Albert Pham

Albert grew up in Portland, Oregon, but now resides in San Francisco. The 2020 SF Marathon will be his 11th consecutive year participating where he has…

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    often served as one of the official race pacers. He most recently achieved a long time goal of running a sub-3 hour marathon and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. He now has sights set on bigger goals and seeing what’s possible, and aims to help and inspire others to believe in what they can achieve. He is very interested in sustainability and 10 years ago, transitioned to a plant-based diet, and has an interest in exploring and learning about its holistic health and environmental benefits, and effects it has on training, running, and overall well-being.

Alessa Moscoso

Alessa is a former soccer player who only became a recent marathoner thanks for her sister, Oksana, who convinced her running marathons was fun! After…

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    being so close to qualifying for Boston in April 2019 her 1st marathon in Nashville, Alessa buckled down to try to qualify her 2nd marathon up in Humboldt, CA in August 2019 and did it! She loves discovering new routes and places through running / hiking and more than anymore loves to run with friends (both new and old!). Though Alessa is new to this race, she is very familiar with the course as she frequently runs around SF (including the hills) during her training runs. 2020 will be a great year as Alessa plans to run Boston and Chicago Marathons and will be running one of the halfs for the SFM race.

Almi Del Villar

Almi is a Nurse Practitioner and an Ultramarathoner who is on a quest to run in all US 50 states and worldwide. She has completed 4 of the 6 World…

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    Marathon Majors with just Tokyo and London left. Almi is also an official race pacer, an ambassador for Pro Compression Socks, OC Marathon, & Honey Stinger, and part of Team Nuun Hydration and Team Hylands Powered. She has done the first & second half marathons, marathon, and ultramarathon distances of San Francisco and she is looking forward to another year as a 2020 San Francisco Marathon Ambassador!

Amy Cheng

Amy is a Bay Area native currently residing in SF and has spent time living on the East Coast as well as in Asia. She’s been active since high school, dabbling…

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    in a variety of sports ranging from track to water polo. Now older, she’s focused more on endurance sports (running, cycling, triathlons) with an approach of cross-training that includes yoga and lifting. Amy ran the SF Marathon as her first marathon 13 years ago and has since run 2 other marathons, recently qualifying for Boston. She ran the half last year and plans on running the half again this year.

Angelina Duarte

Angelina comes from Brazil, where she started running inspired by her sister. By that time, she was used to run 5k, 10k and half marathons and never…

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    had thought about the idea of running a full marathon. After a few years, she moved to Walnut Creek and ran the SF Marathon First Half. She was so amazed with the race that she decided she should try the full course the next year. She registered right away for that, so she wouldn’t have the chance to give up. With a lot of training, she ran her first full in 2016 and that bacame he favorite distance. Today she has four full marathon medals and each of them make her so proud of herself and wanting more and more! For 2020, she is just getting ready for the Big Sur Marathon and is really excited about being an SFM ambassador, with the hope that she will inspire a lot of people in starting on this amazing sport!

Brice Roques

Brice comes from a small village lost in the French countryside where he lived most of his young life until leaving everything and flying to the Bay Area…

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    at 21 years of age to become an engineer. Brice is a lifetime student, passionate about learning, continuously pushing himself and more importantly helping others grow. He uses running and fitness to encourage people to push themselves and fulfill their potential. He ran the San Francisco Marathon in 2014 and 2017 and can’t wait to cross the Bridge once again this coming July! His goal is to have fun, hug his newborn baby at the finish line and qualify to run Boston in 2021!

Celina Yee-Izon

Celina is stoked to be an ambassador for a run in her very own hometown! Her love for running started in the 3rd grade when she joined track but she stopped…

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    running competitively in high school because she was embarrassed of her leg muscles and “tomboy” look. Now at the age of 41 and as a mother of 3, she embraces her runner legs and passion for running.

Christine O’Connell

Lover of all things Christmas, Disney, Olympics, Donuts and Running! Christine loves being an SF Marathon ambassador as running in SF is like running in her…

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    backyard. She also volunteers on a few non-profit boards and can’t wait to tackle the 2nd half marathon. She has participated in the 1st half, 2nd half and 5k throughout the years and loves coming back every year.

Christy David

Originally from Washington, DC, Christy started running when she moved to San Francisco in 2016 as a way to explore the city. Although she ran for fun in…

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    San Francisco, it was mostly a solo activity, but this changed when she studied abroad in Amman, Jordan, where she competed on her first four person relay team. Those same three people later came to SF to run in the inaugural four person ultra marathon relay! Despite completing multiple ultra marathons, Christy has never ran a road marathon, and she hopes that this years San Francisco Marathon will be her first.

