I’ve been training for months now—losing track of just how long it’s been, because it feels like forever ago that I started this journey into ultra-marathon running.  I decided to try to tackle The San Francisco Double Marathon for a few reasons–to raise money for a charity close to my heart, to push myself, to see what my body and heart are capable of, and because the desire to run an ultra marathon had been like a spark building to a flame in this runner’s heart.


I listened to the song: Life and Death one day on a training run.  As the worry of: will I finish the race? has been creeping into my mind lately, the song helped me put things in perspective and refocus and calm my heart.  Like many other runners, I’ll be running for an important charity and in memory of dear loved ones.  And though I have hopes, big hopes of crossing my first 52.4 mile finish line–I know, for me, running is not life and death.


Life was the moment I met my husband and realized, he is the one meant for me.  Stepping into the sunshine, arm in arm with my dad as he walked me down the aisle, and locking eyes with my happily ever after.  Life was saying goodbye to the man who had taken care of me my whole life, as I stepped into the arms of my husband, my future.  For me, life was the wonder and magic of meeting my four children on their birthdays–having my breath taken away, when I met them for the first time.  Life was seeing the faces that had been so close to my heart for 9 months and finally, finally getting to hold them there.


Death was […]