Team Scoring

A little competition is always good! Take the race to the next level and compete with your co-workers, classmates, friends, or family.

Do it for the bragging right or just for fun—winners earn a 3D Animated Team Cup as well as 3D Animated Medals to share their success on social media. Challenge yourself and others to run the best race possible!

Anyone can join or create a Scoring Team, there is no minimum or maximum number of members. 

Create or join an existing scoring team when you register and compete against other divisions from the list below. 

  • Scoring is based on weighted placement with age division.
  • Points are determined by (Place with age group) / (number of people in age group).
  • The top 4 scores from your team will be added together to determine your team score.
  • Square off against Division Groups and challenge them to run their best race!

Scored Divisions

Accounting • Competitive Female • Competitive Male • Competitive Unisex • Construction/Engineering/Architecture • Financial/Insurance/Real Estate • Fire • Health • Legal • LGBTQIA+ • Manufacturing • Media/Advertising/PR • Military • Non-Profit/Causes • Other • Police • Restaurants – Food & Bev • Retail • Running Clubs • Schools • Social – Friends/Family • Technology • Transportation/Travel – Airlines & Hotels