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Do. Not. Quit.

New blog post from Ambassador Courtney!
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Open to Injury: Everyrunner’s Story

The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.  –Juma Ikangaa

If we could imagine an Everyrunner–our running community’s version of Everyman–then Everyrunner would periodically be hobbled by injury, with the actual frequency governed by wisdom or luck.  Anyone who regularly laces up running shoes knows this.  But as it turns out, injury harbors its own teaching.

My own story goes something like this.  I fell too in love with racing in my second year of running, and raced far too often for my level of training and weekly mileage.  I ignored small injuries and pains because all I could think about was running fast–and I was very good at denial.  And then I ignored a meniscus strain not long before the San Jose Half Marathon on October 7.  I ran, with pain, and still achieved a P.R. at 1:36:32–which only encouraged me to race more.  On October 14, I paced the back half of the Nike Women’s Marathon.  And then, on October 21 came the coup de grace–I attempted the Humboldt Half Marathon, even though I had been in pain that week.

The race started, and immediately I knew I didn’t have it.  My pace dipped from 7:30, to 8:00, to 8:15.  The teammates I’d anticipated running with left me in their dust.  I resigned myself to a training run.

And then, at mile 7, a searing pain shot through my right calf.  I was well and truly done, unable even to walk the rest of the way.  The dreaded season-ending injury had arrived, cutting me out of all remaining races for 2012.

It was three weeks before I ran again at all, thanks to the guidance of a wise friend and coach who convinced me not […]

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Making Time For Your Run

New blog post from Ambassador Meg!
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The Challenge

New blog post from Ambassador Chris!
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A New Year Ahead

New blog post from Ambassador Courtney! A New Year Ahead
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Running Injuries: Dealing with the Setback

New blog post from Ambassador Elise -Running Injuries: Dealing with the Setback
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Sight Set for LA/SF Marathon Challenge

New blog post from Ambassador Chris - Sight Set for LA/SF Challenge
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Even More Reason to Race

Late last week, a nor’easter dumped several inches of snow and flooded parts of New York and New Jersey that were already still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.   Parts of the East Coast are suffering from back-to-back disasters, and we want to help get them back on their feet.  That’s why for every registrant who signs up by November 15th, we’ll donate 10% of the registration fee to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts.

What’s not to love?  Registration prices go up Thursday at midnight, so you save a few bucks while also giving back and  repairing the devastation left by the storms.

How does it work? Log on to our website, enter “SandyRelief2013″ into the Coupon Code field during checkout, and we’ll donate the 10% on your behalf.

Feeling generous?  Make an additional donation on your own on the checkout page when you sign up!

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Top Ten SF Marathon Memories

New Blog Post from Ambassador Nancy: Top Ten SF Marathon Memories
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On Running Happy

To say that I’m ready is an understatement…

Let me start from the beginning (of 2012). During the first half of this year, I really struggled with running. The first three races of the year were half marathons I promised myself to train hard for, and all turned out to be complete flops. I wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t excited about my daily runs. And I certainly was lacking the kick in the a$$ I needed to train for my first full 26.2 in two years – the New York City Marathon – later in the year. I knew that running was a privilege and I was lucky to be “one of those people” who could head out for a casual 10 mile run, but I had started to take it all for granted.

Additionally, I had felt myself getting slower and less confident despite the successful weekly mileage I was able to piece together from time to time. I had a glimmer of hope for SFM since I knew the course and I knew my fellow Ambassadors would make it a fun weekend, but did not put in the right amount of training for the race (the first half marathon) and I had to settle for “not racing” expectations and treated it as my first long training run for NYCM.

In looking back at my NYCM training, July 29th turned out to be the definitive moment when my running mojo took a turn for the best. For the second year, I found myself in San Francisco for SFM and, as an Ambassador for the race, I found myself surrounded by […]

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