Kamilla Vaksman

Olympic silver medalist, fencing coach, educator. Mila wants to inspire girls around the world to dream big and to achieve their ambitious dreams. SF Marathon 2019 is…

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    …going to be her first ever marathon.

Charles Lim

Charles’ first half marathon training was for the The SF Marathon’s “2nd Half” course from Golden Gate Park to the finish line at Embarcadero. He still vividly remembers taking 17…

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    …minutes to complete a mile by fast walking and felt like he was dying. Now he has run the full marathon distance of The SF Marathon for 7 years in a row, and is planning to make 2019 his 8th consecutive The SF Marathon!

Lisa Donchak

Lisa has run 19,000 lifetime miles and 70 marathon / ultramarathon races, including four 100-mile races. She’s run marathons in Antarctica, Kenya, Peru, Australia, and Switzerland…

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    …as well as 16 states in the US. Her first marathon was San Francisco, and she’s looking forward to running the Ultra for the second time this year. You can read more about her running at https://brbrunning.com/.

Myriam Chartrel

French girl, marathoner winner of Dingle 2017 ( Ireland) , from 1500m on tracks, to xc nationals cross, then marathon. All is a pleasure! She’s a mother and a mathematics teacher.

Vanessa Wallace

Vanessa is a couch potato turned marathon runner from Santa Rosa, CA As a lover of selfies, cows and dance parties on the run, she loves to celebrate the joy of running while…

Victor Hurtado

Turned his life around 5 years ago and went from unhealthy to healthy; 230 pounds to 165 pounds. He enjoys every run to the fullest.

Junaline Gines

Never a runner. It only took one race I didn’t even signed up for to fall in love in this sport. I haven’t stop running since. Nurse in the morning, runner and gym enthusiast at night.

Victor Guzman

With 8 full, 13 half and 53 Spartan races ( #1 in the age 40-49 category for 2018 Spartan Race Open World Series. AROO! ) in just 5 years, Victor strives to motivate and inspire…

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    …others to live a healthier lifestyle, and have FUN doing so.

Ari & Kelli Tanghe

Ari and Kelli are a mother/daughter endurance team raising awareness for the inclusion of physically challenged athletes in endurance races. Together they have crossed…

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    …more than 70 finish lines, including the San Francisco marathon three times, NYC marathon, and Chicago Marathon.

Elysha Omoomy

Self taught runner of eight marathons, countless half marathons, and intermediate 10k & 5k Athlete; the quest to BQ (Boston-Qualify) helped inspire health and wellness…

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    …blog, LittleBitOfSole.com. Over the last couple of years, Elysha achieved milestones she thought were completely impossible. It is this positive feeling that she wants to share and hope to inspire others that it IS possible to achieve the impossible.

Charles Scheinblum

Three time marathoner by dawn, stand up comic by dusk. Born in the sprawling farmlands of New Jersey, Charles never expected to be able to run a consecutive 26.2 miles, but…

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    …having thrice succeeded, he relishes in the chance to push others to achieve their own super-human goals.

Scott Benbow

Avid runner who has run (and lived) on far-flung islands in the Pacific and in the hills around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Now living and running in San Francisco.

Christine O’Connell

Lover of all things Christmas, Disney and Olympics! Christine’s first half marathon was the 1st half of the SF Marathon in 2015 and has been addicted ever since. She is also…

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    …an ambassador for atlasGO, Sunski and Run Like A Girl! Christine loves volunteering for non-profits and sits on the Committee for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and Associate Board for Girls On The Run!

Starr Tomlinson

Starr is a San Francisco native and her first marathon was the SF Marathon back in 2008! She has been an avid runner over the past decade and within the last year she has…

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    …taken training to the next level in an attempt to qualify for Boston! Starr’s long term goal to run a marathon (or half) in every state as well as have the opportunity to enjoy travelling for many races!

Leana Lai

With five full marathons under Leana’s belt, the SF Marathon accounts for three of them! She’s completed the first half (2014), the second half (2015), and then…

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    …finally the full (2016) as her first full marathon! Being one of her favorite races, Leana keeps coming back for more year after year. Bay Area born and raised, she used to hate running, but found a love for it and the running community over the last several years. It lets her enjoy life, celebrate health, and has challenged her to reach for new goals. When not running, you can find Leana hiking around the Bay Area, petting ALL the dogs, drinking sour beers, finding the next best restaurant on Yelp, and traveling as much as possible.

