FAQ about our Virtual San Fransico Marathon

  • How do I download the VIRTUAL365 app?

    You can download the app for Andriod and iOS here.

  • How do I claim my profile?

    You will receive a Claim & Connet email. Follow the instructions in the email to claim and set up your profile.

  • Do I have to use the app?

    We recommend you use our VIRTUAL365 app to track your run. If you do not wish to use the app, you can on a day/time of your choosing, track your run any way you want and submit your results to our leaderboard

  • When can I use the app to run?

    The race is open on the app the following days/times:

    • Friday, November 13th at 7am PST to Monday, November 16th at 7pm PST
    • Friday, December 11th at 7am PST to Monday, December 14th at 7pm PST
  • So I need an internet connection the whole time I am running with the App?

    Your phone does not require internet access during the race. The app does require GPS connection and locations services to be running when doing your race. if there is no data connection during race, the GPS data will be collected (assuming GPS / location services are working), then GPS data will automatically be uploaded when data services are restored.

  • Can I start and stop my race?

    You can hit the STOP button, then restart your race anytime during the racing dates/times