The Lone Runner Series: Why Would You Train for a Marathon?

The Lone Runner Series: Why Would You Train for a Marathon? Runners have many reasons they train for marathons, but many do it because it is rewarding. Today I want to explore a few of the rewards of marathon training.  Training for a marathon demands serious effort. But it also has serious benefits. Moreover, marathon training rewards ... More

The Lone Runner Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Avoid Overextending Yourself in the Early Days of Marathon Training

The Lone Runner Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Avoid Overextending Yourself in the Early Days of Marathon Training by Ben Connelly Excited to start marathon training again? Whether new to marathoning, or a veteran, most marathoners experience a thrill when they embark on their training. Just as you need patience in a race as long as the ... More

#TrainingTipThursday: How to Recover After a Race

As we are approaching the end of year, many of us are already planning out our race schedules for the upcoming year along with a new set of goals to reach for. There are many, however, who are focused in on the final races for the year and trying to close out the running season with a bang! With that, it’s important that we run our best, ... More

#TrainingTipThursday: 10 Best Recovery Foods for Runners

As runners, there are a lot of considerations that we have to manage consistently in order to develop into stronger athletes; our weekly mileage, adequate quality sleep, strength training, etc. One of the the most overlooked aspects of being a runner is how we view our nutrition. There is a prevailing belief that because we are burning so ... More

#TrainingTipThursday: How To Run Faster

You know those workouts: the lung-searing runs where conversational pace turns into 1-2 word gasps at most. There’s no denying that speedier types of running are tough but also, a necessary evil when we’re trying to reach new levels as runners. How do we know which workouts to do and at which paces? How do we know how hard to push and ... More

Gait Analysis for Runners

Gait Analysis for Runners

I can't remember which pair of shoes I bought when I first got into running a few years ago — and that's a problem! Like a lot… More

#TrainingTipThursday: Half Marathon Pacing Strategy

There are a lot of things to think about when covering the half marathon distance: what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, etc. One of the more important factors to consider is how to nail your pacing strategy so you can have the best race possible. In this week’s Training Tip Thursday, Coach Nate and Holly at The Run Experience go ... More

#TrainingTipThursday: How To Change Your Run Technique

Our running technique is a naturally developed movement we honed as kids on the playground. As our running became more serious, we had to constantly fine-tune the movement to accommodate the more miles we put on our legs and bodies. In this week’s #TrainingTipThursday, our friends at The Run Experience do a deep dive on all things to ... More

#TrainingTipThursday: 3 Half Marathon Workouts For The Perfect Race Day

Whether you’re gleaming with pride with the work you’ve put in, or doing what you can; we want to make sure that you’re dialing in on the key workouts that will set you up for a perfect race day. For this week’s #TrainingTipThursday, we’re revisiting one of the best videos on half marathon training that you will find on the ... More

Coming Back From an Injury

Contributed by Kelli Hashimoto, a 2018 Ambassador for the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon and Berkeley Half Marathon. Imagine this: you are getting excited to start training for your upcoming race and just like that, you find yourself dealing with a nagging injury. For us runners, being injured is the absolute worst thing that can ... More