Elliot Han

Elliot is a native New Yorker, who also spent many years living in London. He was a former Division 1 distance runner in college and then had a very brief stint as…

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    a sponsored post-collegiate runner, but like a cliche, he ended up with a “desk job,” drank tons of beer, ate mountains of fried food, and gained lots of weight. Present day, he is working on getting his athletic life back on track – dropping 45 pounds and hopefully more minutes off his times to continue being competitive again. 2020 will be his fifth year running at the SFM!

Emily Donlevy

Emily is from the small town of Winters, CA and works for a 3rd party logistics company in Sacramento. Emily did not get into running until she was a sophomore…

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    in college. She decided she needed to get into fitness and signed up for a half marathon and walked almost the entire race, after crossing the finish line something inside her wanted more. Since her first race in 2015 she has completed more than 25 Half marathons, 4 marathons, a 50K, and a 50 miler along with a few 5K and 10K races. The San Francisco Marathon is Emilys favorite race and is extremely excited to complete her 5th Full Marathon, and 2nd San Francisco in July.

Erin Fan

Erin stumbled upon running in her mid-20s after vanquishing SF hills (and the gym treadmill) while imagining herself as the hero of her own epic video game. In 2014, a…

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    friend recommended the SF Marathon 1st half and the rest is history. Entering her 7th consecutive year running a SFM race, Erin is now a new mom restarting her quest to beat the Boss-ton Qualifier and can’t wait to embark on a new adventure with her fellow Ambassadors.

Gerardo Merino

Gerardo (Aka Waldo) Merino was arrested In April 2016 for possession of a firearm by a felon. He then served time in prison and was released Christmas Eve 2017. After a year…

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    of staying on track, going to school and working he found himself going back to his old ways partying, spending money, and binge drinking for 2 to 3 days at a time not going home to his family. Beginning 2019 he had began to realize he was losing that motivation, drive, and inspiration he felt after being released from prison. He also realized he had let himself go physically and had gained over 50lbs and was having back problems. On March 15, 2019 he ran for the first time and was only able to run 1.88 miles, having to stop as to not throw up. Two months later he ran his first half marathon and 2 weeks after that he ran his 2nd half marathon beating his time by 9min. On July 28, 2019 he ran his first full marathon in San Francisco and completed the 26.2 mile run at 4hr 58min. He proposed to his then girlfriend right after his marathon. The marathon became something spiritual to him and lead him on a spiritual path. He did not think he would run again but after watching the documentary Skidrow Marathon, his friend Alex Flamenco invited him to help raise money and collect toys for homeless children in the L.A. area. They were able to get enough donations to give gifts to 97 children. He then decided he would run 4 marathons in 12 months in 2020 to raise money and awareness for this cause. Waldo had suffered a foot injury during his marathon so he decided to run on grass barefooted to see if it would help. Realizing while running that the children suffer everyday of their lives, he has decided to run a full marathon barefooted to go through a small portion of pain that these children have to go through everyday. Coming from the heart, and not the ego, he hopes to bring just a little joy into these less fortunate childrens’ lives.

Jessica de Leon

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jessica loves exploring the city on foot. She never saw herself as a runner growing up and would say she would only run if she was being

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    chased. Many years later, this is definitely a different story. After participating in her first half at the 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon, she immediately caught the running bug. She’s got 50+ Half Marathons, 9 Full Marathons and many relays (including The Speed Project from LA to Vegas) under her belt. Her most recent race was as a member of (possilby the top) 4 (Wo)Man Ultra Relay Team at the SF Marathon. The rest of her race calendar includes many local races to supplement her quest to run all the World Major Marathons.

Jocelyn Rivas

Jocelyn is currently 22 years old, she’s from Los Angeles and she’s a 49th time marathon finisher. Jocelyn is currently running to break the Guiness World Record to become…

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    the youngest human and youngest woman to run 100 Marathons. As well as a personal record to become the youngest Latina to run 100 marathons. In her early years, Jocelyn spent majority of her time in and out of the hospital in El Salvador. She was born with a broken back, neck and feet. For this reason, she wants to inspire people to get active and live a healthier life.

John Lee

John started running in 2012 to manage his weight. He’s run some half marathons and couple of full marathons. Running for fun really took off for him when he discovered…

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    beer running (yes, it’s a thing!). John helps organize a beer running club in Oakland called East Bay Beer Runners. He thinks being in a fun and supportive environment helps people get outside of their comfort zone. The run club includes everyone from beginners to people who qualify for Boston Marathon.

Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee toed the line for her first marathon the fall of 2010 in San Francisco. She describes the experience as the “most miserable fun you’ll ever happily pay for!” Since…

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    then, she has been inducted into the Marathon Maniacs club and completed over 40 road marathons, including nine consecutive San Francisco Marathons. Whether it is road or trail, Joyce loves running them all. Formerly a competitive swimmer, she has grown to love the sport of running, triathlon, yoga and surfing. In addition to road running, she volunteers her time as support crew for ultra runner friends and a pacer for both half and full marathons, including two San Francisco Marathons. She is best known for her ongoing running streak that began on January 1, 2013 which is continuing into its 8th year; and her Hello Kitty-themed 5k running party which doubles as a fundraiser benefiting a different charity close to her heart each year. 2020 will be a very special year full of unique milestones for Joyce. She is most looking forward to running the Boston Marathon as a Support Guide for a legally blind runner and completing her 10th consecutive San Francisco Marathon!

Junaline Gines

Junaline grew up in Kodiak Island, Alaska and moved to San Francisco , California in 2002. Growing up, Junaline never really like running but it all changed…

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    after her older sister forced her to run her very first half marathon in 2012 at the Kaiser Permanente Half. She surprisingly finished that race with an official time of 2:18 – although every muscles and bones in her body hurt after that race, she really enjoyed and loved every moment of that first race. She fell in love with running and immediately signed up for another race! Fast forward to today, she’ve ran 18 marathons, 54 half marathons, countless 5k and 10ks. She also qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2017 and ran the race in 2018. Her goal in 2020 is to run the Tokyo and London Marathon to complete the 6 World Marathon Majors! Junaline is excited to be a part of the BFSM ambassador for the 3rd year!! She have ran the San Francisco Marathon every year since 2013.

June Yee

June started running local races in 2017 and her love for running has only grown stronger since. It’s so crazy to her in the best possible way because running…

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    all throughout school always terrified her. She’s especially come to love running in groups when it used to give her so much anxiety. June is so excited to be an ambassador for the 2020 SF Marathon and to take on the Full Marathon course. She’s even more excited to get to know more people in the running community and to share our love for this event and running all around.

Katherine Wait

Katherine is excited to join the ambassador team for her favorite race! This will be her 7th year running the SF Marathon, having run the first half, second half…

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    and full marathon distances. Katherine is a co-founder of the Running Lushes, a racing team focused on combining running with having fun! Katherine has completed 12 marathons and over 50 half marathons. When she isn’t running, one can find her at her dojo for cross training, where she has earned the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.

Kelli & Ari Tanghe

This Dynamic Mother/Daughter Duo known as Team Ari have completed 75 races together. They are thrilled to threepeat as San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors…

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    and return to their favorite race course. Kelli & Ari raced the San Francisco Marathon for the first time in 2015 and left their heart and sole at the finish line. They love encouraging and motivating athletes of all abilities to cross their finish lines! Kelli raced the Boston Marathon in 2009 (on Ari’s birthday) & 2010. It is Kelli & Ari’s dream to race Boston together and in 2020 they hope to qualify. These ladies have been on a mission to raise awareness for the inclusion of physically challenged athletes in endurance sports and have broken down barriers. Most importantly tho, these girls just wanna have fun while they train and race.

Kelli Hashimoto

Kelli is excited to return for a third year on the ambassador squad for her favorite race! San Francisco has been a special course for Kelli over the years as she…

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    got engaged at the finish line, ran her first sub 4:00 hour marathon back in 2017, ran her current half marathon PR lin 2019 and hopes to eventually BQ on this amazing course.

Kennedy & Landry Schoennauer

Kennedy is a 14 year old Lincoln High School freshman who is the kicker on her JV football team, runs varsity cross country, and plays power…

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    forward on her varsity soccer team. When she’s not playing sports, she can be found at Stanford women’s basketball games or cheering on the 49ers, Sharks or Warriors. She’s thrilled to be back as a four-time Ambassador for the half marathon.

    Landry is a 14 year old freshman at Lincoln High School where she runs varsity cross-country and track and plays goalie for the varsity soccer team. A four-time ambassador for the San Francisco and Berkeley half marathons, when she’s not participating in sports and school, she likes to hang out with friends, walk her puppy Charlie, and sleep.

Kithumini Jayasiri

Kithumini is an LA native but has been in the Bay Area for the past 4 years while attending UC Berkeley, and she is now a San Francisco resident. In grade school…

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    she used to fake sickness to get out of the lap at PE; fast forward a couple years, and now, being sick isn’t even enough to get her to skip a long run. She started running in summer of 2018 and has run 5 full marathons since. The San Francisco Marathon was her not only her first full marathon but her first race of any kind; this course holds a special place in her heart. She looks forward to celebrating her 2 year run-iversary by taking the streets of San Francisco for the 3rd time.

