Why Carboloading is a Mistake (and What to Do Instead)

By Ben Connelly When I was in high school, my teammates and I used to routinely gather the night before a 5k to eat enormous quantities of food – usually pasta, pizza, bread, cookies, and brownies. At the time, we actually thought this would improve our times. Luckily, we were at an age where our digestion and metabolism could keep up, ... More

Eating Before and During a Run (Race)

By Ben Connelly It is never too late to start practicing your prerace routine. One of the most important parts of that routine is eating.  Likewise, it is never too late to start practicing eating during long runs. What and how you eat during your race can make or break it. Today, I plan to break down both of these topics and give ... More

Carbohydrates for Marathoners Part 2

By Ben Connelly I wanted to follow up last week’s post by delving deeper into some specifics on carbohydrate consumption during marathon training. Carbohydrates are crucial to fueling long runs and recovery (for every athlete, not just runners). But the average American runner probably eats enough carbohydrates to meet those needs. ... More

Carbohydrates for Marathoners

by Ben Connelly Even many non-runners have heard about the importance of eating carbohydrates during marathon training. But with many conflicting theories of nutrition, even seasoned veterans can feel confused. I hope to clear up some misconceptions today.  Glycogen and Tapering: Marathon runners are commonly advised to increase ... More

The Lone Runner Series: Top 8 Protein Sources for Marathon Runners

Top 8 Protein Sources for Marathon Runners by Ben Connelly Most marathon runners know the importance of carbohydrates in the second half of marathon training. But many underestimate the importance of protein. In the first half of training, runners should prioritize protein consumption. While it will play a role throughout training, protein ... More

Running On a Plant Based Diet

A little more than 2 years ago, I switched over to a plant based (vegan) diet. When people first hear this, one of the biggest questions I get is, “Where do you get your protein?” My typical response is that I get protein from soy products like tofu, beans, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. Upon further investigation, I have learned ... More

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Power Food: Fueling Success

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Just a Spoonful of Chia

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