Official Ambassadors of The San Francisco Marathon

Ambassadors for The San Francisco Marathon are endurance athletes based all over the world who share a passion for fitness and a love of the running community.

Applications for 2017 Official Ambassadors Coming Soon

Meet Our 2016 Ambassadors

Angelina Francavilla: Born, raised, and train in San Francisco, lover of all things chocolate. I started this crazy journey in high school as an emotional outlet. 11 years and countless race finishes later, I’m still running for the love of “me” and life. Next up: 100k.

Anthony BucciAnthony Bucci: The Beerded Runner. I love to pray, run, beer, & beards. In 2016, I’m running my first three 50Ks & The SF Marathon. SPORTS!
Ashley JonesAshleyJones: “Runner, blogger, cat lady. Lover of post-race bloody Marys, cute running skirts and a good nights sleep. Has run 17 half marathons and 2 full marathons. Planning to run 8 half marathons and 2 marathons (including the SF Marathon!) in 2016!
BonnieWilsonBonnie Wilson: Social Media Manager, dreamer, die-hard wrestling fan. Portland native and mid-pack runner. Planned on one 5K: that was 21 half marathons, and five full marathons ago. Believer that anyone can run if they put their mind to it.
CarinaKoolCarina Kool: Wife, Mother, Road & Trail Runner, Ultra Runner, Volunteer, etc. I’ve run numerous races ranging from 5k’s to 50 miles. I ran 3 marathons in 3 days in 3 states in 2015. Next goal is to run a 100k and so on.
CassandraPisoneCassandra Pisone: san francisco based lifestyle blogger, distance runner, cyclist, foodie + world traveler. hoping to tackle a 2nd (and potentially 3rd) full marathon this year.
CharlesDexterLimCharles Lim: Former couch potato turned avid road and trail runner. Accomplishments over the last few years include three 50-mile and six 50K ultra marathons, ten full marathons, and more. Joining the Loyal Runners Club in 2016!
ChasMelicharChas Melichar: Husband, Ironman Triathlete, UltraRunner, actor, writer, sailor, pilot, photographer, saxophonist, waltzer, and Endurance Tourist!
EricaAgranErica Agran: Runner, blogger, wife, traveler, mostly healthy eater, work (to live and run) in Health IT. SF Marathon will be my 43rd marathon and the 20th anniversary of my 1st marathon in San Fran ’96! Jersey girl living in Chicago. Now more Midwest nice than before!
ErinAshleyErin Garvey: Wife, mother to two little girls, strict-vegetarian-mostly-vegan, writer, and runner who’s been entrenched in the wonderful world of marathons since 2007. Running is rad. It’ll change your life if you give it a chance.
HeatherStewartHeather Stewart: Slow on the run, quick with a joke, butt kicker, name taker, wannabe triathlete, plus size athlete runs for joy and rock hard glutes.
JamesChongJames Chong: Former SF resident now in LA. Work in social media for TOMS, traveled to 23 countries, and loves God, family, and craft beer. Fave SF running spots: GG Park, Kezar, Presidio.
JamesDunnJames Dunn: Runner, blogger, coffee addict, Englishman. First year running marathons and first time coming to America. What better way to see it than running it!
JamieWistoJamie Wisto: Endurance runner and blogger. Also loves: Pilates, yoga, travel, brunch, dark chocolate and my greyhound, Emmi! This will be my 5th year running in TSFM, and I can’t wait!
JanineNarvaezJanine Narvaez: san francisco urban hike lover • runner turned yogi • outdoor enthusiast • lifestyle blogger • pizza and (breakfast) burrito fanatic and basically all snacks • can’t wait to to make TSFM my 8th 26.2!
JasonHakesJason Hakes: Lifelong runner and occasional blogger, Bay Area native that enjoys running all kinds of races and distances including chasing around my two kids! TSFM will be my 8th marathon and 2nd of the year!
JessLucana Jess Lucana: Mom, Runner, Blogger and Coach. The girl who hated Running fell in love with the sport 3-4 years ago. Had 1st baby last summer. In 2016 ready to tackle 5k, 10k and 3 marathons (post baby runs).
JodyStoopsJody Stoops: Wife, mother of 3 teenagers, running coach and personal trainer, SF Marathon runner since 2009, Boston Marathon x3 plus 2016, donut and dessert lover, living in Southern California but lover of the Bay Area.
KaraRueckerKara Ruecker: Endurance race addict, Ironman, wine-o, beer lover, traveling enthusiast and OR Duck living in the Bay. Looking forward to tackling multiple half marathons this year and my sixth marathon.
Kristine Ciardello: san francisco based foodie and enthusiast of all things sweaty. marathoner, pilates instructor, skier and stand-up paddle boarder. i’d rather be on a beach. between a green juice and a glass of cab at all times. 
LanetteDykman Lanette Dykman: Denver-based outdoor enthusiast, dancer, traveler, and aspiring runner. Doing my first marathon this year, with the eventual goal of doing an ironman.
LeannePeppercornLeanna Peppercorn: California native, half fanatic, foodie, used to despise running, ran my first half in 2015 and now TSFM will be half #11, now focusing on improving my speed, avid traveler and pure barre addict.

