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Our Promise to our Runners

We are acutely aware of the fear and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the impact it has had and will continue to have on our lives.

As we prepare to return to running in person in September 2021, we want to let our runners know what we are doing to create a safe running environment, post pandemic. 

Our safety guidelines were prepared in accordance with industry best practices for open air mass participation sporting events including standards from the World Health Organization and guidance from city and state officials and medical personnel.

Safety Guidelines

Increased personal hygiene

  • Volunteers: Volunteers will wear masks and gloves at all times
  • Runners: Runners must wear masks at all times except while on the official course. We ask that you put your mask back on when stopping at water or aid stations on the course.

VIP Area

VIP area will follow eating guidelines at the time of the race. Outside seating areas will be available. Private gear check and bathrooms will be available.

Temperature checks and health screenings

No-touch body temperature screening before entry to Expo and before entering starting corrals.  Individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4° Fahrenheit, or 38° Celsius will not be allowed to participate (run or volunteer).


Dedicated sanitation teams at the Expo, start and finish lines and at all water stops and aid stations to help keep areas clean and sanitized often.


Re-designed Expo to allow more open space and to pick up participation items. More options for the shipping/picking up of items. See below for a chart with options, dates to register by and costs.

Start Line

Larger corral areas plus smaller and more waves with designated start times, so runners are more spaced out.

Water Stops

More water stops to decrease congestion, more toilets and hand-washing/sanitation stations; runners are encouraged to bring their own water vessels, ie: handhelds, fuel belts and 50 oz (or smaller) vests. No large backpacks allowed and refill them at our touchless water stops.

Food and Energy on course

All on-course products will be single serve, prepackaged items. Electrolyte will be pre-mixed and available at the touchless refill stations.

Finish Chute

Runners will be required to wear masks, all food will be prepackaged, runners will be required to keep moving in the chute and must continue to open areas.

Course Transportation

Shuttle to the 2nd half start line and 1st half finish to main finish line will still be offered. Temperature checks will occur before getting on the bus and masks must be worn. Applicable local/current social distancing guidelines will be followed at the time of the race.

New bib and shirt mailing option for 2021

You can purchase bib and shirt mailing when registering for $29. You can also add it to your registration at a later time here. This option is available through July 1, 2021.

New deferral policy for 2021

This year, we are introducing a “No worry deferral policy.” If for any reason you want to defer your race, you can email us at customersupport@thesfmarathon.com before July 1, 2021 and defer your full registration to 2022 or 2023 for $39.

The following stipulations apply:

Shirt and Medal

  • When deferring to 2022, no shirt and medal will be awarded for 2021, you will receive your shirt and medal in 2022 for the 2022 race.

Loyal Status

  • If you are a loyal runner and wish to continue your loyal status in 2022, you must run virtually in 2021 and submit GPS proof of course completion or run using our VIRTUAL365 app by 12/31/2021.
    • You will have to register to run virtually here.
    • By registering to run virtually, the included shipping cost covers the shipping of any Loyal and referral items you have earned.
    • Items will be shipped 30 days after race day.

Referral items

  • Items to be picked up in 2022 at the Expo.

Bib+Shirt Mailing, VIP or Bart Bas Tickets

If you had purchased Bib+Shirt mailing, VIP or Bart Bus Tickets, those will be deferred to 2022/2023 along with your registration.

"What if" scenarios

Given the uncertainty around the spread of COVID-19, these are the following “What if” scenarios we will be following.

If we must cancel our 2021 race

  • Original 2020 runners that deferred to 2021 will be able to convert their registration to run virtually or defer to a future year free of charge
  • New 2021 registrants will be able to convert their registration to run virtually free of charge or defer to a future year for $39.


No Refund Policy

Please be aware that our waiver states no refunds will be issued for any reason.