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Lace Up Your Shoes and Take a Deep Breath: Your Local Trails are Waiting!

Trail running doesn’t have to be hard, but it better be fun. That’s why the folks that bring you the San Francisco Marathon and the Berkeley Half Marathon are putting on a series of trail races, each of them on the less-frequented trails around the Bay Area. Every event will also feature short distances and kids’ races; it will be all fun and games until… who are we kidding, it will always be fun and games!

Every runner can look forward to:

  • An edible medal – That’s right, EDIBLE! Depending on time of year, you’ll receive either a chocolate or cookie medal at the finish line
  • Virtual 3D medal to share on social media
  • Real-time GPS tracking on course – see where you are in relation to the Aid Stations or check out the leader board.
  • Official bibs (collect them from each event!)
  • Official finish times provided
  • Well-stocked aid stations
  • Capture the flag contest at each event, with a prize for the person that captures the flag on course and returns with it at the finish line
  • Post-race coffee at every event, some events having additional specialty goodies like granola or baked goods
  • Partner discounts

Our mission is sustainability and fun in a way that enriches the community and environment. We aim to have a small footprint while providing a quality race with an amazing community feeling. That’s why at every event, you can find vintage San Francisco Marathon and Berkeley Half Marathon merch available. Simply donate any amount and receive an item in exchange. All donations will go to that event’s hosting park!

Through these events, we hope to foster a love of trail running, its community, and the outdoors. Whether you’re a hiker or a runner, you’re welcome to come out and spend your Sunday morning with us once a month!

Location: Crockett Hills Trail Adventure
Date: March 12th, 2023

Event Options & Fees

Capture the Flag: There will be a $100 Sports Basement gift card for the capture the flag winner

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