An older man and a middle-aged woman hive-five during a strength training session

Strength Training: Keep Your Body Strong at Any Age!

When training for a race, whether it’s our first 5K or 15th marathon, we hyper-focus on the miles. But what about strength training? How can we use it to support not only our running but overall health no matter our age? Strength and power are inextricably entwined. Today, let's discuss this connection and find the best exercises for you. ... More

Two people do walk training on a park path, surrounded by greenery.

Walk Training: How Can Walking Help you Reach Your Running Goals?

Almost a month has passed since 2024 began and millions of people took the opportunity to set new goals. An aspect that many planned to improve on is their fitness. Some want to better their physical well-being while others aim to train for races like the San Francisco Marathon. Whatever the reason, starting a fitness journey can be daunting; ... More

 The Long Run Part 2: M pace workouts

by Ben Connelly In a previous post, I mentioned that I planned to devote a post to a specific type of long run: the M pace long run. M pace runs figure heavily in marathon training plans based on Jack Daniels’s Running Formula(1). M pace simply means marathon race pace.  While runs at marathon race pace can benefit any runner, even ... More