Leana Lai

Leana (aka @LeRunsSF) is excited to be back for her third year as an Ambassador for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. She knows the course well, completing…

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    the first half, the second half, and the full marathon in previous years. A Bay Area native, and San Francisco resident, she can be found running the streets of SF, in a spin class, or hiking the Bay Area trails. She found a passion for running over the last several years that has lead to many new friendships, near and far, within the running community. It was these connections that ultimately inspired her to push her limits and strive for a BQ in 2019. With a successful qualifying time, she is excited to toe the line with several other TSFM Ambassadors at Boston 2020. Her long term goal for the coming years is to complete all six Marathon Majors and to continue to earn those PRs. She spent the last two months of 2019 traveling around South East Asia and exploring the regions by running, so she’s excited to return back home to the familiar streets of SF. Leana also helps manage the free run club, WeRunSF, that meets every Wednesday evening in downtown SF — feel free to message her if you’d like to join! When not running, she can be found trying out the latest restaurant, coffee house, or brewery (sour beers, please!) in the Bay Area and petting ALL the dogs.

Lindsay Walter

Lindsay is thrilled to be apart of the San Francisco Marathon team! She loves running marathons, traveling, spreading Alopecia awareness and being part of the…

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    running community! She’s thrilled to be coming from North Carolina to take on this beautiful course for the 3rd time with everyone!

Lisa Donchak

Lisa has run 19,000 lifetime miles and 70 marathon / ultramarathon races, including four 100-mile races. She’s run marathons in Antarctica, Kenya, Peru, Australia…

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    and Switzerland, as well as 16 states in the US. Her first marathon was San Francisco, and she’s looking forward to running the Ultra for the second time this year. You can read more about her running at“.

Michael Dasalla

Mike runs mostly marathons and halfs but he likes to mix it up with trail running. He was never an athlete or involved in any sport until he discovered running in his…

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    late 30s, which saved him from heart-related health issues. Having finished Chicago, NY & Boston, he now aims to run all World Marathon Majors. He also loves running in the Bay Area and is looking forward to finish his 11th consecutive SF Marathon event!

Nathan Imhoff

In 2013, Nathan suffered a serious road bump, when he was assaulted and spent several days in the hospital with 7 broken bones to the face and surrounding…

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    orbital bone. Finally, after years of struggling with the ramifications of the assault and bouts with PTSD, Nathan once again found healing in running when he began training for his very first marathon in 2018, since then he has completed 4 marathons including Los Angeles Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, and New York City Marathon as a member of Team ULTRA.

    My gold goal is for 2020 is to qualify for the Boston Marathon and Run a Sub 3:00 Marathon! 🤞🏻

Ron Poggi

Ron got back into the sport running in 2006. Since then he has raced over 100 half marathons and 25 full marathons. His greatest accomplishment and joy is…

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    going to the Boston Marathon four times. He is currently a coach with the Run365 training program which helps train runners for the SF marathon and the Berkeley half marathon. His goals for 2020 are to finish a half marathon in sub-1:30 and a marathon in sub-3:15.

Ronald Quintero

Ronald is a Berkeley resident, originally from Honduras. Running keeps Ronald fit and helps him to train as he chases the 7 summits of the world. Ronald is…

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    a CrossFit coach and trainer by profession and he enjoys all fitness activities. He enjoys the coaching aspect but most of all, he strives to get people off the couch to get them moving. This will be Ronald’s 4th consecutive time running The San Francisco Marathon.

Sama Hanif

Sama was born & raised in Fiji Islands migrated to USA in 1988. Started running in January of 2018, ran first Half Marathon in May 2018 and 6 months later in…

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    December, ran her first Full Marathon and a month later ran her first 50k. In the span of 15 months has ran 24 Half Marathons. She loves to volunteer at races and take selfies. Works at a Fremont family operated company in Accounting Department. When not running ,Sama loves listening to music and cooking. Sama is a Single mother of a 27 year old son. Social Media fanatic.

Scott Benbow

Scott was born in Boston and hopes to qualify for a marathon there someday. He spent about a decade running and living in far-flung countries, including…

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    marathon powerhouse Ethiopia. He now lives near the 21-mile mark of the San Francisco Marathon and runs often on sections of the Marathon course.

Vanessa Wallace

Vanessa is excited to be part of the San Francisco Marathon Ambassador team this year! She is a proud back of the pack runner who loves to encourage others…

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    o dream big and chase their running goals. She is a fan of long distance running, she has completed multiple half’s, marathons and an ultramarathon. She loves tackling the streets of San Francisco and running across that beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and is looking forward to this July to share the streets with so many other TSFM athletes!

Victor Guzman

Sobriety opened up new adventures for Victor. It was shortly After his second year in recovery that he found a liking to running. Now 9+years sober and over…

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    100 races under his belt, he’s known to not turn away from a new challenge. San Francisco Marathon was his first full and has ran it 5 years consecutive my (4 full and one ultra). He BQ in 2019. Not only will he be running Boston in 2020, but he is also on the road to earn all six WMM stars within 12 months (by Sept 2020.) Follow and/or DM him with any questions on IG @theGuz_