Runner Spotlight star Lucie Nestrasilova waslking down the road with her dream race San Francisco Marathon medal around her neck

Lucie Nestrasilova: A Hockey Mom Who Traveled Across Half the World to Run Her Dream Race | Runner Spotlight Series

When Lucie Nestrasilova was 45 years old, she decided she wanted to do something big for her 50th birthday. Inspired by a book and her wish to run across the Golden Gate Bridge, she said she'd run a half marathon in San Francisco. Eventually, she found time in her incredibly busy life to travel across half of the globe to do run her dream ... More

A group of runners from the running community run together on a sunny day

What Does It Mean to Be a Part of the Running Community? Let’s Talk Sharing, Support, and Society.

Whether you’re just starting your running journey or you’re a seasoned veteran who's only just now becoming more involved, you’re probably going to stumble into other runners and running groups. If you were worried that you'd run alone forever and are excited about the prospect of running with others, this is an amazing time! Regardless ... More

A young woman does yoga, a great cross training for runners, on the side of a lake on a sunny day

Why is Yoga the Perfect Cross Training for Runners?

Ahh, runners. We tend to be a bit of an edgy bunch. Training for a race is by its very nature a structured endeavor; you have your deadline (race day), you have your tasks (training plan), and you have the rest of your daily life that needs to accommodate said schedule. What if someone—me, for instance—told you that one of the best types ... More

Jeremiah Maestre on a treadmill

Jeremiah Maestre: a Filipino Runner with Big Dreams and an Even Bigger Heart | Runner Spotlight Series

Jeremiah Maestre is a Filipino-born Orange County runner and martial artist, a father of two, and a man with big dreams and an even bigger heart. He's helped build boxing gyms across the US and coaches combat sports fighters and runners alike. This year, he's heading to the Marathon des Sables to push himself further than ever before. Wr... More

A Black woman runner with closed eyes in a desert enjoying the last sunrays, overcame the training traps and went running

4 Most Common Mind Traps that Prevent You from Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goals

When it comes to movement, there are many mind traps that keep us from getting off the couch and just doing it. However, the truth is, any and all movement has benefits. In fact, one recent meta-analysis suggested just 2-5 minutes of gentle walking several times during the day could improve blood sugar control. So, how do you overcome those ... More

Autistic runner Tommy He and the SF Marathon's NB+ division winner Cal Calamia at the Berkeley Half Marathon

How Autistic Runner Tommy He Finds Peace Through Running | Runner Spotlight Series

Lions and Running: the Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Weapon Share Your Story! Step into your story and share your journey with fellow runners. Fill out this form for your chance to be featured in our Runner Spotlight Series. More

Two people do walk training on a park path, surrounded by greenery.

Walk Training: How Can Walking Help you Reach Your Running Goals?

Almost a month has passed since 2024 began and millions of people took the opportunity to set new goals. An aspect that many planned to improve on is their fitness. Some want to better their physical well-being while others aim to train for races like the San Francisco Marathon. Whatever the reason, starting a fitness journey can be daunting; ... More

A woman in a bed is dressed in exercise gear; can sport make up for sleep deprivation?

Can Exercise Make Up for Sleep Deprivation?

Modern life is busy. Most people are in go-mode from the time they wake up until just a few hours before they go to bed. Work and school, friends and family, personal hobbies and goals,... the days are already simply too short to squeeze it all in. Then you need to make time for two of the most important things that keep you healthy: exercise ... More

A runner with new year goals is running into 2024

New Year’s Resolutions: All about Off-Season Training, Motivation, and Goal Setting

Winter is well and truly here, and with it, the runs are fewer and further in between. Be it weather, increased family time, or holiday preparations, there are many good reasons for runners to lower their weekly mileage or stop running altogether and give their bodies some much-needed recovery time. This rest is a great opportunity to reflect ... More

Athlete experiencing Relative Energy Deficiency or RED-S

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport: What is RED-S and What Should You Know About It?

Many people have heard of anorexia and bulimia, maybe even binge eating disorder. However, did you know there is another eating disorder that impacts athletes? It’s called RED-S, short for relative energy deficiency in sport. It was originally known as the female athlete triad, however, it is now recognized that people of all sexes can be ... More