Be a Part of The San Francisco Marathon Team Challenge

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Benefits of Running As A Team…

Support System – Train together. Race together. Finish together.

Additional Scoring – Teams will be scoring based on individual team members’ placement within their age groups, and overall team performance.

Accountability – Help each other set goals, but most of all, help each other reach them.

Get your company involved!

Corporate Team Discounts – If your team exceeds more than 15 participants, let us know, and we will produce a team specific discount code.

  • $5 price reduction offered when purchasing 15+ bibs
  • $10 price reduction offered when purchasing 25+ bibs
  • $15 price reduction offered when purchasing 35+ bibs

Training Club Discounts  Help your coworkers reach their goals with our RUN365 Training Program. Receive exclusive discounts, access to certified running coaches, training road maps and weekly Bay Area group runs.

Concierge Service – Gain access to a Race Concierge, and receive prioritized response rates.

Corporate VIP Area – Meet at our unannounced Corporate Area to receive a relaxing post-race drink, utilize a private bathroom, or just chill.

Be Featured  Submit a picture of your Corporate Team for a chance to be featured on all of our Social Media platforms.

Lower Medical costs – Watch your medical costs fall by $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness.

Fewer Sick Days – Companies with wellness programs see 28% fewer sick days.

Less Absentees – Wellness programs drive a 25% reduction in absenteeism.

Higher Productivity – Companies with a wellness program see an 8% increase in productivity.

Increased Employee Satisfaction – 77% of employees attribute positive office culture to wellness programs.

Teams Scoring

Team points will be awarded based on individual team members’ placement within their age group and are determined as follows: Each team member is scored based on what age division place a runner has divided by how many people constitute that age group. The team members who have the 4 lowest point scores are added together and form the team score. Lowest team score wins. More people in a particular age team and the higher division placement is desired. Race distance is irrelevant.

Teams Divisions

Accounting • Competitive Female • Competitive Male • Competitive Unisex • Construction/Engineering/Architecture • Financial/Insurance/Real Estate • Fire • Health • Legal • Manufacturing • Media/Advertising/PR • Military • Non-Profit/Causes • Other • Police • Restaurants – Food & Bev • Retail • Running Clubs • Schools • Social – Friends/Family • Technology • Transportation/Travel – Airlines & Hotels

The San Francisco Marathon Race Distances

Be a Part of The San Francisco Marathon Team Challenge

START A TEAM                           JOIN A TEAM


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