Jose Eduardo Garcia

A brazilian runner with more than 40 marathons in 15 countries, 2h57 as personal best and World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher. Looking for challenges all the time!

Audrey Abadilla

Audrey is one part luck to two parts elbow grease. She’s always looking for new challenges to grow from, and prides herself on finding the lesson and bright side of every situation.

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    When not training for an upcoming race, Audrey can be found volunteering with local not-for-profits, relaxing with her tabby cat named Miles, scoping out treasures at the public library, or indulging in her love for new sights and ice cream shoppes. She looks forward to running her 3rd Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon this July!

Nathan Imhoff

Nathan is passionate about three things; his family, his work and his running goals. Growing up in Escondido, CA, Nathan found himself exploring distance running at…

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    …Orange Glen High School, and literally found his happy place. As the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Stark Social Media Agency based in Los Angeles, he finds that his running helps to inspire his work with local businesses, nonprofits and start-ups in his community. In 2017, he found himself yearning for a challenge outside his comfort zone and began training in 2018 for the Santa Clarita Marathon, and a reignited fire for distance running he’d forgotten was there. Nathan finds himself working towards big running goals, and in the process, With the support of his fiance, Deanna, and their son, who they affectionately call Monkey, he’s working towards qualifying and running the Boston Marathon before he turns 40 in 2020.

Ron Poggi

Ron is a SF Bay Area native who started running in high school. After giving up on the sport for many, many years, he got off the couch to run in 2006 and hasn’t looked back…

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    …since. Recently completing his 100th lifetime half marathon. He enjoys coaching fellow runners’ complete marathons, and, considers running in the Boston Marathon several times as an amazing lifetime experience.

Jessica de Leon

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jessica still loves discovering new areas of the city while on a run. She was never a runner growing up but fell into it about 8 years ago and …

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    …haven’t stopped. When Jessica caught the race bug, she really did catch it. She’s currently at 50 half marathons and 8 full marathons to date and am now trying to get to all the World Majors. Jessica definitely is not the fastest runner, but she’ll will always finish and up for a challenge. She loves all things fitness so when not running including olympic lifting, CrossFit WOD or enjoying the outdoord hiking. She also loves to travel, so racecations are THEE BEST!

Michael Dasalla

Mike is a road runner and runs mostly marathons and halfs, but he likes to mix it up with trail running. He was never an athlete or involved in any sport until he discovered running…

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    …in his late 30s which saved him from heart-related health issues. Now Mike is very competitive and trains very hard to set personal records, as well as strives to keep himself injury free to enjoy running for as long as he can.

Gregg Bard

Gregg moved to San Francisco from NYC two years ago. An avid runner, he’s aiming to finish his second San Francisco Ultra-Marathon this July. 52.4 miles round two. Say what!

Edu Pasternak

Edu is a physical education teacher, Zumba Instructor, karate black belt, and now a runner. She started running in 2016, and love to be adventurous as well as try new things.

Jeanne Corey Marchand

Jeanne started running 5K’s in 2009 and loved them. As a new runner she experienced two stress fractures and a lot of set backs. She started coaching at Fleet Feet giving back to help new runners. Since then…

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    …Jeanne got my RRCA coaching certification and continued coaching marathon groups. She loves to travel on “runcations” and will be running her 5th consecutive San Francisco marathon . Jeanne’s run 60 marathons and SF Marathon is by far her favorite “runcation.” She can’t wait for 2019!

Vanessa Bogenholm

Vanessa was a very overweight teenager who was in awe of Frank Shorter. She decided to try to run to get fit and at the time the could only run 23 steps. She cried, then…

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    …decided to not give up and did 25 steps. By the end of that summer when Vanessa turned 14 years old, she had lost 60lbs and raced her first 10 mile race. Vanessa is a personal trainer @trainwithv.com in San Jose, CA and has run 8 marathons and numerous other races.

Caity Shreve

Caity took up running after recovering from back surgery – It was her escape from doctors offices and physical therapy sessions. She’s run 7 half marathons since 2016 and still…

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    …loves every minute of each race. Caity can’t think of a better way to get outside and explore. California girl, Bay Area transplant. She works in finance and runs a lifestyle website called Moi Contre La Vie in her spare time.

