We've summoned 85 wonderful Ambassadors to represent our running community of San Francisco.

From fairly new runners to elites, your San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors are here to inspire you in your running journey. Check out their stories below.

Albert Pham
Albert Pham2014 Ambassador
Albert is a Bay Area transplant originally from Portland, OR. This will be his 5th year running The San Francisco Marathon. He has been a marathon pacer for the race in addition to completing the Half It All and the 52.4 Challenge. Albert is very active in the running community and has been a pacer for numerous half and full marathons. He is a Silicon Valley software engineer during the day, part-time master’s student in the evening, and full-time running enthusiast. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering and community outreach activities. Albert also loves dogs as well as all other animals and trains and runs on a 100% plant based diet. Check out his blog HERE!
Alexis Felts
Alexis Felts2014 Ambassador
Her motto is “Run if you can, Walk if you have to, Crawl if you must….but never ever give up”. Alexis is 37 years old, and lives in Los Angeles. She is an Executive Assistant at USC Keck Medical Center. Alexis’s gifts in life are her energy, her athleticism and her passion for people. She can run all day and then the next. Alexis runs out of love for the sport, joy for the feeling and most of all gratitude. The more thankful she is for all the blessings in her life the faster she runs. Being an ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon is a once in lifetime opportunity and Alexis is so very thankful. Check out her blog HERE!
Alisyn Gularte
Alisyn Gularte2014 Ambassador
Bad economy does a body good! Five years ago Alisyn was laid off from corporate America. With that time off, she focused on her health, lost 45 pounds and discovered a true love in running. Alisyn has been running strong ever since and smiling every stride of the way! A recent Bay Area transplant, Alisyn currently resides in Placerville, California where she serves on multiple race committees. Alisyn recently completed her first 50k trail adventure, but her favorite distance to race is still the 5k. In addition to running, Alisyn enjoys pilates, yoga, stand up paddle boarding and competing in agility trials with her dog Penny the Pup, who is also quite the little runner! Check out her blog HERE!
Amber Gregory
Amber Gregory2014 Ambassador
Amber is a professional photographer based out of San Francisco. She photographs live music and performance events as well as weddings and portraits. Amber LOVES running! Running is a recent love, she picked it up within the last 3 years. Amber also loves her husband, her three cats, music, yoga, European travel, cycling, science fiction, astronomy, rainbows, unicorns, darkwave…she actually just really likes to keep people guessing. Amber is truly passionate about everything she does in her busy life. Running is a huge part of that passion. Amber ran the first half of The San Francisco Marathon in 2013, and she will be running the 2nd half in 2014. Check out her blog HERE!
Andrew Jensen
Andrew Jensen2014 Ambassador
Recent San Franciscan and Mission-dweller by way of Colorado, the United States Military Academy at West Point, five years of military service, and the Haas Graduate School of Business at UC-Berkeley. Ultrarunner with a 100M and multiple 50k/50M finishes (including The San Francisco Marathon’s Worth the Hurt – 52.4 in 2012), Ironman finisher (Full Vineman! Yes!), round trip Alcatraz swimmer with the South End Rowing Club, and cyclist from SF-LA. Member of a world record setting 580 mile, 39 day ski expedition from the Antarctic Shoreline to the South Pole by a visually impaired skier. This will be his fifth running of The San Francisco Marathon! Check out his blog HERE!
Anna Li
Anna Li2014 Ambassador
There once was a long distance runner, who aimed to make the sport funner. She joined a great team to promote The San Francisco Marathon to the extreme, and the event turned out to be a stunner! Anna Caught the marathon bug after running her first one in 2011. Since then she has completed 4 half marathons and 5 full marathons. Anna is an SF native, born and raised in the city and can usually be spotted running along the Great Highway, through Golden Gate Park, or around Lake Merced. Check out her blog HERE!
April Chu
April Chu2014 Ambassador
When April ran her first marathon, she said no more. Then, she started to sign up for more and so she set a goal to run ten marathons and then retire. Ten marathons later, April is getting ready for #11, #12 and #13 (NYC!) in 2014 and she is slowly working towards her new goal of running the World Marathon Majors. Her favorite races so far have been Chicago and Berlin. The crowd support and energy at both of those races was astonishing.
Bonnie Wilson
Bonnie Wilson2014 Ambassador
Pacific NW native, Bonnie knew something had to change, being 240 pounds left her unhappy, depressed and hopeless. She never expected to find running to be her passion and her freedom. Actually, when she ran her first 5K in 2008 she swore she would never run another event or run another step. After someone convinced her to give running a try, she ran another 5K and never looked back. Once she decided to run a marathon, so many people questioned her dedication, her willingness to go that far, some have said she would give up and regain all her weight. She finished her first marathon in 2012 in Oklahoma City, and has since ran Seattle, and made another trip to Oklahoma. When she is not talking about running she is a freelance researcher, writer, Zumba Instructor and soon to be personal trainer. She also enjoys anything that has to do with Pacific NW Coffee, Beer, and Professional Wresting. Check out her blog HERE.
Brandon Nobach
Brandon Nobach2014 Ambassador
Brandon has been running for 10 years, he ran one year of collegiate cross country for the Eastern Washington Eagles his senior year. Before that Brandon was running marathons over his first few years away at school, compiling 6 full marathons and 6 half marathons, becoming a Marathon Maniac the summer before his senior year of college by running 3 marathons in 49 days. Brandon knows what it’s like to get injured, battling plantar fasciitis, ITBS, and stress fractures over his career, running his San Francisco Marathon in 2011 on minimal training, not something he suggests, but something he can help you through! Brandon is great for guidance and here to help you on whatever journey you are on to run this years San Francisco Marathon! Check out his blog HERE.
