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NEW Flexible Registration Options!

Plans can change, we get it! We’ve added flexible options so you can:

  • Purchase a refundable registration (optional)
  • Switch from Virtual to In-Person, or from In-Person to Virtual*
  • Change your race distance*
  • Defer your registration to 2022*

*Must be done before July 1 or August 1, depending on request. See chart outlining options for details.

Want Even More Gear?

Our Challenges are a fun way to get motivated and to earn even more gear! They can be completed in-person, virtually, or a combination of the two. Find a challenge for you and get running!


  • “Would recommend it to everyone looking to run an amazing marathon course.” - Sami1888, Instagram
  • “If it’s possible to be in love with a marathon, then please know that The San Francisco Marathon will forever be the love of my life!!” - Chelsea E., Yelp
  • “As good as it gets for views.” read more - ESPN
  • “A great challenge with the hills of San Francisco combined with amazing views of many notable spots that will put you in awe.” - Jason Y., Yelp
  • “The San Francisco Half Marathon (1st Half) is by far my favorite of all time!” - Jun L., Yelp

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