Half it All Challenge

Ready to Half it All?

From iconic Golden Gate Bridge views to the incredible atmosphere of Haight/Ashbury and The Mission, each of our half marathon courses offer something unique. Why not run them both? Run the 1st Half Marathon and 2nd Half Marathon in consecutive years, in any order, and you’ll earn the special Half it All Challenge Medal* at the Finish Line!

1st Half Marathon

*subject to change


2nd Half Marathon

*subject to change


Challenge Rules

  • Runners must complete the 1st and 2nd Half Marathons in consecutive years and in any order. Runners must have official finish times for both races.
  • Runners must register for both events with the same first and last name and date of birth to be automatically qualified.
  • Full Marathon runners do not qualify for the Half it All Challenge.
  • Runners will pick up their commemorative medal upon completing their second qualifying event.
  • After completing the Half It All Challenge once, your eligibility starts over again the following year (you will have to run both halves again the next two years in order to earn the challenge medal a second time).
  • Virtual events are not eligible.


  • Check your Bib for the Half It All Challenge stamp. This is the ticket to pick up your medal at the finish line. If your bib is not stamped, please visit the Solutions Table at the Expo.
  • Medals will be available for pick-up at the Challenges Tents at both the 1st Half Marathon and 2nd Half Marathon Finish Lines.
  • Medals must be picked up at the Finish Line and will not be mailed for any reason.

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