Due to budgetary constraints, though California law requires elementary aged children to receive 100 minutes of physical education each week, there are schools in San Francisco where students receive no physical education programming at all. Committed to combatting youth obesity and supporting health and fitness in school-aged children “Let’s Move” programming pairs San Francisco Recreation & Parks specialists with elementary schools without physical education, to ensure students can integrate physical education into their curriculum 5-days a week.

Launching in 2015, “Let’s Move” puts recreation specialists in the San Francisco elementary schools with the lowest per capita income in the city, giving young students access to physical education when they previously had no structured physical education at school.

According to a study by Corinne Ng entitled, Childhood Obesity: Community Challenges, residents who live in low-income, high crime neighborhoods have fewer community parks and fewer safe open spaces which keeps children indoors and sedentary. To help support health and fitness in these school-aged children, “Let’s Move,” will not only offer students physical education during their school day, but also give them a safe place to recreate before and after school, 5-days-a-week.

Through “Let’s Move,” students will be exposed to activities such as dance, running, jump rope, hula hooping, yoga, and pilates as well as traditional sports programs including baseball, soccer, tennis and basketball. The annual program will culminate with a Community Playday that will bring students together for a day of celebration, complete with activity stations for recreation, prizes and certifications for each child, recognizing their participation in the program.


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