Kimberly Pavela

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, Kimmie has been running races since she was young. 14 half marathons and 3 full marathons later, she’s still loving it! Kimmie is a runner by…

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    …day and a nurse by night. Kimmie’s motto, “No matter what your crazy schedule is, there is always time for a run! Just set a goal, hold yourself accountable, and be flexible with your training schedule.”

Erin Mink Garvey

Erin and her family moved to Silicon Valley in 2013, after living in Chicago for 11 years. She’s a 33-time marathoner and 21-time Boston qualifier, and more often than…

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    …not, she has a ridiculous smile on her face when she’s running, even (especially) when it’s super hard! She’s thrilled to be running the SF Marathon for the fifth time and looks forward to meeting lots of runners along the way. When she’s not on the roads or trails, you’ll find her with her husband of 12 years and their two daughters (ages 7 and 3).

Anne Amador

Anne ran cross country in high school, but never really enjoyed the running part of the sport! However, once she ran her first half marathon in 2011, she was hooked! Anne’s…

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    …has since completed 12 half marathons and 5 marathons, with countless other training cycless thrown in there. Anne is currently a member of the Arete Running Club, and she love connecting with other like minded individuals. As a Northern California native, one of her favorite places to run and visit is San Francisco. Anne is so excited to get to be apart of this year’s 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors. This isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle!

Aleksandra Alekseenko

Originally from Russia and now living in San Jose, Aleksandra was a professional runner in Russia. She has been affiliated with sport camp, IMG Academy in Florida, and was a…

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    …previous member of New York Track Club. Running is her life.

Kelli Hashimoto

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Kelli can occasionally be found running around North Carolina. Kelli loves running anything from 5ks to full marathons, though those are…

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    …her two favorite distances. 2017 was her first year running The San Francisco Marathon – she beat her sub-4 hour goal and she got engaged! 2018 was her first year on the ambassador team and she is excited to be back for year 2!

Shellin Chuong

Having been a long-distance runner in high school, Shellin has always been attracted to longer distances such as 5Ks and the half marathon. However, it wasn’t until her…

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    …senior year of college in 2016 when she began training for her first marathon and got hooked! Shellin is currently training with the Strawberry Canyon Track Club in Berkeley, and there’s nothing like training with a community of extremely dedicated and inspiring athletes. She looks forward to meeting you all the 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors.

John Lee

John started running in 2012 to manage his weight. He’s run some half marathons and couple of full marathons. Running for fun really took off for John when he…

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    …discovered beer running (yes, it’s a thing!). John helps organize a beer running club in Oakland called East Bay Beer Runners. He thinks being in a fun and supportive environment helps people get outside of their comfort zone. The run clubs includes everyone from beginners to people who qualify for Boston Marathon.

Adrian Paul

Born in Guyana and grew up in Brooklyn where Adrian ran track in high school mostly 200 to 800. He did the mile occasionally but preferred to sprint. At the time his track…

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    …coach was a marathoner and was preparing to run the NYC Marathon. Adrian had always thought why would anyone do a marathon? But his coach convinced him to do cross country. At first Adrian didn’t care for it but loved it by senior year. It wasn’t until 2012 that he ran my first half, Napa to Sonoma. Fast forward to 2019, Adrian has found a love in running the marathon and has now ran 14 full marathons, 39 half marathons and one 50K. Adrian has been living in California for the past 4 years and loves the running community out here. His favorite marathon to date is the NYC Marathon which he ran in 2015. Recently he achieved a PR of 3:07 at CIM this past Decemeber with his running team Oakland Track Club.

Katie Burns

An East Coast native with a West Coast spirit, Katie loves the outdoors and discovered running was a great outlet to channel her boundless energy. From conquering the hills…

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    …of SF to trekking through national parks, she quickly discovered distance is where she found her stride. She ran her first 26.2 miles during the 2018 SF Marathon and then surprised herself when she qualified for Boston at the 2018 California International Marathon later that year. She is especially inspired by the power and love in the running community, and can frequently be found volunteering with nonprofits Back on My Feet and Girls on the Run to share her love of the sport with others and use running as a tool to change the world.

