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Find your Bib Number Assignment

  • Look in your email inbox (starting Friday, Sept 10) for subject line “Your Bib Number  Assignment”.
    • You MUST bring your Bib number with you to packet pickup.
    • See Understanding Your Bib
      • NOTE, if your bib does not have a wave on it, then use the Corral and select anyone of the waves.
  • 2021 Late Registration closes on Saturday, Sept 18th at 12 noon
  • 2022 registration is now open, and returns to its normal summer date, July 24th, 2022, take advantage of early bird rates.

*If you added BIB DELIVERY and have not received it, please email us at

Packet Pickup – Expo

  • Reservations are required. Be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible, slots are limited per day.
  • Place:  The Presidio National Park, at Sports Basement, 610 Old Mason Street.
  • Times: Thursday & Friday, Sept 16th & 17th, 9am-7:00pm & Saturday, Sept 18th, 9am-5:30pm. Be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible, slots are limited per day.
  • Expo info/hours & expo parking map — Local Public Transportation BART and or click on: MUNI
    • There is no parking at Sports Basement, parking is only available  in these lots expo parking map
  • Please review our Health Protocols before attending the Expo.  These protocols will be updated as government agencies post new requirements and updates. Please check back before attending any marathon events.
  • Show drivers license or ID for bib pickup with name matching the bib name (or registration confirmation email name).
  • Registration Solutions for vaccinated is located inside Sports Basement at the back of packet pickup. For unvaccinated, solutions is located outside at Sports Basement.
  • Participant shirt size: you must take the size shirt you indicated in your registration. An exchange area will be available on Sunday at the Embarcadero Plaza, based on availability.
  • Solutions:
    • Corral changes – come to Solutions at the Expo to change to a faster Corral.  If you want a slower corral, you do not need to come to the Expo to update your bib, proceed to your preferred slower Corral.
    • Due to Covid-19 the following issues will NOT be resolved at the Expo, they will be resolved post race through Customer Support: refunds associated to duplicate registrations, Registration Promo gift items issues or exchanges, any and all refund issues.

Update Your Emergency Contact & Medical Profile

  • To ensure our medical team can properly treat you if needed, please complete your emergency contact and medical profile at RaceSafe (or ensure it’s up to date if you’ve done so in previous years) and fill out the emergency contact information on the back of your bib.

Apparel & Merchandise

  • Shop online, pre order and pickup at the expo, quantities are limited.  

Official Photo Offerings, with Live Photo Tracking

  • Sign up for Marathon Photo live photo tracking and share your journey in photos with family and friends.

Visualize Your Race

  • See a video tour of your course with coaching tips on our newly updated app, click:  NEURUN app.

Live Race Results & Runner Tracking

  • LIVE TRACKING & SPECTATOR APP:  Click here to download the app. App users have access to:
    • Real-time Race Tracking: Easily track runners on the course, and follow their results
    • Notifications for Runners and Spectators: Stay in the know of race weekend events
    • Calendar: Don’t miss any important race weekend events!
    • Interactive Course Map
    • Social Sharing & Finisher Badges

Confirm Your Hotel Accommodations

Arrange Transportation

  • BART (Info) doesn’t run early enough to get you to The San Francisco Marathon Embarcadero Start Line, but don’t fret! The San Francisco Marathon offers early morning bus service from six Bay Area BART stations, so you can forget the hassle of driving and focus on the race. Buy your ticket before Saturday Sept 18 at 12noon.

Local Business Offerings, & sight seeing

Answer our Covid Screening Questionnaire

  • All registrants will be required to answer a Covid Screening Questionnaire 
    • If you have answered any of the Covid Screening Questionnaire ‘medical symptoms’ questions positively, or if you do not answer the Questionnaire you should not attend the event and your bib number may be deactivated and may no longer be included in race results.
  • If your are registered for the Sat 5K Fun Run, the survey will be emailed and/or texted to you on Friday.
  • If your are registered for a Sunday event, the survey will be emailed and/or texted to you on Saturday.

Race Day

  • Saturday night or Sunday morning first thing, review our Health Protocols before the race. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms you should not attend the race.
  • Bring your self serve water container, there are 3 self serve water locations.
  • Sunrise is 6:55am race day , (twilight is at 6:30am), wearing a headlamp is strongly advisable for full marathon runners.
  • If you are getting a ride to or from the race, plan to be dropped off or picked up on Howard or Mission at Main/Spear streets; OR on Drumm at Market or Washington. Being dropped of a few blocks before the start area will be less congested, so walking the last couple blocks may be faster.
  • Read Understanding Your Bib
    • NOTE, if your bib does not have a wave on it, then use the Corral and select anyone of the waves

