotten stir crazy.

I checked it out,  and I have to say, you all should too.  It’s amazing to me how difficult it can be to NOT run, to just relax and chill out.

About a year later, I ran my 2nd marathon.  My sister was in town, so we spent a ton of time sight-seeing, eating, pedicure-ing, etc.  I have to say that was a perfect way to stop my crazy “what if’s” out of my mind, but they were definitely stronger than the first.  In preparation for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th marathons, the insanity worsened, I obsessed, […]

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Long Beach meets San Francisco!

This weekend, the marketing guru from the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon came up to visit for some fun! Since we both have pretty similar jobs at our respective races, and we're both races in The California Dreamin Racing Series, we figured we'd have a ton to talk about.
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A few of my favorite things

Although I'm not a dedicated Oprah watcher, I did always tune into her annual (or sometimes bi-annual) "Favorite Things" show. The show would feature the best of the best- apparel, electronics, foods, you name it. Well, here are a few of the things and places that I love:

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