Kseniya Potekhina

Kseniya was born in Siberia and is a Florida girl now. She started running 3-4 miles back in 2014 to lose weight. One day she ran a half marathon and loved the race…

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    …atmosphere so much that she started to sign up for more races. Kseniya never thought she could run a marathon though. Then in 2015 she signed up for San Francisco Marathon just so she could come to her favorite city. It was painful, yet so satisfying and exciting. Since then she has ran 9 marathons and 2 Boston Marathons. Kseniya is super excited to run this year’s 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon again!

Loree Tabigne

Bay Area born and raised, runner, foodie and adventurer. If I’m not on the concrete, I’m spending it with my loved ones, cheering on the Warriors, SFGiants and 49ers or just roaming around the Bay.

Yasir Salem

Yasir Salem is a man on a mission. Starting with the 2018 NYC marathon, Yasir will run 50 marathons in 50 states, ending with the NYC marathon in 2019.

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    He is taking on this enormous feat to honor his late wife, Gweneviere who passed away in July two months after a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. In running the races, he hopes to raise money for the Gweneviere Mann Foundation, a non-profit he started to spread awareness for early detection of lung cancer and brain tumors. He has raised over $42,000 and his journey is just beginning.

Ronald Quintero

Born and raised in Honduras, Ronald now lives in Berkeley. Running keeps Ronald fit and helps him to train and to chase the 7 summits of the world.

Christine Camarillo

Christine was born and raised in San Francisco. She started signing up for races in 2011. In October 2013, she ran her first half marathon, a trail course where she finished last…

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    …which inspired her to improve. A few months later she unfortunately broke her ankle. The will to run again motivated her to fully recover and come back stronger than ever. Since then, she has ran 13 half marathons, 5 full marathons, 3 Ragnar relays, and The Speed Project. This year she is running the 1st half of the SF marathon to complete the Half It All challenge.

Daniela Jindrak

Daniela is a 28 year old mom to her superkid. She is from Prague, Czech Republic. The 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon will be her first marathon and she is super excited…

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    … to run in San Francisco which is on the other side of the globe from her! She is not a professional runner but her goal is to enjoy the journey of the process, have fun during the race, and see you at the finish line.

Stephanie Laska

Author of the #1 low carb diet book on Amazon, Stephanie Laska is the best-selling author of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Getting Started: How I Lost 140 Pounds. She is passionate…

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    …about inspiring others to fight obesity having lost half of her entire body weight. Stephanie left behind a giant dent on the couch to run twelve marathons, two of which earned her a first-place marathon medal. As part of the chosen “Clean Start Team”, Stephanie even ran the New York City Marathon in 2017 as a sponsored athlete from PowerBar©. Whether volunteering as an Ambassador or Pacer, Stephanie supports runners of the San Francisco Marathon to get to the finish line!

Kennedy Schoennauer

Kennedy is one half of the @sanjosetwingles, running half marathons since she was 11 years old and a Bay Area native. Currently an 8th grader, she competes in five…

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    …school sports (cross country, basketball, soccer, volleyball and track), plays comp soccer for Santa Clara Sporting, and loves playing the viola in orchestra. She is excited about starting high school in the fall.

Landry Schoennauer

Landry is a Bay Area native and the other half of the @sanjosetwingles, running half marathons since she was 11 years old. Currently an 8th grader, she competes in five school sports…

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    … (cross country, basketball, soccer, volleyball and track), plays goalie and defender for Santa Clara Sporting Soccer, and is on her school’s leadership team. She is excited about being a freshman in the fall at Lincoln High.

Christina Torres

Christina Torres is a teacher, runner, and writer based in Honolulu, HI. Originally from, Southern California, she began running in 2010 with Students Run LA, and has been…

Claire Neilan

Claire originally hails from Scotland and came to San Francisco by way of Michigan, New York, and Delaware. San Francisco is top on her list for greatest city to run in. Since…

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    …running her first marathon in 2006, she has completed 25 marathons and has ventured into the Ultra distance, completing her first 50 miler in 2016. Claire is RRCA-certified, has coached many novice runners from 5K to marathon distances, and, has led large running groups on the East and West coasts. As a pacer for RUN365, Claire gets to regularly share her passion for helping others conquer the distance.

