We’re partnering with Trees Not Tees to make it easy for runners to plant trees!

Would you like to plant even more trees?

During registration you can also opt in to:
1) Replace your race shirt with 1 tree
2) Keep your shirt and medal, but help us counter our carbon footprint by adding an additional tree at checkout
3) Opt to do both!

Why trees matter

Planting a tree is one of the best things you can do to fight climate change, as they remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow. They also provide a habitat for a wide range of the most endangered and loved species, and create clean air for us to breathe. Your tree will be planted in the US to grow as part of a whole new forest full of native broadleaf tree species.

About Trees not Tees

Trees Not Tees has planted thousands of trees in the UK and will begin reforestation in the US in 2022! You’ll receive a certificate from Trees Not Tees that includes a picture of your tree, details of the species, and a unique geo-location address so you can even go and visit. To find out more, visit treesnottees.com.

How it works

  • Register for a race, either in-person or virtually.
  • If you want to plant even more trees, you can opt in to replace your race shirt with planting of 1 tree at no additional cost.
  • If you want your race swag but you also want to assist in our efforts, you can still opt to add an additional tree to your registration.