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Keith Schlottman is a Tucson, Arizona based runner. He ran 18 marathons in 2013 and is hoping to set a PR in 2014. He's been on the Best Frequent Marathoners List for the past 2 years. Keith's favorite marathon is The San Francisco Marathon.

Marathon Mind Monkeys

Have you ever run a marathon and hit the wall?  Or perhaps gone on a long training run and ended up stumbling through the final few miles?   Maybe you’ve found yourself complaining about the huge crowds at a race, or wishing you had worn different running shoes, or becoming upset at the smelly runner in front of you who really should have taken a bath sometime in the past week.

It’s in these unhappy moments when the Marathon Mind Monkeys show up, and there is a very good chance that something will happen that causes you to meet them if you run a long distance event.

“Mind monkeys” is, of course, simply a metaphorical phrase.   When you begin to experience negativity creeping into your thinking, you might jokingly say that the mind monkeys have taken over.  Your thoughts are your own responsibility, but during a marathon, it’s not uncommon to begin to feel as if you are unable to control your own emotions and thoughts.  The mind monkeys infect you with sadness, anger, despair, even depression.

This lack of ability to control the mind is often part of the larger physiological phenomenon known as “hitting the wall”.  When glycogen stores reach a dangerous level of depletion, various effects occur on a runner, one of which may be a harsh visit from the mind monkeys.  You may become discouraged and feel hopeless.  You might become angry at your body’s inability to perform at normal levels.  Some runners lash out at volunteers or spectators.  Some drop out of the race, too discouraged to go on.

There are other times when emotions and thoughts turn negative during a marathon.  Runners expecting aid stations might become upset when water runs […]

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Frequent Marathoning

After crossing the finish line, most marathon runners are ready for some rest and recovery.  Numerous sources recommend at least one day per mile of recovery time before a runner returns to normal training.  Many coaches suggest that runners compete in only one or two marathons per year.

But there are some marathon runners who disagree with the common advice, and when they cross the finish line of one marathon they are already planning the next. ——>

Frequent Marathoners are not as rare as you may think.  They vary widely in running speed, body shape and size, economic status, and may be female or male.  Some do it as a private personal quest, others promote themselves or run for charitable causes.  The one common trait they share is a love for our sport, the marathon, and that common bond creates a strong community that ignores the differences and celebrates the marathon lifestyle.

Some Frequent Marathoners are members of a club called the “Marathon Maniacs”.  They can be identified during races by their race kit – typically a yellow or pink singlet with the Maniacs logo.  Total strangers become instant friends when they see a fellow Maniac.  To join the Maniacs, a runner must first complete a series of marathons in a short period (many choose to run 3 within 90 days).  Different “levels” are achieved by running more frequently.  There are currently 8,600 Maniacs and more are joining every day.
It takes some commitment to train yourself to run marathons more often than once or twice a year.  Fundamentally, the training really is not so different than “normal” – you must develop the ability to run for long periods of time, and you must run regularly.  You also […]

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