Brandon Wood
Brandon Wood2014 Ambassador
Brandon used to weigh a lot, now he runs a lot. At the start of 2010, he weighed nearly 300 pounds, and being healthy was the furthest thing from his mind. All that changed when his daughter was born, and he realized that he needed to change his unhealthy ways if he was going to be around to see her grow up. Brandon started running a few days a week, thinking that he would never run for more than a few miles at a time. Instead, Brandon quickly fell in love with running. Since then, he has lost more than 90 pounds, run 11 marathons and 3 ultras, including one 100 miler. Check out his blog HERE.
Bruce Ahlf
Bruce Ahlf2014 Ambassador
Bruce is 60 years old and is from Tucson, Arizona. It is never to late to start running! He has been running for just a little over three years. Bruce has completed seven full marathons, five of which he ran in 2013. He also competes in Duathlons. This will be Bruce’s second year as a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador. The 2014 San Francisco Marathon will be his 70th race! One of Bruce’s favorite mantras is Start Strong. Finish Strong.
Carla Johnston
Carla Johnston2014 Ambassador
Carla registered for her first half marathon on her 40th birthday. One year later, she has completed 5 half marathons and she is obsessed. Two years ago, Carla never would have imagined that she would run a mile. Now Carla runs 13.1 just for fun (and for the bling)! If she can run, anyone can run. How could she not love a sport that embraces that concept of eating good food?
Carmel Ulbrick
Carmel Ulbrick2014 Ambassador
Carmel loves peanut butter milkshakes. She is a native San Franciscan currently living in Boulder, Colorado. Her and her husband love their 3 dogs, traveling, staying active and drinking coin-style margaritas. Carmel is the Founder of The Image Exchange Project, a global nonprofit connecting youth around the world through the medium of photography. She looks forward to running another marathon in the city that she loves, San Francisco! Check out her blog HERE!
Carrie Paez
Carrie Paez2014 Ambassador
Carrie has been happily running for 25 years. She ran her first Marathon in 2012.The San Francisco, 2013, was lucky marathon #7! Carrie can’t wait to run it in 2014 and mostly, she is excited and so very honored to be a part of the 2014 San Francisco Marathon Ambassador team. Let’s do this!!
Charles Lim
Charles Lim2014 Ambassador
Charles is living proof that anyone can be a runner! He started out as a couch potato barely exercising, much less walking, and felt like dying on his first one mile run training for a half marathon. Five years later Charles is now training for his second ultra marathon, and his first 50 mile race! He has run the San Francisco Marathon twice, and it’s become his favorite marathon. Charles looks forward to spreading the word about the race and how perfect it is for new and veteran runners, given its proximity (for locals), fantastic weather, and fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fog City! Check out his blog HERE!
Chas Melichar
Chas Melichar2014 Ambassador
In April 2009, after decades of being a couch potato, a friend called Chas “Fluffy”. He did not like being called “Fluffy”. Decidedly annoyed, Chas decided to stop whining and do something about eradicating fluffiness in his life. Now in his 40′s, Chas has become a multiple Ironman Triathlete, finished the Comrades 56-mile Marathon in South-Africa (the world’s largest Ultramarathon) twice, and begun training for the next great endurance adventure – whatever that will be (Marathon Des Sables? Boston?). Check out his blog HERE!
Chloe Lasseron
Chloe Lasseron2014 Ambassador
Chloe is a 29 year old Pastry Chef who lives in New York City. After running in high school, she picked it back up 3 years ago with some friends in lower manhattan. When Chloe is not running or making desserts you can find her on a bike, doing yoga or hanging out with cats.
Christopher Malenab
Christopher Malenab2014 Ambassador
Chris is a runner and college soccer coach from Sacramento, CA. He will be running his 5th consecutive San Francisco Marathon in 2014. Chris has completed over 15 marathons and 25 half marathons. While he isn’t running or coaching soccer, he keeps busy Tweeting (@chrismalenab), blogging (www.marathonliving.com) and sharing photos on Instagram (@chrismalenab). Chris’s ultimate running goal is to run the Boston Marathon. Check out his blog HERE!
Connie Mendoza
Connie Mendoza2014 Ambassador
Connie is a Mother of an incredible daughter, who inspired her to start running in 2007, it has been a part of her life ever since. Connie has done the Marine Corps Marathon three times. It was her first marathon. Running to her has been a way of coping with the challenges that cross her path. The Boston Marathon this past year was a life experience.
Corinne Michelsen
Corinne Michelsen2014 Ambassador
Corinne is a nurse and a runner. She started running a couple years ago after she was sick of being over 200 pounds and unhappy. With the help of running Corinne has lost over 50 lbs and is now at her target weight and healthy. Running has become a major and important part of her life. Corinne has done multiple half marathons, 5ks and 10ks though she thinks the half is her favorite distance to run. The San Francisco marathon was her first marathon ever. Check out her blog HERE!