COURSE Requirements

  • Self Serve water stops,  3 of our Full course water stops are re-filling stations (#4, 10.5 miles, #5, 11.5 miles, #12, 22.6 miles). These locations will also have toilets and medical staff. Please reference the full maps.
    • Plan to run with collapsible water cup or a water container for refilling, purchasable at Sports Basement 
  • Masks are now required on National Parks property, for runners on some sections of the course, see course maps for mask zone locations for: FullHalf10K  Sat 5K and Ultra race, see Course Maps
    • There will be signs indicating the zones. If you run without a mask in these zones you maybe disqualified or may be fined by the National Parks. Full Course mask zones: Miles 2.5-3, Miles 5.5 to 7, $ Miles 8.5-13.15. Half Course mask zones: Miles 5.5-6.5, & Miles 10.5-11. 10K Course mask zones: Miles 3.2-4.5. And the entire Sat 5k. The Ultra, 1st leg: Miles 22..-22.2 and 23.25-23.8. See Course Maps
  • Sunrise is 6:55 Race morning, (twilight is at 6:30am), wearing a headlamp is strongly advisable for full marathon runners.
  • Course time limits:
    • The Full Marathon time limit is 6 hours, the finish line will close at 12:04pm.
    • The Half Marathon time limit is 3.5 hours, the finish line will close at 10:39am.
    • The 10K time limit is 2 hours and the 5K time limit is 1 hour
    • 8:05 AM (mile 8.5) Cut Off at Vista Point – Runners turned around on East Pathway
    • 8:50 AM (mile 11.75) Cut Off at Dillingham Lot – SAG Van in place
    • 10:10 AM (mile 17) Cut Off at JFK & Stow Lake –  Runners will continue straight on JFK if they choose to continue
    • 10:50 AM (mile 19.8) Cut Off at Haight & Stanyan, SAG vehicles will bein place. If runners choose to continue it will be unsupported and at your own risk. Rolling street reopening will begin at 10:50am and gong forward along the course.
    • SAG vehicles will be on the course to pickup runners who are not able to complete the race. Runners can ask the medical staff at the water stops to request a SAG vehicle. Also, SAG vehicles will be at the end of the time allowed runners to complete the race, should the SAG vehicle pass a runner at the end of the time allowed, the SAG vehicle will inform the runner they can be given a ride or they are on their own unsupported.

In-Person Race Start Times

  • Plan to queue up for your start time no more then 10 to 15 minutes prior to your wave start time. Your Corral/Wave id’s are printed on your bib, see below ‘Race Corral & Wave start times’ for your assigned Wave start time. For planning purposes, plan on additional time to drop off your sweats and use a toilet.
  • Gear check, if you plan to drop of our gear, use the clear bib number bag you received at the expo packet it pickup and write your bib number on  the bag. If you had your bib mailed to you, you can get a clear sweats gear bag at the sweats tents on the Embarcadero just north of the Ferry Building.

Saturday, Sept 18th

  • 5K Fun Run – 9:00 am @ Presidio, Crissy Field, Sports Basement, 610 Old Mason  Street

Sunday, Sept 19th

  • Full – 5:40am @ Embarcadero @ Mission; water stop locations info
  • 1st & 2nd Half – 6:45am @ Embarcadero between Mission and Howard
  • 10K – 7:30am @ The Embarcadero near Mission Street
  • 5k – 7:45am @ The Embarcadero near Mission Street

Race Corral & Wave start times

  • Full Marathon

    Corral A, Wave 1, 5:40-5:43am

    Corral A, Wave 2, 5:46am

    Corral B, Wave 3, 5:49am

    Corral B, Wave 4, 5:52am

    Corral B, Wave 5, 5:55am

    Corral C, Wave 6, 5:58am

    Corral C, Wave 7, 6:01am

    Corral C, Wave 8, 6:04am

  • Half Marathon

    Corral A, Wave 1, 6:45am

    Corral A, Wave 2, 6:48am

    Corral A, Wave 3, 6:51am

    Corral B, Wave 4, 6:54am

    Corral B, Wave 5, 6:57am

    Corral B, Wave 6, 7:00am

    Corral C, Wave 7, 7:03am

    Corral C, Wave 8, 7:06am

    Corral C, Wave 9, 7:09am

  • 10K

    Corral A, Wave 1, 7:30am

    Corral A, Wave 2, 7:33am

    Corral B, Wave 3, 7:36am

    Corral B, Wave 4, 7:39am

    Corral C, Wave 5, 7:42am

  • Sun 5K

    Corral A, Wave 1, 7:45am

    Corral A, Wave 2, 7:48am

    Corral B, Wave 3, 7:51am

    Corral B, Wave 4, 7:54am

    Corral C, Wave 5, 7:57am

  • Sat 5K

    Corral A, Wave 1, 9:00am

  • Ultra, 1st leg

    Corral A, Wave 1, 11:00pm

Race Finish Line & Village

  • Finish line gatherings, including our post race festival, will be limited to essential elements only: finish chute, medical support, pickup of challenge medals, shirt exchange, and race day information. There will be no beer garden or race sponsor activities. Results will be available online only. These changes will allow for runners and volunteers to have the best possible race day given the size and nature of the event, present circumstances as well as reducing the strain on local resources including fire, police, security & medical teams as well as volunteer pools. Our safety guidelines are prepared in accordance with industry best practices for open air mass participation sporting events and guidance from city and state officials and medical personnel.

Virtual Race Start/End Times

This weekend the Virtual San Francisco Marathon App will be available to all virtual runners beginning Friday, Sept 17th at 12:00 PM PST (U.S.) through Monday, Sept 20 at 12:00 PM PST.

Post race

Results & Awards

  • View live results during the race are available through our app
  • UN-official Race Results site available at 5pm Race Day
    • OFFICIAL Race Results will be finalized within 30 days after race day.
  • Awards will be mailed 45 days after results are officially finalized. Divisions: Full Marathon, 1st Half Marathon and 2nd Half Marathon​: ​Open, Masters and Age Groups: 19 and Under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. 5K and Ultramarathon​: Open
  • Results Timing Question, to submit a timing question or request a correction be made to your results, please complete a request form.


2022 Registration

  • Take advantage of early bird rates.
  • The San Francisco Marathon will return to its normal summer date, July 24th, 2022