Eating Healthy

Like many people I started running as a way to help lose weight.  After I got a heart rate monitor I quickly realized that I burned just as many calories running for 40 minutes as I did doing an hour long cardio-kickboxing class.  It wasn’t until I ran my first race that running became something other than a means to an end. Running was an easy gateway to fitness and extra calories to eat for quite awhile…until I started marathon training.


The trap many of us find ourselves in is this: training for a marathon involves a lot of hard work, a lot of hours on the road, and the need to replenish the calories expended doing that work.  It is very easy to justify a half pound 50/50 burger with avocado mash and chipotle mayo after a 15 mile long run.  Unfortunately that is a 1200 calorie meal BEFORE you add fries and a drink.  Oops.  Pretty much all distance runners can relate to “runger”.  Olympic level distance runner Shalane Flanagan lists “being hungry all the time” as one of her top 10 things she hates about running.  Here are some tips to help you stay in the box while doing your training.


1. Track what you eat and what you burn.  Looking at the in/out of what you are doing each day is critical to maintaining your weight.  If you are trying to lose you need to see what kind of deficit you have but you should try not to lose more than 1 lb a week.  Most coaches recommend not trying to run a deficit during training because it prevents you from optimising your training.  Most of us aren’t preparing for the Olympics […]

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Laughing While Running

Well Hello There!  This is Carmel, SF native and Boulder, CO transplant and 2014 marks my first year as an SF Marathon Ambassador.  I am so excited to have been chosen for this group and have really enjoyed reading the blog posts written so far. This is my first post and I wanted to talk about a movement that is quickly spreading to all sporting events with spectators that I’ve really fallen in love with: HILARIOUS SPECTATOR SIGNS.

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Love on the Run: A True Story of Finding Romance on the Track

Sweaty, exhausted, and maybe a little bit sore sounds like a good way to end a date, but not usually how you’d expect to start one. Unless you’re a runner. But that’s exactly how Gabe and Shawna started their first date, sharing a pizza at Little Star, still in their running clothes.

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Try Your Best!

With the Brazilian World Cup coming this Summer, I am going to bring up an old soccer icon: Pele. He was considered by many as the greatest soccer player of all time, having won three World Cups and scoring the most goals of any players out there.

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My Reason to Run

This is not your typical TSFM blog post. I’d like to believe that I am your typical TSFM Ambassador because the role of a TSFM Ambassador is to represent every kind of runner, and what I’m about to chronicle is true and honest in both events and the feelings associated with them. It’s a real world kind of blog with all the glamour stripped away and just the honest truth left. I’m afraid that the lack of puppy dogs and butterflies may not sit well with some, but maybe there will be some who read this and it will resonate with them more than happy trees and perfect days with perfect runs.  Sometimes we go through challenging times. And sometimes those challenging times happen to coincide with training for a marathon. Or becoming an Ambassador for the San Francisco Marathon where your chief role is to inspire and encourage others to realize their true potential. To help them see that they are champions. To make them believe that they can, and will, achieve greatness on the streets of San Francisco. That, armed with a reason to run that is wholly unique and just their own, they will overcome whatever obstacles are before them to make it to that starting line on July 27, 2014. With recent events that I will detail a bit later, I’m finding this a bigger challenge than anticipated.

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Ambassador Profile: Endorphin Dude

If you’ve ever run a marathon, chances are you’ve probably seen a dude with spiky hair in a cape fly by. That marathon caped crusader probably high fived you, cracked a 4th grade joke or two, and then ran off to grab a GU at the aid station. That’s Endorphin Dude, and that dude is me. I run a lot of marathons. I run a lot of ultras too. And yes, I run in a cape and you will always see a big smile on my face. I am happy to be out there on the course because I never thought that I would be able to. I am a former insulin dependent couch potato turned Marathon Maniac and endurance athlete.

Five years ago, I took control of my life, dropped a bunch of weight, got weaned off all meds, and trained for the 2010 San Francisco Marathon. That marathon was supposed to have been a one and done bucket list item, but somewhere along the way, I got hooked. I really fell in love with this sport, and being the obsessive person that I am, I kept on running. The San Francisco Marathon changed my life. Hence, I thought it would be fitting that I repost my race report from that incredible inaugural marathon followed by my race report from my 100th lifetime marathon, which just so happened to be the 2013 San Francisco Marathon.


July 25, 2010. 

I accomplished something pretty extraordinary this weekend: I ran my first full marathon. That’s 26.2 miles. This was the single most difficult thing I’ve ever set out to do, but it is, hands down, the most rewarding. I worked so hard to achieve this goal, and when I […]

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Running for Something More

There are many compelling reasons to run – fitness, fun, friendship. There are equally compelling reasons to sign up for a race – to compete, to challenge yourself, to keep motivated. Almost every runner’s reason to be in San Francisco this summer is some amalgamation of the above factors. For my first marathon, I wanted to prove to myself I could make it to the finish line. In the second race, I wanted to prove that I could make it to the finish line without cracking. When the time came to run a third, I found the need to run for something other than myself.