Dana Isaac
Dana Isaac2014 Ambassador
Dana is a rare breed: a San Francisco native! She started running cross country in high school, and continued to run for fun when she went away to college in Vermont. After a particularly disastrous race in 2009, Dana completely stopped running for 2 years. While studying for the California bar exam she picked it up again as a way to manage her stress, and hasn’t stopped since! Running remains one of Dana’s favorite ways to quiet her mind, and the best way to keep her body active after sitting at her desk all day. Dana loves running, and loves San Francisco- and especially loves that the SF Marathon combines both of these (she also loves talking about both, so if anyone needs any added inspiration they should shoot her an email! – [email protected]). An attorney by day, you can usually find her running in Golden Gate Park with her running group or along the Embarcadero after work, sitting in her seats at Candlestick Park to root for the 49ers, or eating her way through the city. 
David Martinez
David Martinez2014 Ambassador
Dave Martinez is originally from Scranton, PA but has been serving as a Submariner in the Navy the past 18 years. Like many people he initially started running as a way to loose weight and has since fallen in love with it. This past year has been the first time David has been able to train consistently which has really helped his race times. The toughest part about running for him is making sure that it does not interfere with family time. David looks forward to working with The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador team and running across the Golden Gate Bridge (twice) this July.
David Mejia Cadena
David Mejia Cadena2014 Ambassador
Triathlete, Arquitect, Pianist. David started training in 2010 with a few triathlons, two marathons, and some day he hopes to represent his country in the Ironman World Championship, and why not, maybe win in age category (at least). Check out his blog HERE!
Erin Garvey
Erin Garvey2014 Ambassador
Erin Garvey is (mostly) a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) to her 2.5 year-old daughter, has been a vegetarian (and borderline vegan) since 2008, and has been running marathons (21 total!) since 2007, with a shiny new PR (3:20:06) she netted in 2013. Running has profoundly changed Erin’s life, and even more so since the birth of her daughter, and she loves evangelizing the beauty of the sport to anyone within earshot. When she is not running, Erin blogs, writes, and likes to cook and bake up vegan superstorms. Erin loves hearing about people’s experiences and life stories, so she would love to go for a run and chat sometime! Check out her blog HERE!
Francesco Presutti
Francesco Presutti2014 Ambassador
Francesco is a native Florentine, father of two amazing teenagers. Running is his way of life. He currently lives in the greatest city in the world, New York. This is where he caught the long-distance running bug. He has run every NYC marathon since 2005. In 2012, at age 50, he broke 3 hours for the first time in Chicago. The 2014 San Francisco Marathon will be his third. It will also be his 29th marathon. Check out his blog HERE!
Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart2014 Ambassador
By day Heather is a single lady writing training programs for travel agents in Asia for a major cruise line. By night, she is an active volunteer and Heather sits on the Board for two non-profits where she has won numerous awards for her community service work. Heather’s two proudest moments are being a Spotlight Runner for KTLA for the LA Marathon and being named a women who empowers by a local organization at their Empowering Hearts Gala. This honor was based on her commitment to running and inspiring others to do the same and a piece of art was made about her personal story. She has been running since late 2010 and has run half marathons from California to Dublin, Ireland. Heather finds JOY in every run and a finish line is her favorite place on earth, whether she is  running or spectating! (running preferred) Check out her blog HERE!
Imee Palogan
Imee Palogan2014 Ambassador
Imee started running in 2010. It was then she met the six:30 running group. Imee runs 2 to 3 times a week after work and does a long slow distance run on weekends with her friends as part of their endurance and heat training. Her favorite running hashtag/quote is #workhard #runharder #lovehardest. By that Imee means, love yourself enough to pursue all your goals and dreams whatever it takes! 
Jackelyn Valladares
Jackelyn Valladares2014 Ambassador
“Once a runner, always a runner” is Jackelyn’s mantra. She was born and raised in Los Angeles with my heart and sole belonging to the Bay Area. Jackelyn began her running career at 11 years old with Students Run Los Angeles guiding her through her first marathon and she hasn’t stop running since. During high school, Jackelyn ran Cross Country, Track and ran with SRLA. She continued her running career with Humboldt State’s Cross Country and Track Team where she ran with the big redwood trees, endless trails, and cold coastal beaches. Jackelyn loves running up hills, which naturally makes the San Francisco Marathon her favorite marathon. Her running shoes go everywhere she goes and she is excited to take them to San Francisco on July 27, 2014. Check out her blog HERE!
James Chong
James Chong2014 Ambassador
James finished reading ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall two years ago and immediately signed up for a half marathon. Since then, he has run several more and just completed his first full marathon (Nike Women’s Marathon) in October 2012! The book was like a revelation, and inspired in James a love for the runner’s high and the deeply rewarding feeling of pushing himself past challenges and finding peace a midst chaos. He found his happy place running through the streets and trails of beautiful San Francisco, but he is currently in the process of moving to Los Angeles for a new job and closer proximity to family. Though James is sad to be leaving SF, he is excited to explore LA in his running shoes and connect with the local running community. Outside of running (there’s more to life than running?!), James can be found working in social media customer engagement, blogging about his pursuit of mindfulness and minimalism, learning how to cook, volunteering, and cheering on his favorite sports teams, the Lakers, Dodgers, and Cal Golden Bears. If you want someone to to talk about running, meditation, social media, or sports with, follow James on Twitter (@jameschong) or find me on Facebook (facebook.com/jamesgchong). Check out his blog HERE!
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson2014 Ambassador
Jennifer is a busy mom who loves to run! She was born in San Francisco and then moved around the country a lot before recently finding her home in Dallas,TX! Jennifer runs two half marathons a month and a full once a year. She works for Lifetime Fitness as a Run Coach and the Run Club Coordinator, getting to do what she loves everyday!
