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Half Marathon San Francisco Story #ThursdayVibes Week Two: Runner Spotlight

Lexxi Conroy This week's #ThursdayVibes is a #runnerspotlight on @cb_runnerchic : She IS the Half Marathon San Francisco Story In an amazing feat, Celeste ran FIFTY half marathons in FIFTY states! We're honored to have been the last leg of her race as Half Marathon San Francisco, pun definitely intended! Here's what ... More

San Francisco Race Challenge #ThursdayVibes Week One: Meet the SoCal Sisters

Lexxi Conroy SoCal Sisters Complete San Francisco Race Challenge! Listen in to their story... “If you’ve never run this race before, you are missing out!” A direct quote from Felicia Canales, a loyal runner to the San Francisco Marathon for the past six years. Felicia and her SoCal sisters, Shelley and ... More

Micronutrient Misconceptions: Sodium and Iron

By Ben Connelly When it comes to micronutrients, the operative question is, “how much?” Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. While vitamins and minerals are vital to health, some can be harmful in high enough quantities. (Other will not harm you but will not provide any extra benefit.) For marathoners, who ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for Those Stuck at a Crossroads

by Darian McIntosh   A few months ago, my husband and I decided to invest in a couple of kayaks. With the summer months coming, we knew it would be an excellent way to spend family time together and give our young daughter a way in which she can appreciate nature in all its glory.    The few times we have ... More

The Long Run

by Ben Connelly The long run holds a special place in marathon lore. Runners who run no other workouts in their entire training (which I do not recommend), will run long runs.  This workout serves a variety of purposes:  It prepares the legs and feet to handle long hours of continuous running It allows runners ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Day in the Life of the Seriously Unmotivated

A Day in the Life of the Seriously Unmotivated   by Darian McIntosh   10:00 AM -  Got my Covid shot and stopped at the park with my daughter where I am currently relaxing underneath the shade of a weeping willow. I am feeling motivated to get started on my journey.   3:30 PM -  Now we are ... More

Marathon Diet: Avoiding Nutrient Deficiencies

Marathon Diet: Avoiding Nutrient Deficiencies Ben Connelly Most runners know nutrition matters. But oftentimes, runners focus on macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat), while neglecting micronutrients. It turns out, micronutrients are far more important. As long as your diet is reasonably balanced between carbohydrates, ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the Weary, Part 2

Recap from Part 1   Jay Hewitt, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, had decided to begin training for an Ironman in 2019. He started exercising to build up his endurance as soon as he underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. He needed to do this in order to launch into the real training; a grueling ... More