Morgan Hawkins

Morgan caught the running bug at a young age, competing in events like the 400m hurdles and pole vault from middle school all the way through her freshman year of college at…

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    …SUNY Fredonia. When Morgan decided she wanted to study exercise science, she knew that she wanted to not only increase her own running abilities but to also use her knowledge in the sport to help others find the joy in healthy running. 😊Morgan has recently entered the ultrarunning world since moving to the Bay Area. It has made her fall in love with running all over again. If you are in the area she would love to show you some of her favorite trail in the Marin Headlands. Morgan has her sights set on running the 6 major marathons: NYC, Chicago, Boston, Berlin, London, and Tokyo. In 2019 she will get her first chance when she competes at the Boston Marathon.

Deivid R. Valdez

Deivid grew up in Nizao, a small town by the ocean in the Dominican Republic. He started running and weight training at 14 years old. He never thought he would ever…

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    …run a marathon. To Deivid that was an impossible thing to think about, so he focused on weight training. After his 30th birthday he started exploring other sports like CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Obstacle Course Races. One day in 2013, his best friend had the idea of running a marathon which had always been on their bucket list. Since then Deivid has run 8 marathons and many other races.

Gaby Avila

Gaby has run 7 marathons.  She started running by coincidence and it changed her  life. Born and raised in Mexico City she embrace the chaotic essence of it and made it her…

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    …running playground. Last year she was able to run the Boston Marathon and after that decided to cheat on marathons with 70.3 triathlons. On 2019, she decided that running the SF marathon would be the perfect excuse to get back to running, as she loves the city, and actually has ran it several times (3 half marathons). Gaby loves to share and spread her love for running as she believes it has a transformational power.

Almi Del Villar

Almi is a Nurse Practitioner and an Ultra runner who is on a quest to run in all 50 US states and worldwide. She has completed 3 of the World Marathon Majors (New York,

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    Chicago, & Berlin) and will be running Boston Marathon in April. Almi is also an official race pacer and an ambassador for Pro Compression socks, Nuun Hydration, and Hylands. She is looking forward to a great opportunity as a 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador. Almi also belongs to the 52 Club and will be running the Ultra Marathon in July!

Amalia Miller

Amalia is a proud San Francisco native that loves being active, traveling, and putting fun before finishing times. Her interest in running began at Aptos Middle…

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    …School and Lowell High School, then flourished with her first marathon in Honolulu, where she raised money for the SF AIDS Foundation. Since then, Amalia expanded her athletic endeavors to triathlons—representing brands like Pearl Izumi—and continued to race for charities having raised over $25,000 for various non-profits. Her passion for running, cycling, and swimming stems from the belief that you really can do anything you put your mind to, especially with the right friends and community. Near-term goals include several firsts: a century ride, mountain bike race, ultra marathon, and full Ironman. You can often find Amalia running in downtown San Francisco with her little black Italian greyhuahua named Bjork.

Amber Smith

After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes with her first son 5 years ago, Amber made a commitment to herself to get in track with her health. After he was…

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    …born, Amber laced up her first pair of running shoes and never stopped from there. After her second son, Amber was diagnosed with severe anxiety and the opportunity to run has challenged her mentally to overcome the stress of life. She has able to get out of her head and push herself just a little more. Amber ran her first half in November of 2018. The 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon will be her first full marathon. She is excited to see where this marathon journey takes her.

Julie Laufer

Julie was born and raised in New York City, and is a recent transplant in San Francisco. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, eating, exploring San Francisco (through …

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    …food, music, shopping, and art), and a very wide variety of workouts. That being said, Julie has never enjoyed running. She on a mission to find joy in the spot in 2019. She is excited to be able to explore running as a San Fransisco Marathon Ambassador, and hopes to encourage non-runners to just get out there and start. As of February, she’s never run a distance longer than 5k. This will be her first half-marathon.

Jenni Dubman

Originally from Wisconsin, Jenni has lived in San Francisco for nine years. She started running when she moved to the city as a way to stay in shape and used it as a way to see the…

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    …sites. After her first half marathon in 2011, she was hooked and immediately signed up for a full marathon the very next day. Since those days of running for fun, running has become a huge part of her life. One of her most proud moments was qualifying for the Boston Marathon at the 2018 San Francisco marathon.

Lilly Pham

Lilly has spent the last 16 years backpacking across over 70 countries, and believes the best way to see a new city is on foot. She appreciates the “running tour” of 26.2 miles…

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    …while soaking in the experience of local landscape, history, and people of the city. Lilly is here to represent a global community of runners and take a tour in her favorite city, San Francisco.