Jennifer Stultz
Jennifer Stultz2014 Ambassador
Jennifer is from Indianapolis, Indiana. She began running to become healthier, and along the way one of her friends talked her into doing a half marathon in Colorado. After the race Jennifer was hooked!! She belongs to two running groups in Indianapolis. She loves running, and is always training for her next race! Check out her blog HERE!
Jessica Morita
Jessica Morita2014 Ambassador
Jessica Morita was born and raised in beautiful Northern California where she still resides today with her husband, daughter, and various crazy pets. She has run three marathons, including the SF Marathon last June. Jessica’s dad inspired her to start running when she was just a kid and with any luck, she will inspire her daughter (and many more) to do the same! Jessica is a busy lady. She has a full time job (School Psychologist), daughter, husband, and many glorious friends. When she runs, it gives her the peace, balance, happiness, and perspective she needs in order to become the person she wants to be. Let’s go, SFM 2014! Check out her blog HERE!
Jody Stoops
Jody Stoops2014 Ambassador
Jody is a personal trainer and a certified RRCA running coach with a passion for helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s running their first race, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or attaining a new healthy lifestyle through faith, fitness, motivation, and nutrition. As a marathoner, Jody has completed 11 full marathons, including the 2013 Boston Marathon and five San Francisco Marathons, her personal favorite. Most importantly, she is a wife and mother of three teenagers balancing a life that involves staying healthy and fit while raising her family. Check out her blog HERE!
Jordan Wight
Jordan Wight2014 Ambassador
A little girl with a big goals, Jordan is a 22 year old UC Berkeley graduate out to make a real impact. She started running competitively at age 8 and truly believes in the power of a great workout. Jordan loves to dive into great books with black coffee in hand, she is passionate about the environment (sustainability, renewable energy, food sourcing, biodiversity, etc.), and is crazy about her goofy, wonderful family. Jordan is thankful everyday that she can get up on her own two feet and explore the world, the mind, and her personal limits. Check out her blog HERE!
Joseph Kolinsky
Joseph Kolinsky2014 Ambassador
Joseph started running in 2005, completing his first marathon ING New York City Marathon in just about six hours. Since then, he has been lucky enough to finish over 80 races ranging from the Fifth Avenue Mile to the marathon distance. In 2012, Joseph set out to run 12 marathons within the year in order to raise money for the Dream Team Project. In 2014, he is going to complete in the Ironman Texas, and in 2015 he will be running the 800k for FSMA from San Francisco to Anaheim. Check out his blog HERE!
Juan Calderon
Juan Calderon2014 Ambassador
Juan is a happy running man. Happily married and a proud Deputy Sheriff. He LOVES running. Any distance and any event. Juan has gone from struggling in 5k’s in 2004 to completing his first 100 mile ultra marathon this year! He is honored to represent The San Francisco Marathon and Wheaties cereal!  Check out his blog HERE!
Karen Poole
Karen Poole2014 Ambassador
Karen Poole grew up in Salem, OR and recently moved to Ukiah, CA. A collegiate basketball player and tennis enthusiast, Karen took up running after college. She has run 3 marathons and multiple 1/2 marathons, 10k’s and 5k’s. In 2012, she was an Ambassador for the Nike Women’s Marathon and worked with Nike Women to share her journey on multiple social channels. Currently, Karen is an Athleta Sponsored Athlete and leads a weekly run club to introduce running to women in the local community. She loves all things running related and enjoys introducing others to the sport. Check out her blog HERE!
Kayla Nuss
Kayla Nuss2014 Ambassador
Kayla started running in 2006 because she told her then boyfriend (now husband) that she thought it would be fun if she ran a marathon. He said, “you better start running then!” So, Kayla did. She has completed 13 half-marathons and two full marathons (the San Francisco Marathon both times) and is not planning to quit anytime soon! Kayla has developed a deep love for racing, and has also since become a personal trainer and running coach. Join Kayla in San Francisco and you’ll tackle the hills together! Check out her blog HERE!
Keith Schlottman
Keith Schlottman2014 Ambassador
Keith is a Tucson, Arizona based runner who enjoys traveling to races all over the country. His favorite race distance is the Marathon, but he participates in anything he can fit into his schedule. Keith races almost every weekend. Running may seem like a solo endeavor but he has realized that the best part of the running hobby is sharing it with others. Whether encouraging others, training with friends, pacing together in a race, volunteering, or celebrating post-race, the lifelong bonds that come from running are among life’s greatest treasures. Check out his blog HERE!
Ken2014 Ambassador
Ken weighed 260 pounds once in his life. So he wanted to change and start running. 5ks turned to 10ks and then the day before Ken turned 30—he ran his first half marathon. 2013 was the year he committed to running 10 half marathons. And just completed his first full marathon on 11/17/13. Ken currently weighs 184 pounds. 2014—the Year of No Maybes. Check out his blog HERE!
Kevin Cimring
Kevin Cimring2014 Ambassador
Entrepreneur and family man, originally from South Africa now living in Silicon Valley. With experience in multiple start-ups as co-founder, executive and board member, Kevin moved to the Bay Area with his amazing family to help establish Jemstep, an online investment advisor designed to help everyday investors make better investment decisions. In his spare time, Kevin became an avid runner, mountain-biker, health enthusiast and vegan. That’s what California (and a big health scare in between) will do to you! He loves running in the Bay Area, having completed The San Francisco Marathon in 2013 and several half-marathons and other races around the Bay. Check out his blog HERE!
