Due to COVID-19, our 2020 San Francisco Marathon has been rescheduled to November 15, 2020. Please review our FAQ.

Hello 2020 SFM Runner –

We have all been watching as the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to evolve and affect every aspect of our lives right now. In order to prevent the spread of the illness and to not overwhelm the healthcare system around the world, governments have taken a wide array of measures including limiting large scale events.

The City and County of San Francisco has led the charge and helped flatten the curve, yet there is still more to be done and the health and safety of our participants, staff and volunteers is always our first priority. Following further discussions with the City and County of San Francisco, we have made the decision to reschedule the San Francisco Marathon to November 15, 2020. We are grateful for the support of the City and County for their flexibility and assistance in selecting this new date to ensure our runners can still enjoy this iconic City event. We are working to implement new race day safety measures that we will share over the coming months.

All existing 2020 registrations will be automatically moved to the new date, November 15th. If you are planning to participate in the NEW date, you do not need to make any further changes.

If November 15th does not work for you, these are your options:

  1. Change your registration to virtual
    If you choose to race with us virtually, your participant shirt and medal will be shipped to you 30 days after race day. 60 days for international runners.
  2. Defer to July 25, 2021 or July 24, 2022
    If you choose to defer your entry to 2021 or 2022, there is a $39 deferral fee.

You have until June 1st to choose your alternative option. Choose your option here.

If you did not receive the above in an email, first check your spam folder. If you don’t find the email there, you have most likely unsubscribed from our email list. Please email us at customersupport@thesfmarathon.com so we can get you added back to our list.

  • I am unable to make the rescheduled date. Can I get a refund?

    Refunds will not be offered. One of the reasons we cannot offer a refund is because of the substantial costs we incur producing the event well in advance of the actual marathon. These costs increase when we are forced to move the event to a new date. The San Francisco Marathon has a cap on the number of runners and is a sellout event. When we allow runners to defer we lose substantial revenue because we only receive revenue for one year of registration that actually takes up two spots (i.e., 2020 and 2021). The deferral fee helps cover your registration for 2 separate years. The deferral fee is the only way we can offer the deferral and keep holding our race. Also, we did explore canceling the event altogether and allowing all runners to defer at no cost, however, our insurance provider is refusing to cover any Covid-19 related cancellations. 

  • Why is there a deferral fee charged?

    We incur costs for our runners early in the year, the deferral fee helps to cover that cost in the deferral year. 

  • How do I transfer to a virtual or defer my registration?

    Use this link.

  • What happens to my items (gifts with registration, referral and loyal) if I move to virtual?
    Participation items, gift with registration and referral items be mailed to you 30 days after race day on November 15th. We will pause your loyal status for 2020 and restart in 2021. If you do not run in 2021 you will lose your loyal status. 
  • I paid for Bart and/or VIP when I registered. What happens to those if I move to virtual?
    Charges for Bart and/or VIP will be refunded if you choose to move to our virtual race. Refunds will be processed within the next 45 days.  Credits will be marked ‘Race Central’ on your statement.
  • What happens to my items (participation items and loyal) if I register to run virtually?
    Your participant shirt will be stamped with your loyal status. You will retain your loyal status and years and once you register for 2021 you will be able to pick up any applicable gifts in 2021 at our Expo. If you do not run in 2021 then you lose your loyal status and will restart the next time you run the SF Marathon.
  • What happens to my items (participation items, gifts with registration, referral and loyal) if I defer?
    Participation items – you will get the shirt and medal of the year you deferred to at the expo (shirt)/race day (medal).  

    Gift with registration/Referral – you will be able to pick up a comparable gift at the Expo of the year you defer to.  

    Loyal items – we will pause your loyal status for 2020 and restart it the year you deferred to. For example, if 2020 was going to be your 5 year loyal with us but you defer to 2022, in 2022 you will be considered 5 year loyal. 

