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All volunteer groups will be compensated by a donation to the group, individuals who volunteer to help are also compensated. Runners can also run for free if they provide a family member or friend who will volunteer for the event. To learn more about the compensation email or if you have questions.

We have various positions available for our event on Saturday, July 22nd and Sunday, July 23rd.

Click the sign-up button below to see open positions and to sign up for one that fits your schedule.  If you would like to do a double shift, please feel free to sign up for two shifts at the same location.

Thank you!

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The San Francisco Marathon Volunteer Code of Conduct and Guidelines

The San Francisco Marathon staff requires that you read and adhere to all volunteer guidelines. We expect all volunteers to act in such a manner to help create a positive, safe, and fun atmosphere for all runners and spectators.

As race week approaches, your team leader will be provided with more detailed information about your role. If you have any questions or comments about our guidelines, or need any additional information, please contact