Kimra McPherson
Kimra McPherson2014 Ambassador
Kimra became a runner six years ago in San Francisco. Her first-ever run—not counting the mile in gym class and a few failed attempts by a high school friend to get her to join winter track—was down Polk Street to the Bay and then slowly back up the hill to her apartment in the city. Since then, Kimra has finished a handful of 10Ks, eight half-marathons, one marathon, and triathlons ranging from sprint distance to 70.3. When not running, swimming, or riding her bike, she can be found cooking, sampling beer, watching sports, and planning elaborate vacations, some of which she may even take. Kimra works in user experience research, watches too much TV, and has a serious weakness for gummy candy. Kimra can’t wait to spread The San Francisco Marathon running love this year! Check out her blog HERE!
Kristina Lopez
Kristina Lopez2014 Ambassador
Kristina is from Southern California. She is a working mother of two amazing children, Joey and Audrey. Kristina signed up for and finished a 10K just six weeks after her daughter was born, and signed up for her first half marathon just after she turned 1. Kristina’s addiction to halves was immediate and then one year later she completed The San Francisco Marathon—her first 26.2 ever—and it’s her favorite race yet for the scenery and the organization’s grassroots feel. As a working mom, it’s hard to find personal time to do what you love. Kristina’s loves are her kids and running, and if you’re on this website, running may be yours too. She is here to tell you, you can do it! You can complete 13.1 or 26.2 and conquer the hills of San Francisco!
Kristine Ciardello
Kristine Ciardello2014 Ambassador
Kristine is extremely excited to be a part of The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Team! She lives in SF, works in Ad Tech, and runs as much as she can. The San Francisco Marathon was her first half marathon and since then she has gone on to run 15+ half marathons, and 2 full marathons…the most recent being in Chicago in October 2013. In addition to running she is a Certified Pilates Instructor and teaches Reformer Pilates when she is not running. Kristine also loves to travel, cook and bake. Happy Running! Check out her blog HERE!
Laura Moir
Laura Moir2014 Ambassador
After having her 2nd child in 2006, Laura was overweight and unhappy with her squishy post-baby body, so she decided it was time to start getting back in shape and started running. While running was certainly challenging at first, Laura didn’t give up, and kept pushing herself to get stronger and faster. She started racing in 2009 and hasn’t stopped since. Laura has run over 60 races to date, including 16 half marathons and 2 marathons. She runs for so many different reasons and is always challenging herself to push harder and run farther—her only competition is herself. The San Francisco Marathon will be Laura’s 4th marathon and as a Bay Area native, she is very excited to train for and complete 26.2 happy miles through the magnificent city she calls home. Check out her blog HERE!
Lauren Haverlock
Lauren Haverlock2014 Ambassador
Born in Chicago and raised in Texas and California, Lauren has always had a love of being active and outside. Her infatuation with running started in high school as a (not-so-successful) pole vaulter and has increased exponentially with every year she has spent stuck behind a desk. As a CPA and owner of a firm that specializes in non-profit consulting, she has discovered how imperative running is for her sanity, health and happiness. She balances her running workouts with hot yoga, Pilates, cycling, hiking, swimming…well, really anything. Healthy eating is also an obsession of hers, and she’s always looking for a new way to prepare a healthy, gluten-free and vegetarian meal. She has completed six full marathons and two half marathons to date, with four more full marathons scheduled before the 2014 San Francisco Marathon. Her goals are to both improve her marathon time while also preparing to run an ultra-marathon in 2014…and finally sticking that handstand in yoga would be nice, too. Check out her blog HERE!
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson2014 Ambassador
Lisa began running in 2006, as part of a family challenge to run a marathon. She is happy to say, it was a great experience, and it took running from a ‘challenge,’ to a way of life! Lisa now runs 30 races each year, in Colorado, and across the U.S, and The San Francisco Marathon continues to be her favorite! Lisa lives in Denver with her husband, Bruce, and their two dogs, greyhounds, of course! She works in public information, and in her free-time, she runs, workouts, plays the Ukulele, hula hoops, visits with friends and family, and tries to make the most out of every day!
Mabel Fong
Mabel Fong2014 Ambassador
Mabel has run over 100 races (from 5k’s to marathons), including 37 fulls and 39 halves. She is a member of the Marathon Maniacs (3 stars) & Half Fanatics (4th level) racing club. She also just completed her 12th marathon in 2013. In 2014 she will be running The goofy challenge in Walt Disney World, Orlando January 11-12, half and full back to back weekend. In February she will run the Birch Bay full. In March the Los Angeles Full. In April she will run the Whidbey Island and in May the Run for Water (50 K+) led by world renowned ultramarathoner/adventurer Ray Zahab. And last but not least Mabel will run The San Francisco Marathon in July! Mabel is also a marathon and half marathon group leader in a running clinic in Vancouver and has encouraged & helped many runners achieve their running goals. Her personal belief is: Never be afraid to take that first step, for you never know where it leads you!
Marco Marchese
Marco Marchese2014 Ambassador
Marco is from Milan, Northern Italy, he is 38 years old and he works as a video editor and freelance journalist. He ran my first Half Marathon in 2006 (in 2 hours!) and his first Marathon in 2008 (almost 4 hours!) and since then he has completed 16 marathons, a 6-hour and over 60 races (counting half and over). Nowadays Marco is training to reach his Boston Qualifier (under 3h 10′), which he missed last year by 48 seconds and this year by 3 minutes, but he is confident he will achieve it eventually! Marco has run Milan, New York and Berlin among others, but he considers his 2012 San Francisco Marathon his proudest event (running early in the morning across the Golden Gate Bridge was magical) and he is honored to be an Ambassador alongside a great group of running enthusiasts! Marco is also quite proud of being a straight-edge and vegetarian runner! Check out his blog HERE!
