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Redefining Running Goals

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Running Is Not a One Size Fits All Sport

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Running Safe

Running is something I love to do. I love running with friends but I also love those solo runs where I can escape into my thoughts, get lost in music, or catch up on a podcast or two. However, sometimes all these distractions while running can be a bad thing and not just because it draws your attention from running. No, sometimes it’s bad because it draws focus from our surroundings.

In the last two weeks, my town has become a hotbed of crime. And not just petty crime, but a murder, a shooting/robbery, and a rape. And two of these happened in areas I commonly run. This is not good times! My husband always reminds me to not get caught up with all the news coverage/hype and instead to be smart out there. He’s right, so what does being a smart and safe runner mean? After some serious thinking and some helpful ideas from other SFM ambassadors, here are some suggestions for becoming a safer runner:

The Buddy System: when running in the dark (early morning or night), run with a buddy or two. We all have those runs we like to run solo, but save those for daytime runs when you are in areas with lots of people around. When you get those early/late runs in, find a friend.

Bring ID: If you’re by yourself (or even with friends) have some form of ID with you. I wear a RoadID bracelet which includes my info, medicines I’m allergic to, and emergency contact. It doesn’t matter what your form of ID is just have something with you.

Bring Your Cell Phone: I know, I know our phones don’t fit in any of our running gear (I hate […]

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A Holiday From Racing

For me, January is always a strange month. It’s usually the one month in the year that I have no races planned. I always have a race the first weekend of February (Superbowl 10k in Santa Cruz!), but January is a big empty space. What is a girl addicted to running to do?

January means a month of training and recovery. Leading up to Christmas, I unintentionally ran 5 races in 5 weeks (half marathon, 5k, marathon, 5k, 5k), and typically I run anywhere from 12-20 races in a year. After all that racing, my body needs a break. And that’s why January is an important month for me.

I don’t give up my running schedule. In fact I’m training for three marathons this year (and will be completing the LA-SF marathon – see fellow SFM ambassador Chris’s posts about this) and have been averaging mileage in the high 40s each week. But I am also taking the time to remind myself why I love running other than the high of racing. Lately, I have been doing a lot of runs by myself. This usually means listening to a lot of music and podcasts, but this month I’ve left the ipod at home. I’ve enjoyed many of my runs without anything to listen to and it’s been great. I have focused on my form and my pace and enjoying my surroundings. I have run in new locations, including in the freezing snow during an impromptu trip to Lake Tahoe. I have also been trying some new workouts out, including Body Pump (have you tried it? It’s HARDCORE!) and a return to spin class after years of not going. Finally, the last weekend of the month my […]

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Making Time For Your Run

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