Earn a refund of your registration fee by Fundraising for Climate Change initiatives!

The San Francisco Marathon’s goal in this limited inaugural test campaign is to raise funds to help address climate change by investing in initiatives that help in the reduction of carbon through programs fostering urban forest/flora new growth & maintenance, as well as education and conservation. Net proceeds* will be announced and distributed to agencies in SF Bay Area and beyond who help facilitate these endeavors.

*Fees less registration, discounts, coupons, referral and program costs.

Note: Donations are not tax deductible. Once we have allocated the funds we can advise on the causes’s policies re tax deductions.

Funds will be allocated through Committed 2 Community. The final cause recipients will be announced after the campaign closes in the fall of 2020. If you have any causes you suggest we review as potential recipients regarding Change Carbon Reduction and Education, please e-mail us at customersupport@thesfmarathon.com.

Fundraise the following minimal amount* and you’re registered to run:

  • 1st or 2nd Half Marathon: Raise $242 (approximately 12 donors each donating $20)
  • Full Marathon: Raise $358 (approximately 18 donors each donating $20)
  • 5K: Raise $138 (approximately 7 donors each donating $20)
  • Ultra Marathon: Raise $669 (approximately 34 donors each donating $20)
  • Double Up Challenge: Sat 5K plus a Sunday event, Raise Full $447, Half $342, 5K $247, Ultra $718

NOTE: Write down a note for yourself with the above minimal amount so you can reference that amount when you create your FundRaising page.

*Amounts subject to change at time of registration.

How it works

Choose “Climate Change” when registering (This is Step 2 of the registration process, titled “Select Your Race Event”.)

You will be required to pay a refundable deposit when registering. This will be refunded if you raise the required minimum amount stated above. (See “Details” below for more information.)

The required Deposit* amounts to be paid when registering are:

  • 1st & 2nd Half Marathon: $143
  • Full Marathon: $191
  • 5K: $65
  • Ultra: $429
  • Double Up Challenge: Sat 5K plus a Sunday event: Full $256, Half $208, 5K $130, Ultra $494

*Deposit Amounts subject to change at time of registration.

At the end of your registration process a link will be provided to you to set up a fundraising page for you to share with your family, friends and co-workers to help you raise the funds.

Climate Change registrations are limited, purchase early to ensure availability.



You have 75 days to raise the minimum funds required

Minimum required fundraising amounts are:

  • 1st or 2nd Half Marathon: $242
  • Full Marathon: $358
  • 5K: $138
  • Ultra Marathon: $669

Once this has been met, you will be refunded the original deposit you paid when registering. The deposit will be refunded to the card you used when you registered within 5 business days from the date you raised the minimum funds. Note that the refund offer ends on Aug 15, 2020, no refunds will be made after this date.

After 75 days from your date of registration refunds are not allowed

If you have not raised the funds required within 75 calendar days from your registration date, your original deposit payment will be refunded to you and your registration will be canceled (you may, at your option, pay/donate the remaining balance due on the 75th day to fulfill the obligation and remain registered). Any donations made will be allocated to supporting climate change initiatives. Note that the refund offer ends on Aug 15, 2020, no refunds will be made after this date.


You can, at your option, donate funds yourself on your fund raising page if you wish to contribute yourself.

When registering, if there is a promo and/or discount available, you are allowed to use these.

Once your minimum donation amount is met, you can continue to raise funds at your option.

To help raise funds share the Green Badge with your family and friends.


Log into your Fundraising Page

If you are already registered and would like to join this program

If you have already registered and wish to fundraise for this program, you can still do so by creating a Fundraising page. When creating your page, you must use the same name and email address that you used when you registered.

Once you have met the minimum funds required (see ‘Details’ above), you can request a refund of your registration fee by emailing us at support@thesfmarathon.com. Please include your original registration confirmation number (see your – The San Francisco Marathon 2020 Registration Confirmation – email for this number), the name you registered under, your date of birth, your day time phone number and a link to your Fundraising page. Please allow 5 business days for refunds. Note: If the date of your original registration is past 90 days we will request the card number you used in order to process the original refund.

Create Fundraising Page

Questions or For More Information

For general questions regarding setting up or accessing your Fundraising page, please email us customersupport@thesfmarathon.com