Help a Child Run for the First Time with World of Children Award

Imagine not being able to walk to the market, tie your shoelaces or jump out of bed. Imagine not being able to go to school because you couldn’t walk there by yourself, or you were afraid that people might hurt you because of the way you looked. These are just a few challenges that 93 million children with a disability face every day. That’s why this summer, we’re running The San Francisco Marathon to give children with a limb disability the ability to walk, run and achieve their dreams.
We’re running to support children like Alex and Maverick, two young boys from Ecuador who are congenital amputees, meaning they were born without one of their legs. For Alex and Maverick, not having two legs meant not being able to walk to school, run, or play with friends. It meant not being able to do simple, everyday tasks by themselves. It also meant not looking forward to a life of independence and opportunity as they continued to grow into adulthood.
Simply being fitted with a prosthetic limb would improve their lives dramatically, but unfortunately, their families could not afford expensive medical care.
Then one day everything changed for Alex and Maverick. Their families were connected to one of the programs we are funding this year — A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) — who fitted them with prosthetic limbs and enrolled them in rehabilitation and follow-up procedures to ensure their treatment was effective.
Now, they’re not just walking, but running. They are pictured here finishing their very first 5k race in Ecuador to help raise awareness and funds for other people with disabilities.
Run with us on July 27 to give children like Alex and Maverick the chance to run […]

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Running for Team #HOPE4YAWC

We have a lot of amazing marathoners who are running The San Francisco Marathon for a cause. Check out the story below and find out how you can do good with your run.
David Johndrow – Framingham, MS
Running for: Hope for Young Adults with Cancer
I am a heart attack survivor of three years. I took up running a few weeks after I got out of the ICU. It took a year to complete my first 5K, and another year to run my first 1/2. Then I started to train for a full. In October of 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks before the Cape Cod Marathon. I ran it anyway.

The folks at Hope for Young Adults with Cancer are really fantastic people and do lots of things to help cancer patients. Of all the charities I have run for, this is the one I am closet too.

I am still in treatment, but I run The Boston Marathon a few weeks ago, and I will be in San Francisco for TSFM 2014 in July!

-David Johndrow


To learn more about team #HOPE4YAWC and to find out how you can join the team check out their TSFM 2014 Crowdrise page.

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SF Rec and Park: Keeping San Francisco Beautiful

One of our amazing TSFM 2014 Select Charities is The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. SF Rec and Park manages hundreds of parks, and so many of San Francisco’s most beautiful and fun locales. Plus they do a lot of great for our city’s youth. Check out this video and some of the stats about SF Rec and Park.

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department’s Mission is to provide enriching recreational activities, maintain beautiful parks and preserve the environment for the well-being of our diverse community.

4,113 acres of recreational and open space
3,400 acres within San Francisco
671 marina slips
220 neighborhood parks
179 playgrounds and play areas
82 recreation centers and clubhouses
72 basketball courts and 151 tennis courts
59 soccer/playfields (and growing)
1 Family Camp

In 1866, less than 15 years after America’s first occupation of California, the people of San Francisco came up with the idea of a great public park to mirror one being developed in New York City (Central Park). Under the guidance of engineer William Hammond Hall and gardener John McLaren, Golden Gate Park was established on April 4, 1870, from what essentially was a collection of barren sand dunes. The Park Commission was established in the same year by the State Legislature, consisting of three members appointed by the Governor. The City took over the Commission in 1900 under the Home Rule Charter. The three Commission members oversaw decades of development as the park slowly stretched from Baker Street (the Panhandle) all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

In 1898 the San Francisco Chronicle ran the headline, “A Playground for City Boys,” which unveiled a new concept for the City to create an active playground where “boys can play and expend all the energy […]

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Savings Lives As Soon as They Begin

We have a lot of amazing marathoners who are running The San Francisco Marathon for a cause. Check out the story below and find out how you can do good with your run. Elizabeth Nelson – Danville, CA Running for: Nayeli Faith Foundation When I was 4 months pregnant our daughter Nayeli Faith was diagnosed with a severe birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). I had never heard of this birth defect. Doctors gave her 30%-40% chance to survive and suggested terminating my pregnancy. I never gave up hope for our baby girl.