Mark Hagan
Mark Hagan2014 Ambassador
Mark from Brooklyn, New York! He is a runner and cyclist and just completed his 10th marathon this past fall in Chicago. For the past 3 years Mark has made his yearly pilgrimage to the city by the bay to run his favorite race in his favorite city. Mark is humbled and honored to be selected as an Ambassador for the 3rd time and looks forward to helping others on their San Francisco Marathon journey! Check out his blog HERE!
Mark Vital
Mark Vital2014 Ambassador
Mark has been a distance runner since 1966. He belongs to, and founded the greatest running club in the whole world: The Highland City Striders. Mark has run the following marathons: Boston, Buffalo, the International and the Marine Corp. He has also run over 30 Falmouth races dating back to the 70′s. Finally, Mark has been a track and cross country coach for over 35 years and loves inspiring those new to distance running. Check out his blog HERE!
Mary Stompe
Mary Stompe2014 Ambassador
Mary is 50 years old and works as an Executive Director of a nonprofit, PEP Housing, building and managing affordable senior housing in Northern California. She lives in Novato with her husband, son, two dogs, two goats and two chickens. She has been running most of her life despite a few back surgeries along the way. Mary loves to compete which makes running a great sport for her. Check out her blog HERE!
Matthew Guthaus
Matthew Guthaus2014 Ambassador
Researcher, teacher, traveler, runner, and adventurer in life. Matthew grew up in Michigan and moved around a bit before settling in California. He is always up for something new whether it be a new country, new food, or new activity. Matthew likes the outdoors but he also enjoys his living room couch. He doesn’t just “do things,” he does them the best he possibly can. Recently, Matthew is trying to take running to the next level by completing a 50k in 2013 and beyond in 2014 (perhaps!). Check out his blog HERE!
May Wu
May Wu2014 Ambassador
What started out as a way to celebrate her 23rd birthday became the gateway to her running addiction. In 2008, May completed the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon and was hooked onto the energy of other runners, and of course the beautiful medals. She enjoys running both trail and road races because they offer different aspects of the running world. Her hardest race to date has been the Leona Divide 50K, which was her first trail ultramarathon. May has been running with the Pasadena Pacers, who have been like a second family to her, since 2009.
Meg Gudgeirsson
Meg Gudgeirsson2014 Ambassador
Meg has been running for 7 years but only really started racing in 2010, when she ran her first half marathon. The following year, Meg ran her first marathon. She loves running and racing all distances. Meg lives in Santa Cruz and runs with a local team, Santa Cruz Endurance and she is a PhD candidate in History at UCSC. The hubs & her are the parents of two cute pups too. Meg loves to connect over running and through social media! Follow her on twitter @megatha. The San Francisco Marathon race is her favorite and she can’t wait for July to run it again!! Check out her blog HERE!
Michelle Dusseau
Michelle Dusseau2014 Ambassador
The most important thing in her life is faith and family…Michelle has been blessed with a beautiful daughter, who is a teenager and finding her wings. While she is her only child Michelle has…thousands who have passed through her classroom and live in her heart. Michelle is a teacher…. professionally, and a runner…. passionately. Michelle finds that in BOTH while she is working to motivate and focusing on inspiring others she demands the best out of herself knowing she is  their leader, mentor, and coach. Michelle loves running because it embraces all who embrace it. Anyone can find and fall in love with their inner athlete while being blessed with one of the most supportive communities found anywhere in the world. Run on! Check out her blog HERE!
Miriam Kaufman
Miriam Kaufman2014 Ambassador
Miriam’s running journey began in high school when her older brother inspired her to join the cross country team. She complained her way through, until shin splits gave her enough of an excuse to call it quits. Her love-hate relationship with running continued until the 2009 San Francisco Marathon, where she witnessed the lead woman race past her to break the winner’s tape. She continued to watch in awe as thousands of exhausted and proud marathoners crossed the finish line. Wanting to share their accomplishment, she took off running, and hasn’t looked back since. She ran two seasons with Team in Training, as both a participant and mentor, and joined the Napa Valley Vinerunners club in 2011. Today, Miriam coaches high school cross country, and owes her ongoing passion for running to the support of friends and fellow runners. She is thrilled to serve as an ambassador and encourage others to achieve their running goals as she returns to San Francisco for her 7th marathon. Check out her blog HERE!
Myrna Gallegos
Myrna Gallegos2014 Ambassador
Myrna has been a runner for about a year and a half now. She has completed over 20 half marathons and one full marathon, and numerous 5 and 10k’s. Myrna’s addicted, her goal for 2013 was to run 13 half and 1 full. I has exceeded her goal already! Myrna is a lover of the outdoors and all animals.Oh and she has been a strict vegetarian for over 10 years. Check out her blog HERE!