My wife and I have owned greyhounds and been involved with greyhound adoption since we got our first in 2003 while living in Berkeley. Upon moving back to the east, we adopted our second, a beautiful blue fawn boy from Connecticut Greyhound Adoption, who we named Berkeley for obvious reasons. Unbeknownst to us, Berkeley would live up to his name. He was a free spirit who loved and loved to be loved. At much too early an age, Berkeley contracted osteosarcoma, which is unfortunately prevalent in greyhounds. He underwent an amputation of his affected leg and received chemotherapy to slow the spread of cancer. His chemotherapy drugs were provide free of charge by the Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at Ohio State. Dr. Guillermo Couto who ran the GHWP has since moved to State College, PA to continue his work as a private consultant and veterinarian. Since greyhounds are one of the few animals other than humans (primarily children) that are susceptible to bone cancer, Dr. Couto’s work may someday identify both the cause of and treatments for osteosarcoma in both […]

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TSFM Social Running

Running is often considered a solitary sport. Sure, there are great running groups you can join, but inevitably, at one point or another you will be out running alone. You might be an evening runner, an early morning runner or a lunchtime runner. Whatever time you prefer, or can fit into your busy schedule, it can be hard to find someone to run with you every time you go out.

It can be very difficult to motivate yourself to put in that five miler at 4 AM or log a ten miler after work. Who is going to know if you skip this one run? No one is waiting on you. Your run club doesn’t meet for two more days. Why not take an early rest day? I admit it. These thoughts have all gone through my head and at times I have surrendered to them. I’ll hit snooze and snuggle back under my warm sheets or just turn on the TV and sit down after work. It’s hard to go out and run when no one is watching or waiting for you.

A few years ago I set about to change this and my top way of staying accountable when no one in my community is watching is to reach out on social media. I have a tight knit group of running friends from social media that motivate me every day. Some I have met in person and some I have simply met in the digital world, hailing from New York, Montana, Texas, Canada, England, and Australia, to name a few. I can always look to these runners for some motivation at any time of day.

When I am in need of a push out the […]

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Miles With Mom: My Reason to Run the San Francisco Marathon

It’s rare that I’ll be truly inspired by an athlete. I can appreciate the awesome feat that he or she might have completed, but it’s rare that I will look at him or her and say “wow, you make me want to do this.” Mirinda Carfrae, Mia Hamm, and Natalie Coughlin are three who have, at one point or another in my life, inspired me to take myself a step further—to realize that within me is a far greater strength than, perhaps, I knew I had. This fourth athlete, though, inspired me on a much deeper level. She showed me that, if not for anything else, hereditarily, I have within me an amazing strength and ability to accomplish something. Now, she will probably hate me for referring to her as an athlete in this article, but Mom, you are, whether you like it or not.

Let me start with the (embarrassing) details. About a year and a half ago my mom realized she needed to change her lifestyle. What’s so inspiring about my mom is, of course, that she spent absolutely no time hesitating. True to form, she started researching athletic trainers, feverishly. As the token athlete in the family, I, of course pointed her in the direction of the trainer whose middle-aged-mothers-of-five trainees were kicking my, nineteen-year-old-with-no-excuse’s, you-know-what: Jenny Schatzle. And so, with the help of the spitfire coach, my mom began a regiment unlike any other. She stopped snacking, she stopped drinking, she stopped every terrible habit she had before. Cold turkey.

Of course, she also started some exercising. Jenny doesn’t mess around. Inside that gym is business. I, a tender, young, fit, triathlete, twenty year old have found myself near tears doing squats […]

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How a Runner is Born

“I didn’t plan on running today, but those cops came out of nowhere!”

And just like that, a runner is born.  Everyone’s story is different – some are born to run, some are born out of necessity.  I started my journey out of necessity 16 years ago.  I had embarked on my weight-loss journey in January 1997 by joining my local YMCA and immersing myself in their group exercises classes.  By April 1998, I had lost 35 lbs and had become a full-fledged group exercise addict, attending class every single day of the week.  When I decided to take a week-long vacation that year, I realized to my horror that I couldn’t take my fitness instructor with me.  What do you mean you can’t go with me on vacation so I can still work out?  I had to improvise so that first day of vacation in June 1998, I hopped on the treadmill at the hotel gym and a runner was born.  Born out of necessity to stay on track even while on vacation.

Looking back at those early years, I limited myself mentally and physically on what I could achieve.  For those first 5 years, my running was confined to the treadmill (except for a few short road races).  And the most I would run was a 10K distance.  I was afraid of what would happen if I tried going farther.…maybe my legs would fall off, maybe I’d faint.  Never did it cross my mind that I could actually succeed.  Fast-forward to April 2005, now a mother of two, a toddler and a newborn, and going through a divorce.  It was an emotionally draining time for me and I was looking for outlet to escape, […]

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