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Saving the Farm Animals

We have a lot of amazing marathoners who are running The San Francisco Marathon for a cause. Check out the story below and find out how you can do good with your run.
Simone Hasenbein – Davis, CA
Running For: Animal Place

My husband and I are running the San Francisco Marathon for Animal Place, a sanctuary for farmed animals in Grass Valley, CA. We’ve been volunteering at Animal Place for about a year and have learned so much during that time. Not just about the animals, but most importantly about what makes us better people in this world.

The people at Animal Place work tirelessly to put into action the ideals of universal compassion for non-humans and humans alike. They are one of the most consistent, honest and amazing people I’ve ever met and I’m incredibly thankful for having them in my life. Watching chickens, pigs, cows, goats recover after being rescued from cruelty cases or any other imaginable place makes you appreciate life. It makes you realize that we all can make such a big difference in somebody’s life, no matter what, and that we all are capable of so much more than we might think.

Running a marathon seems like the least we can give in return. My last marathon in 2013 (also in SF) was very painful due to a knee injury, but since I was raising funds for this wonderful sanctuary, it literally made me go the extra mile all the way to the finish line. I knew I can’t drop out since I made a commitment and I wanted to stick with it. Crossing the finish line knowing that I just finished my very first marathon despite all this pain because of Animal […]

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Empowered Children. Transformed Lives.

We have a lot of amazing marathoners who are running The San Francisco Marathon for a cause. Check out the story below and find out how you can do good with your run. Sara Jones Running for: Children of Grace I am running the SF Half Marathon to raise money for Children of Grace, an amazing faith-based Non-Government Organization that provides education, mentors, basic healthcare and hope for orphans who have lost their parents to the the AIDS pandemic in Uganda. 

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Ending the Dry Spell

We have a lot of amazing marathoners who are running The San Francisco Marathon for a cause. Check out the story below and find out how you can do good with your run. Emma Tillman – Memphis, TN Running For: The Oley Foundation I will be running the San Francisco Marathon to raise money for The Oley Foundation. The Oley Foundation is an organization that provides support and educational resources for patients that require specialized nutrition support including parenteral nutrition (IV) orenteral nutrition (tube feeding) due to an inability to eat or absorb nutrients via regular diet.

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We have a lot of amazing marathoners who are running The San Francisco Marathon for a cause. Check out the story below and find out how you can do good with your run.

Cara Heilmann, Orinda, CA
Running for: A Breath Away – Lung Cancer Research
My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004. In our home in Laguna Hills, CA, with tears in his eyes, my husband asked, “Do you want to move back home?” Within 45-days we packed up our house, bundled-up our two small boys, jumped on a plane to Hawaii, and started immediately looking for new jobs. I cared for my mom along side my sister and dad for over a year before she died. It was the saddest day of my life.

On January 7, 2013, I took my first step as a runner. After 45 years of a sedentary life, I decided to take control and become a (hopefully) lean (in a good way) mean running machine. Not knowing what I was doing, I found a group to lead the way. I trained with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and raised funds for blood cancer research. I finished 2:42 in the San Diego Rock & Roll Half Marathon. In 2013, I ran 3 more half marathons with a PR of 2:31–raising more than $4,100 for cancer research.

This year, I am running my first full marathon.

I am very excited that I chose the San Francisco Marathon as my first marathon. I spent hours researching different races. I wanted a beautiful course, well supported race, well orchestrated group, and tons of adoring fans. There are many races that fit this criteria. But, the clincher for me was the ability to run and fund […]

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Charity Guest Blog: UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

As part of our charity outreach we’ll be highlighting some of the official and select charities for The San Francisco Marathon with guest blogs. The UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital is one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation, and is recognized throughout the world as a leader in health care, known for innovation, technology and compassionate care. For more than a century, they’ve offered the highest quality medical treatment for children. This is the story of Kimmy Ramirez, and her struggles with cystic fibrosis.

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