Nicole Scott
Nicole Scott2014 Ambassador
Nicole is a wife, mother, writer and runner. She is a native Californian who has landed in Austin, Texas with her superman husband, Chris. Together they have 4 amazing kids (ages 7, 4, 4 and 8 months). Nicole started running in 2007 and she was hooked from the get-go! She has her sight set on her first ultra marathon in 2014 and is honored to be part of The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador team! Nicole loves that because of running, she is modeling a healthy life style to her kids and showing them the importance of taking care of yourself. Running has gifted Nicole with so much–it’s her ‘me time’, it challenges her and has helped her grow as a wife, mother and person. “Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” Hebrews 12:1 Check out her blog HERE!
Olivia Cusimano
Olivia Cusimano2014 Ambassador
Olivia is a third year undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Legal Studies and English. There she is an active member of the current National Championship holding Cal Triathlon Team. Olivia has been running since in utero as, according to her mother, she would spend somewhere between one and two hours kicking her soon-to-be mom each evening. Olivia chalks this up to a head start on training. The San Francisco Marathon, however, will be her very first full 26.2, a fact that has her both ridiculously excited and absolutely terrified. While not running she can be found engaging in one of her other favorite pastimes: swimming, cycling, napping with her poodle, or eating inhuman amounts of Mexican food. Check out her blog HERE!
Paulette Ference
Paulette Ference2014 Ambassador
Paulette grew up in Ohio, attended undergrad at The Ohio State University, and received her M.S. in Cell & Developmental Biology from the University of Michigan. She and her husband relocated to San Jose for a new opportunity at Google in 2011. Paulette loves trail running as well as road running, and her big goal for 2014 is to run her first 50K. Paulette is thrilled to be an Ambassador for the SF Marathon for the second year and also represents Oiselle, a women’s running apparel company, as a member of their team. In addition to running, she enjoys craft beer, wine tasting, skiing, hiking, and spending time with her husband and cats. Check out her blog HERE!
Rebecca Hernandez
Rebecca Hernandez2014 Ambassador
Rebecca is an IT project manager by day, group exercise instructor by night, and a mother of two tweens 24/7! Her inspiration for healthy living and incorporating physical fitness in her life is personal. Rebecca struggled with weight as a child and young adult but through running and group exercise, she has maintained a 60 pound weight loss for over 16 years. She started running back in 1998 when she realized she couldn’t take her group exercise instructor with her on vacation. Rebecca put one foot in front of the other and just like that, an accidental runner was born! She is all about baby steps so after 15 years, finally attempted and completed her first marathon at the 2013 San Francisco Marathon event. They say you never forget your first and it’s true. Now Rebecca has the privilege of being part of the 2014 San Francisco Marathon Ambassador team! Check out her blog HERE!
Scott Benbow
Scott Benbow2014 Ambassador
Scott is an avid runner and fervent fan of San Francisco. He grew up near Boston, attended college in Maine, and attended law school in New York City. Since law school, Scott has lived in Ethiopia and two small-island nations in the Pacific, and managed to run in each country despite altitude and climate challenges. What attracted Scott to San Francisco, in part, was the ideal climate for running. As a resident for the past 14 years, he is delighted to share his favorite running routes, coffeehouses, and restaurants with visitors from out of town. Check out his blog HERE!
Scott Noack
Scott Noack2014 Ambassador
Father, Husband and runner. Scott was introduced to running a year ago (2012) by a fellow camper at Lair of the Golden Bears up in Pinecrest. The fellow camper was over seventy years young and holding his own on an 8 mile trail hike out to a beautiful lake and back. Scott asked him what his secret was and he said an active lifestyle including running every morning in his native San Francisco. Scott vowed at that point to start running the next day to not only burn off a little extra fat but to be able to enjoy a nice hike when he is seventy something. Check out his blog HERE!
Shawn Burdette
Shawn Burdette2014 Ambassador
Shawn was born in Elkview, WV, and currently lives in northeastern Connecticut. His education, training and career has had stops at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), MIT (Cambridge, MA), UC (Berkeley) and UConn (Storrs, CT). Currently, Shawn is a chemistry professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA). Shawn started running periodically in college, but when he started grad school, running became a regular part of his daily life. For 17 years, running was almost entirely about exercise, but in 2010 Shawn ran a few races, and finally (after much prodding from his wife), he ran the Hartford Marathon in 2011. Since then, Shawn has run many races of different distances including 6 marathons. Shawn’s 2014 marathon schedule includes Los Angeles and San Francisco. Check out his blog HERE!
Sophia Duluk
Sophia Duluk2014 Ambassador
Sophia began running in college during which time she joined a running club and met some of her best friends today. Two years ago Sophia was fortunate to be selected for the Oiselle team, for whom she runs right now. She loves running because it gives her a sense of freedom and piece of mind, a chance to clear her head at the start or end of every day. San Francisco is her home town, so she is very excited to run the marathon and see the city in a new way! Check out her blog HERE!
Stan Tsu
Stan Tsu2014 Ambassador
Stan has run almost his entire life, first on his own, then with Team In Training. More recently, Stan started coaching runners for TNT & then other groups. Currently he coaches for Red Power Divas based in Silicon Valley. Stan has run and paced The San Francisco Marathon, Half Marathon 6 times. Stan hopes to pace again in 2014. He has been injured through overuse injuries. Although that’s working against his goals, he is learning from these experiences to see how best to overcome them. Stan is originally from San Francisco and now he lives in Cupertino, which is next to San Jose. Check out his blog HERE!
