Join The San Francisco Marathon Team Challenge. Create or Join a Team.

Train Together. Race Together. Finish together: Complete The San Francisco Marathon in a team of 4 or more people, and celebrate together.

Choose Your Distance: Teams are eligible to run all distances.

Teams are great for: Groups of friends, family, running clubs, community groups, coworkers, and more!

Scoring: Team points will be awarded based on individual team members’ placement within their age groups and overall team performance.

Train Together. Race Together. Finish Together.

Take on this unique opportunity to experience The San Francisco Marathon with a team. The team competition is free and open to any registered participant. Whether you’re looking for a fun goal to set with friends or planning your running group’s next race, we invite you to create or join a team of 4 or more people. Train, race and finish any distance with your team, and make your San Francisco Marathon experience even more memorable.

Team Discounts

Teams of 4 or more participants may take advantage of exclusive discounts if they reach out before registering.

  • How to Get a Team Discount
    To take advantage of our Team Discounts, you must reach out to us to obtain a discount code BEFORE registering as an individual or team mate. Email with your Team Name and number of teammates, and we will respond with a unique Team Discount code. You can then apply this discount during registration. If you have already registered, you will still be able to join a team but will be unable to take advantage of the team discounts. Refunds will not be processed to teammates who register without the team discount code.

Team Details and Rules

  • Overview

    The team competition is free and open to any registered participant in The San Francisco Marathon. Each team must have a minimum of 4 members.

  • Team Makeup
    • Teams must have a minimum of 4 runners.
    • Team members may run any of the distances.
    • Runners may only be entered on one team roster.
    • Runners must follow all rules that pertain to The San Francisco Marathon.
  • Scoring

    Team points will be awarded based on individual team members’ placement within their age groups and are determined as follows: Each team member is scored based on what age division place a runner has divided by how many people constitute that age group. The team members who have the 4 lowest point scores are added together and form the team score. Lowest team score wins. More people in a particular age group and the higher division placement is desired. Race distance is irrelevant.

  • Team Divisions
    Accounting • Competitive Female • Competitive Male • Competitive Unisex • Construction/Engineering/Architecture • Financial/Insurance/Real Estate • Fire • Health • Legal • Manufacturing • Media/Advertising/PR • Military • Non-Profit/Causes • Other • Police • Restaurants – Food & Bev • Retail • Running Clubs • Schools • Social – Friends/Family • Technology • Transportation/Travel – Airlines & Hotels

The San Francisco Marathon Race Distances

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5K: Learn More

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Do you have questions about team registration? Please email with the subject line: Team Registration.

Would you like to create a team for your business and work with us to create an amazing Race Day experience? Check out our Corporate Wellness Packages for corporate and club sport team opportunities and discounts and contact us to discuss further.

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