Mark HaganMark Hagan:
Runner, Cyclist and Race Timer from Brooklyn! I’ve completed TSFM 3 times and it is without question the most beautiful and challenging marathon I’ve done. Moving to Berlin this summer and hope to meet with some of the international runners coming to SF!
MayWuMay Wu: Road/trail runner, hiker, newbie triathlete, pug lover, traveler, Netflix marathoner. Loves collecting passport stamps from different countries and national parks. Looking forward to summiting Mt. Fuji in early July before running the SF 1/2!
TSFMMichelle Loyola: Bio forthcoming.
SaraRandolphSara Randolph: Wife, mom to 4 kids, runner, and triathlete. The marathon is my favorite distance, but I’ve recently found a new challenge in the Ironman distance triathlon. Running TSFM with my husband this year – we’ll be dressed as a bride and groom to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.
ScottBenbowScott Benbow: Avid runner from the east coast who has called San Francisco his home for sixteen wonderful years. Coffee fanatic, art lover, and recovering attorney working for a cool nonprofit.
Sheena Caines: Runner, eater, traveler, adventurer – mixing up the order as needed! A lover of life, practicer of fearlessness and avid tea drinker.
Stan Tsu: I’m honored to be back for my 3rd year as SFM Ambassador. I’ve run 15+ marathons & many halves, a good number with Team In Training. My fave race is SFM! A San Francisco native, I currently coach runners & walkers in San Jose & I like to hike around the Bay Area with my hike group.
StephanieDavies Stephanie Davies: A stay-at-home mom who dabbles a bit in running and is involved with the running community. SF Bay Area resident, originally from the east coast. 14 time Full Marathon Finisher, creator of a local women’s running group, RRCA certified coach, and chocolate lover.
StephanieLaskaStephanie Laska: Ran my first mile EVER in 2013, to first full marathon in 2015! The journey of running 2000 miles and losing 140 pounds begins with a single step.
TomasMedevielleTom Medevielle: Nursing Student, Dad of 9 children, sunset runner, 8th Marathon this year in San Francisco: the 26.2 mile party!
WesLashleyWes Lashley: Seattle runner, coffee addict, hoppy beer lover, runner of the streets, traveler of the world, frequently seen with mouth open in race photos and overall nice guy. Tweeting @runwithwes
Alyssa Yell: Alyssa has run everything from 5k to 50 miles, and she recently got back from Antarctica where she ran a marathon with penguins! Always down for a run & best known for her love of chugging uphill, Alyssa is passionate about everything The San Francisco Marathon gives its runners.