Stephen Curran
Stephen Curran2014 Ambassador
Sitting in a bar and signing a paper agreeing to run a marathon within the year seemed like a good idea at the time. The next morning, perhaps not so much. Fortunately, Stephen found a great First Time Marathon group to train with and his first marathon was awesome – Marine Corps Marathon, 2008. He has run nine more since (and counting…), relishing each one. Even better, Stephen has been a run leader for the past two years, helping dozens of runners reach their marathon goals. And recently he became a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach and a co-coordinator of the largest running group in Victoria. Stephen loves seeing people reach their running goals. A few months ago, his daughter was looking for her next race to run and sent him a list that included The San Francisco Marathon. Stephen was blown away. San Francisco is his dream marathon to run. July 27, 2014 is going to be…Epic. Check out his blog HERE!
Steve Holland
Steve Holland2014 Ambassador
Steve is a husband, father, accountant and runner. He ran a few races in the 80’s, his first being the 1981 SF Bay to Breakers, which is the only race I’ve run consistently over the years. In 2012 his company started a program to donate money to charity based on their activity, which seriously motivated Steve to run more. Steve had attempted a marathon only once, San Francisco in 1985. He was undertrained and gave blood 3 days before the race (young and stupid!) which is why he woke up in a hospital and never attempted a marathon again until 2013. Having trained and grown marginally smarter, Steve ran Oakland that year with a time of 4:17 (as a warm up) and San Francisco with a time of 3:58 (SUB 4 WOOT!!!!). He has run the Mt. Diablo 50K (7:34) and quite a few half marathons, but the San Francisco Marathon will always hold a special place in his heart.
Tamara Berg
Tamara Berg2014 Ambassador
Born and raised in the Midwest, but proud to call NorCal home now. Tamara lives and works in Sacramento. She has been running marathons for over 5 years. In her spare time she loves getting outdoors to do just about anything. She loves running on trails, the track and on the road. Tamara is proud to serve as one of this years San Francisco marathon ambassadors. Eat, sleep, run!
Taylor Orr
Taylor Orr2014 Ambassador
Taylor started running in 2008 as a way to lose weight gained from countless rounds of beer pong and late night burritos at UC Santa Barbara. She dove into running headfirst, with her first race a half marathon! After moving to San Francisco last year, she registered for her first full marathon, the SF Marathon, and ran it again this year. Taylor is stoked to be representing the premier race in her home city. Next year, she’ll be racing her first half Ironman, Vineman in Napa, two weeks before the SF Marathon. Taylor loves trail running, exploring new places by foot, early mornings, creme brulee, and Belgian beer. Her dream race is the flat and fast Berlin Marathon followed by celebrating at Oktoberfest. Check out her blog HERE!
Tina Rogers
Tina Rogers2014 Ambassador
Tina is a professional chef, a dog mom, and a runner. She started running about the time she was diagnosed with cancer to help keep her sanity from fleeing, and for moments of peace from her everyday life. What started as therapy has become a way of life for her. Tina loves to run, she loves the community, the camaraderie, the pain, the sweat, the bright colored clothes and the tears; as crazy as all that sounds. Tina never thought she would love running as much as she does now, but the lessons running have taught her and the friends she has met along the way are some of the most invaluable moments of her life. Check out her blog HERE!
Tom Macrae
Tom Macrae2014 Ambassador
Tom began his lifelong commitment to fitness at age 8 when he started running. Tom encouraged neighborhood friends to run with him by age 9 and they started their first running club in their hometown. Running has been more than an avenue to fitness, it has enabled Tom to meet and connect with terrific people throughout his entire life. Tom looks forward to meeting the entire San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Team in the near future. 
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen2014 Ambassador
Tony is a former insulin dependent couch potato turned Marathon Caped Crusader. He is Endorphin Dude! Check out his blog HERE!
Tricia Poblete
Tricia Poblete2014 Ambassador
Tricia is a former couch potato that made the decision to venture into fitness after getting tired of taking medication for her High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. At the beginning of her journey on April 19, 2011, she weighed 220 pounds. Over the past two years, she has lost fifty pounds through working out with a personal trainer and eating healthy. To combat boredom with the treadmill, Tricia started running outdoors and discovered how much fun it was! On any given Saturday, you will most likely find Tricia running with the San Francisco Road Runners. She is honored to be part of the 2014 San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Team! Check out her blog HERE!
Vanessa Slavich
Vanessa Slavich2014 Ambassador
In Northern California born and raised
In the dance studio was where she spent most of my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And travelin’ outside of the school
When she moved to London and ran my first 5K
Started doing a run relay
she got the race bug and thought she’ll race as much as she can
She said ‘she’s signin’ up for her first Ironman

Check out her blog HERE!

Westley Lashley
Westley Lashley2014 Ambassador
Westley didn’t run while in high school or college. It wasn’t until he was in his 30′s that he started to run. The first few miles that Westley ran made him question why he was doing it. His lungs burned and his legs hurt. And he only ran a mile. But he kept at it and it did get easier. Running has presented Westley with a lot opportunities that he is very thankful for, one of which is being a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador. Westley truly believes that anyone can run. It doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow, just run! Check out his blog HERE!
Yolanda Hundley
Yolanda Hundley2014 Ambassador
Her name is Yolanda “Go Yo” Hundley and she is a new resident to Northern California by way of Arizona and she has been racing for the past 10 years. With her Dad as her coach and support system Yolanda choose races that will challenge her skill set and push the limits. Yolanda lives by her own mantra of  “Got passion? Get going. Go big. Be noticed. Speed and power can get a person so far, but the right mind set,support system, and training hard are what make a complete package.” Check out her blog HERE!