The San Francisco Marathon events are a great way for nonprofits to raise much-needed funds.

If you are already registered for The San Francisco Marathon, and are looking to make your training and race day more meaningful, you can help raise much needed funds for our Select Charities (these Charities are San Francisco based Charities that The San Francisco Marathon Supports) by donating when you register!


Committed 2 Community is an organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of people in the San Francisco community and beyond. They have partnered with charitable giving partners primarily fundraising through local events. They give proceeds of events to a variety of local, national and international non-profits and causes that provide services improving the lives and well-being of our community members. Some of the funds raised by C2C through events are donated to the volunteer organizations that give their time each year to helping to make these events well-organized and enjoyable for both participants and our greater community. Please find a complete list of the organizations they have helped HERE.