  • I paid for Bart and/or VIP when I registered. What happens to those if I defer?
    Your existing Bart and or/VIP tickets purchased will automatically be deferred to the year you select. 
  • Why can’t I get a refund?

    Our no-refund policy is in place because your entry fee supports the costs associated with producing the event, which are incurred in the weeks and months leading up to the race. Many of these costs have already been incurred for the original race date.

  • I originally purchased a Climate Change registration and did not meet the minimum fundraising goal (75 days from purchase), what happens to my registration?

    We have extended the deadline to raise the funds, you now have until August 1st.

  • What happened if I purchased training?

    In regard to training, we have reworked the training schedule with a new start date of June 27th and 28th, we are hopeful that we will be allowed to meet in groups again by this time.  With this new start date, it will take us to 20 weeks out from race weekend.  All 26 and 18-week trainees are invited to jump in and restart at this time, 12 and 8-week trainees will start 12 and 8 weeks out from the new date.  We are reworking the schedule and will share this with you guys by the middle of May.

    Here are your options:

    • Start training again with us in June – no action needed.
    • Defer your training to 2021 or 2022, email labrahamsen@thesfmarathon.com if you are choosing this option.
    • Opt for our virtual race, you can continue to train with us or we can support your training virtually.
    • Refunds are not currently being offered, but please email me at labrahamsen@thesfmarathon.com with your questions
  • If I purchased a virtual registration, can I upgrade to an in-person registration?

    Yes, just email us at: support@emallc.com. You must make this change by August 1st. You will be charged the difference in the virtual versus the in person registration price.  If you want to change distances as well, our $15 change fee will be charged as well.

  • What happens to my hotel reservation?

    If you made your reservation directly with our partner hotel, no cancellation fee will be charged.  Please contact your hotel to cancel or move your dates.

  • What about any challenges I would be completing this year?

    Half It All Challenge and 52 Club can only be completed by running the SF Marathon on November 15. If you defer to 2021 or 2022 OR register to run 2020 virtually you can finish the challenge in 2021. If you never registered for 2020, then you would have to restart the challenge the next year that you run.

    Double Up Challenge – if you move your registration to virtual, we will honor your DUC registration. Your Saturday 5k shirt, Sunday distance shirt and all 3 medals will be shipped to you. Upgrading to DUC cannot be done after moving to virtual and we do not offer a virtual DUC.

    The SFM/BHM Challenge can be completed by running both races in person in 2020.

    Time Travel Challenge will be paused for 2020.

  • I live overseas, are my options the same?

    If you live in a country where you are not allowed to travel to the USA please email us at customersupport@thesfmarathon.com.

  • What steps are you taking to make sure runners are safe?

    We are working closely with local, state and federal health officials to determine new best practices for mass gatherings.  New health and safety procedures for participants, volunteers, staff and spectators alike will be shared in the months ahead. 

General Registration FAQ

  • How can I confirm my registration?

    To confirm your registration, check your status on our registration look-up. Please allow 24 hours after registering for your confirmation to appear in the results.

  • How do I make an update to my registration?

    Updates to your registration, including updating your estimated finish time, etc., can be made by contacting customersupport@thesfmarathon.com by or before September 1st, 2020. Updates after this date must be made at the Solutions Table at the Expo.

  • How do I change race events?
    You can change your race event by contacting support@emallc.com by or before September 1, 2020. Updates after this date must be made at the Solutions Table at the Expo.
    All requests will be honored based on availability. Fees are non-transferable to another person or year. There will be a $15 charge to switch to another event or training program plus any additional fees of the new program. Refunds will not be given for downgrading your event, and the $15 event change fee will still apply.
  • Can I cancel, transfer, or defer my registration?
    We adhere to the standard running industry policy: All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This is noted on our registration application and when you register for our events you must agree to this policy. You may not give or sell your number to another individual – doing so could result in your disqualification as well as the runner using your race number. The entry fee for this year’s event will NOT transfer to next year’s event, no exceptions. This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business or family emergency, pregnancy, etc. There are NO exceptions.