Training tips for Marathon Week

Training Tips for Marathon Week: How to Navigate the Final Week

By Ben Connelly Training Tips for Marathon Week Read this before the big race!     It’s finally here. The final week before your marathon. How are you feeling? Nervous? Excited? Worried? A mixture of all three? Some of you will show up this week with a pop in your stride. The runs feel easy. Your training went well ... More

Tempo Workouts: A Marathon Training Staple

By Ben Connelly Tempo training (meaning workouts run at lactate threshold) is one of the most valuable variables you can include in your marathon preparations. Many beginners underestimate the importance of tempo workouts, which will improve their lactate threshold. Lactate threshold is the pace at which lactate begins to build up in ... More

The Lone Runner Series: Sleep During Marathon Training

The Importance of Sleep During Marathon Training by Ben Connelly Many adults do not sleep enough.[1] Scientists have documented the serious dangers of too little sleep,[2] and many people have heard about the benefits of sleep, but some of them still do not sleep enough. Sleep becomes more important during periods of strenuous physical ... More

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