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Find Your Perfect Training Sidekick with Fitbit and RUN365

Amp up your training in 2017 with Fitbit, the Official Activity Tracker of RUN365 and The San Francisco Marathon. Get up to $50 off with exclusive discounts on Fitbit Surge®, Alta™ and Fitbit Blaze™. Activate your discount » RUN365's 18 Week spring training program kicks off this weekend with Fitbit ... More

For the love of running…a time for goals and time for fun!

“I have never lost the love of running just for the sake of running,” says Karnazes. “Sometimes, I just like to go on a run with no goals in mind, just choose a new route. I am always changing things up for the love of running. I never run the same route two days in a row.” More

5 Reasons to Run the 5K

With views of the Bay Bridge, the iconic Ferry Building, Coit Tower, and more, it's no wonder why this race in particular has exploded in popularity among experienced athletes and new runners alike. More

Dean Karnazes’ Three Tips for Running a Successful San Francisco Marathon

1) Listen to Everyone, Follow No One Fitbit Ambassador Dean Karnazes often tells runners to “Listen to everyone, follow no one.” But what does he mean? “All of us are built differently and we certainly train differently,” says Karnazes. You can take Karnazes’ advice about individual differences and incorporate it ... More

Understanding Quality vs. Quantity and the Benefits of Cross Training

A combination of Long Slow Distance (LSD) and speed work are essential in providing balance and success to a comprehensive running workout. More

Knowledge vs. Knowhow

Fitbit Ambassador Dean Karnazes explains that while analytics have great potential, a runners must understand the difference between knowledge and know how. More

Aspire to a constant state of movement: Life is training and training is life

“Aspire to always be moving – in a constant state of movement – and not compartmentalizing training and life. Life is training and training is life,” says Fitbit Ambassador Dean Karnazes. But how can the typical 9 – 5’er incorporate this philosophy into his or her life when there are emails to send, meetings to ... More