The San Francisco Marathon prize trip to Taiwan

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Entering a sweepstake is a leap of faith – you’re lured by an amazing prize, but as soon as you submit your entry, doubt creeps in. You start to wonder, “Where did my entry go? Do they really pick a winner? I really want to win… I wonder if I can I submit multiple entries?” Such was the case with Michael Espejo from San ... More

The San Francisco Marathon Celebrates 40th Anniversary

This year’s event was the largest ever in the race’s history, with more than 80,000 spectators cheering along the course and at the Finish Line Festival. Jorge Maravilla and Devin McMahon were the 1st Place winners of the Full Marathon. More

Race Week Events

Looking to get some final quick runs in before Race Day? Partners of The San Francisco Marathon are hosting various events during race week. More

Tips to Enjoy Race Week & Race Weekend

You've made it! Race Week is finally here. More

Lookin’ Good at 40

Contributed by Jason Hakes, a 2017 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon.  So, you’re hitting a major milestone this year, The San Francisco Marathon. To this, I must say: you look great at 40! Over the years, you’ve made changes, stood the test of time, met some interesting people along the way and have held up exceptionally ... More

Final Month of Training for TSFM

Contributed by Erin Garvey, a 2017 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. Take a deep breath. You have T minus 1-month (or actually, less than one month!) to go until you run one of the sold-out San Francisco Marathon events: the Full Marathon, one of the Half Marathons, the 5K or the Ultramarathon. Most of your hardest training is now ... More

The Scary Miles

Contributed by Stephanie Laska, a 2017 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. As we prepare to run The San Francisco Marathon or Half Marathon, there comes a point in our training where we enter what I lovingly call, “the scary miles.” About a month prior to the big race, your training schedule escalates to the highest number of ... More

Running Motivation – Race Challenges

Contributed by Leanna Peppercorn, a 2017 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. The San Francisco Marathon is so many things. It is iconic, beautiful, and hilly. It takes place in the greatest city in the world. It also comes with some serious race bling.  When I signed up for the 2nd Half Marathon in 2015, I stumbled across the ... More

The Power of Positive Thinking

Contributed by Erin Garvey, a 2017 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. By now, as you’ve likely begun your training for any of The San Francisco Marathon events - the Full Marathon, either half marathon, the 5K, or the 52.4 mile Ultramarathon - you’ve probably already noticed something rather surprising. Sure, the time you need ... More

Weird, Embarrassing, and Gross Moments in Running

Contributed by Stephanie Laska, M.Ed – Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon, known for becoming “half” the person she used to be by losing 140 pounds and winning FIRST PLACE, Athena division, in her very first marathon (Modesto Marathon, 2015) – follow more of her story on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @140lost. Whether ... More